*No Quiz* Design of Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS

In the event of an explosion directed at a high-occupancy structure, the primary objective is to defend civilization by preventing building collapse. Secondary goals are to limit injuries because of flying building debris and the straight results of air blast entering the structure (i.e., impact as a result of being thrown or lung collapse). Beyond these life-safety involves, the objective is to facilitate structure evacuation and also rescue initiatives through reliable building design. This last objective is the focus of this area. Issues associated particularly to chemical, biological, and also radiological risks are debated under a sepaprice area with that heading.

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The key concepts for providing secure and also efficient mechanical and electric units in structures is the same as for the various other building systems: separation, hardening, and also redundancy. Keeping instrumental mechanical and electric features as far from high-hazard locations as possible (e.g., lobbies, loading docks, mail rooms, garperiods, and retail spaces) boosts their capability to make it through an occasion. Separation is perhaps the a lot of cost-efficient alternative. Additionally, physical hardening or security of these devices (including the conduits, pipes, and also ducts linked through life-safety and security systems) offers boosted likelihood that they will certainly be able to make it through the straight impacts of the occasion if they are close sufficient to be influenced. Finally, by providing redundant emergency units that are adequately separated, tbelow is a better likelihood that emergency devices will certainly remain operational post-occasion to assist rescuers in the evacuation of the building.

Architecturally, improvements to mechanical and electric systems will call for additional room to accommoday added devices. fortunately, there are many incremental renovations that have the right to be made that require only a little change to the architecture. Further space deserve to be gave for future renovations as funds or the danger justify implementation.

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Structurally, the wall surfaces and floor units adjacent to the locations where crucial tools are situated need to be defended by indicates of hardening. Other locations wbelow hardening is recommended incorporate primary egress paths, feeders for emergency power circulation, sprinkler devices mains and also risers, fire alarm mechanism trunk wiring, and ducts used for smoke-control units.

From an operational protection standpoint, it is essential to restrict and manage accessibility to air-intake louvers, mechanical and also electrical rooms, telecommunications spaces and rooftops by indicates of such steps as visitor screening, restricted elevator stops, closed-circuit tv (CCTV), detection, and card access-control units.

Specific references are provided below for (1) emergency egress routes, (2) the emergency power system, (3) fuel storage, (4) transformers, (5) ventilation systems, (6) the fire regulate facility, (7) emergency elevators, (8) the smoke and also fire detection and also alarm device, (9) the sprinkler/standpipe system, (10) smoke regulate system, and (11) the interaction system. Air intakes are spanned in Section 6.6.