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Marketing information analysis / visualization software application on Unipos website Marketing Engineering for Excel Page has been included.

Marketing Engineering for Excel Is software application for analyzing and visualizing assorted information in marketing. It operates as an add-in to Microsoft Excel, and from the values ​​gotten in on the spreadsheet, assorted marketing analyzes such as sales foreactors, customer reactivity measurement, product placing and customer segment are feasible.

It includes eight software program models:

Bass Forespreading / Sales forecast for brand-new commodities and servicesjoint / Measuring customer reactivity to brand-new commodities and brand-new attributes of existing productsCustomer Choice / Analysis of customer product selectionCustomer Lifetime Value / Customer life time worth (CLV)GE / McKinsey Portfolio Matrix / GE / McKinsey Portfolio Matrix Firm EvaluationPositioning / Perceptual Mapping / Positioning map analysisReresource Allocation / Reresource alplace optimizationSegmentation and Targeting / Customer segmentation analysis

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Platdevelop "Tom Sawyer Perspectives" for structure applications that visualize and analyze big information and so on.

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