Marine fuel pumps mechanical

At CP Performance we lug an option of both mechanical and also electric marine fuel pumps for carbureted engines installed in pleasure boats, performance boats or race boats. Electric pumps are likewise available for fuel injected applications. Before selecting a pump, if you have any kind of inquiries feel free to contact us. Our highly trained staff will assure you get the best part the first time.

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Keith Eickert Marine Fuel Pump through Billet Base

KE Performance Products brand-new fuel pump is based upon the industry standard Carter mechanical marine vent style fuel pump but features a tradition 6061-T6 billet aluminum intermediate and lower housing. This pump is designed to offer higher reliability, raised strength/durcapacity and also more constant fuel press and flow. These pumps likewise attribute -8AN to #8 fittings and a distinct taper to maintain clearance as stock pumps. Available to fit massive block Chevrolet applications.

Hardin Naval High Output Marine Fuel Pump
Heavy duty, high-output marine mechanical fuel pumps are designed to carry out a consistent supply of fuel to Ford and Chevrolet V8 performance engines. Designed via a complete of 3 inlet and also 3 outlet valves, a continuous and also always adequate flow of fuel is guaranteed. The heavy duty building ensures longevity under the a lot of extreme problems. A fuel/fume tube is part of the marine architecture to carry out a safe fuel departure in the unmost likely event of a diaphragm rupture. Available either through 3/8" ports (110 GPH) or 1/2" ports (130 GPH) these marine pumps are the ultimate expression of this breed.
Part No.
620-12327 Small Block Chevy V8 via 3/8" NPT 110 GPH Regulated 6-1/2 to 8 PSI
620-12454 Big Block Chevy V8 with 1/2" NPT Ports 130 GPH Regulated 7-1/2 to 9 PSI - Regulator Required

Holley Maritime 110 GPH Mechanical Fuel Pump
The Holley line of high output mechanical fuel pumps has been totally redesigned for 2001. Their brand-new aluminum housings conserve weight and all components have been designed for too much reliability and security. Performance is there to the MAX. Available in 110 GPH versions, your assurance that your Chevy engine will never before starve for fuel. One look at the attributes have to convince you. A fuel/fume tube is part of the marine design to administer a safe fuel departure in the unlikely occasion of a diaphragm rupture.

Stock Replacement Naval Fuel Pumps

These pumps are new stock replacement fuel pumps and also will certainly provide years of trouble complimentary business. We additionally stock replacement fuel pumps for Merc., OMC and also Volvo engines.

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Part No.
895-M60146 Small Block Chevy
895-M60502 Big Block Chevy
895-M60562 429-460 Ford
895-M6696 302-351W Ford

Mercury Fuel Pump for Use On Seawater Pumps

This pump is the original tools pump designed to be supplied on late model Generation 5 and 6 GM engines that do not have a fuel pump pad on the engine block. This pump has actually a unique actuating lever that permits it to be offered on a MerCruiser Sea Pump that has a fuel pump mounting pad.

Keith Eickert Performance Products High Performance Fuel Pump Upgrade For Gen 5 & 6 Engines

By swapping our redesigned pump assembly on to your Gen 5 or Gen 6 fuel pump we ca boost your fuel device to an estimated 120 GPH mechanical self-regulated from 6-8 PSI. This pump has actually a -10 inlet and a -8 outlet. A perfect upgrade for supercharged engines.

Part No.
755-5920 Fuel Pump Upgrade for Raw Water Pump Mounted Fuel Pumps on Gen 5 and also Gen 6 Applications

172 GPH Mechanical Fuel Pump

These pumps function light-weight die-cast aluminum bodies and fuel bowls, heat treated high rate levers, anti-float springs, level diaphragms, and a clocking function that permits variable inlet and outlet configuration. Pumps run between 6-8 PSI, requiring no regulator. The the majority of noticeable functions are the -8 AN outlet and the -10 AN inlet fitting that enables the pump to easily carry out fuel for the the majority of demanding problems.