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About Us

Lewis Engineering is a supplier of precision machined and stamped components located in Marshall, Texas.

Lewis Engineering takes your illustration or idea and also transforms it into an actual component.

Lewis Engineering deserve to machine a variety of metals and meet a multitude of armed forces specifications. Our staff handles whatever from ordering your product, machining, inspection, and will certainly likewise manage plating or painting if forced. We strive to administer the highest possible high quality machined component at the lowest price... always on time.

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Since 1961 Lewis Engineering has supplied a range of sectors and customers. Today our largest customer is the US Department of Defense, for whom we create components for mortar rounds, signal flares, decoy flares, and also fuzewells for precision guided bombs. We specialize in high amount and close tolerance tasks.

If your following task calls for you to outresource machining or stamping please think about Lewis Engineering initially. Ssuggest sfinish us your drawing and you"ll have actually a top quality part at your dooraction shortly.

Our Experience

Because our conception in 1961, our staff has actually learned a lot about machining and also stamping steel. We’ve been part of the sector from as soon as manual and tape moved devices was provided to now, wbelow you deserve to progam a CNC machine from your desktop in your office. Our machinery has offered our armed forces from the Vietnam War all the way to the current conflict in Iraq. Lewis Engineering has actually viewed the industry adjust and also grow, but our high quality document has actually constantly remained the very same.

Our History

Clayton and Roger Lewis began Lewis Engineering in 1961 via a contract to repair Army Jeeps throughout the Vietnam War. During the battle, the two began manufacturing flares for the armed forces. Since that time, the firm has blossomed right into a advanced CNC machining source. Today (47 years later), Clayton"s grandchild Steve and great-grandboy Doug Lewis assist store their dream a truth. The agency currently produces various kinds of munitions and various other components for a vast array of markets. Though many kind of things have readjusted, our commitment to please the customer has actually not.