June 2017 Physics Regents Answers

For a lot of students, the Physics Regents is the last science Regents that they’ll take. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, some students take it in freshman year of high school, but the majority of will certainly take it in junior year.

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Students who take the NYS Physics Regents Exam must be gave with:

a clinical or graphing calculatora centimeter rulera protractora copy of the 2006 Edition Reference Tables for Physical Setting/Physics


Throughout the NYS Physics Regents Exam, students will certainly be provided via this Reference Table. All of the tests because 2006 have provided this reference sheet. Students must acquire acquainted with the recommendation table, consisting of wbelow the different formulas and constants are situated.

Each multiple choice question is worth 1 allude. Part A is consisted of of 35 multiple option questions and also Part B-1 has actually 15 multiple option inquiries.

Part B-2 and also Part C are student-response questions. Part B-2 is for questions 51-65, yet tright here aren’t really 15 inquiries. Instead, you have the right to earn 15 points and also a question can be labeled as 54-55 if it is worth 2 points. The very same goes for Part C. Part C continues the numbering from 56 via 85; although, tbelow aren’t necessarily 20 questions, just a maximum of 20 points that have the right to be earned.

If a students answers all 50 multiple-choice questions appropriately, it need to be just enough to pass via a 67. Many students are going to require help from the open-finished student-response questions too.

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Physics Regents Curve

The Physics Regents is scored based upon a conversion chart. From year to year, the curve is slightly different, however in its entirety it is pretty a lot the very same.

Correctly answering every one of the inquiries on the test via bring about 85 points, which gets converted to 100 points.

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If a students gets 48 out of 85 points (56%), it would convert to a 65 based on the scoring conversion table used in 2018, yet a 49 out of 85 (58%) was needed to score a 65 on the 2019 test. It’s a difference of one multiple-alternative question.

Students that gain 65% correct, 55 points, end up with a scaled score of 72.

For students to gain a scaled score (grade) or 90, a student demands to acquire a about 85% or 86% correct.

To sum up the primary points:

49/85 points (58%) converts to a 6555/85 points (65%) converts to a 7273/85 points (86%) converts to a 90

The Physics Regents is not curved as much as the math Regents, such as the Algebra 1 Regents, in which 27 out of 86 points (31%) would certainly convert to a 65.

Condensed Score Conversion Chart

The adhering to is a condensed version of the chart that was used to score the June 2019 Physics Regents.

Raw ScoreScaled Score
84 – 8599 – 100
79 – 8385 – 98
73 – 7890 – 94
68 – 7285 – 89
63 – 6780 – 84
58 – 6275 – 79
53 – 5770 – 74
49 – 5265 – 69
48 & BelowBelow 65

Topics on the Exam

The Physics Regents covers many topics. Luckily, the questions for each topic tend to be grouped together on the test. For instance, concerns around energy will certainly be together in the multiple choice sections and questions on electricity will certainly be grouped together.

Here is a List of Topics That Appear on the Regents:

Forces & Newton’s Laws MechanicsOne-Dimensional MotionTwo-Dimensional MotionWork & EnergyMomentumCircular MotionGravitationWaves & SoundStatic ElectricityElectrical Current and also CircuitsMagnetismModern PhysicsNuclear Energy
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