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Particles and Fields; Gravitation; Cosmology
International Journal of Modern Physics A

Notable Articles by Prominent PhysicistsTopology and also Gauge Theory in PhysicsChen Ning YangEffective Field Theory, Past and FutureSteven WeinbergMy Life through QuarksSheldon Lee GlashowThe Role of Elementary Ppost AcceleratorsCarlo RubbiaNovel Laser-Plasma TeV Electron-Positron Linear CollidersK. Nakajima, J. Wheeler, G. Mourou and also T. TajimaComplex Geomeattempt of Nuclei and AtomsM. F. Atiyah and also N. S. MantonTechnologies in Topological GravityRobbert Dijkgraaf and also Edward WittenLHCb Detector PerformanceThe LHCb Collaboration Physics at BES-IIIEditors: Kuang-Ta Chao and Yifang Wang Reviews of Physics Results from the TevatronEditor: Gregorio Bernardi

About the JournalStarted in 1986, even more than 35 years of publishing with over 10,000 posts, 1000 issuesCovers topics on Particles and also Fields, Gravitation and also Cosmology36 issues in a year with original research study and also testimonial write-ups by world-leading authorsFrequent distinct issues on current hot topicsLatest Impact Factor: 1.486Abstracted and also indexed in Internet of Science, Scopus and also many others» Downfill Catalogue (PDF)
Special IssuesNew Frontiers in PhysicsLearning to DiscoverThe Future of High Energy Physics — Some Aspects (V)Charged Particle Optics and Computational Accelerator PhysicsField Theory and also the Early Universe

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Condensed Matter Physics; Statistical Physics; Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsInternational Journal of Modern Physics B
About the JournalStarted in 1987, 35 years of publishing in Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics, Atomic, Molecularand also Optical PhysicsFeatures contributions by world"s leading physicists including Nobel LaureatesFrequent special issues concentrating on latest research study developments32 issues via more than 300 research study and also testimonial articles publimelted each yearLatest Impact Factor: 0.833Abstracted and also indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and many others» Downpack Catalogue (PDF)
Special IssuesPhysics and Mechanics of New Materials and also Their ApplicationPhysics of FluidsState-of-the-art Materials Growth and also PerformanceSoft Matter
35th AnniversaryThe year 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of Internationwide Journal of Modern Physics B. To celebrate this distinct occasion, we highlight a arsenal of research study and testimonial papers of long-standing worth and also prominence, as well as distinct concerns on assorted topics. Free accessibility to these publications will certainly be available for the journal’s readers. To find out more around the journal visit our website at
Featured ArticlesTopological Quantum MatterF. Duncan M. Haldane (Princeton University)Four revolutions in physics and also the second quantum rdevelopment — A unification of pressure and also matter by quantum informationXiao-Gang Wen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Are we quantum computers, or just clever robots?Matthew P. A. Fisher (College of California, Santa Barbara)Majorana fermions in condensed-matter physicsA. J. Leggett (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)Early Work on Defect Driven Phase TransitionsJ. Michael Kosterlitz (Brown University), David J. Thoumuch less (University of Washington)Berry phase and anomalous velocity of Weyl fermions and also Maxwell photonsMichael Stone (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)Nuclear metamorphosis in mercuryF. Cardone, et al.
Computational Physics and also Physical ComputationInternationwide Journal of Modern Physics C
About the JournalTopics covered incorporate algorithms, computational biophysics, computational liquid dynamics, statistical physics, complex systems, and also many type of others.12 issues through even more than 150 testimonial and research posts publimelted each yearLatest Impact Factor: 1.228Abstracted and indexed in Scopus, SCI, and also others» Download Catalogue (PDF)
Editorial MessageInternationwide Journal of Modern Physics C was founded 30 years ago and as opposed to its elder brothers IJMPA and also IJMPB that were dedicated to the fields of high power and solid state physics respectively, IJMPC was quite dedicated to a technique, namely computational physics. This turned out to be exceptionally wide, attracting documents from many kind of areas consisting of plasma, solid state, high energy, statistical and also astrophysics as well as taking care of more algorithmic concerns choose parallelization, random number generation, numerical evaluation or neural netfunctions. Soon we uncovered considerable distinctions in between the influence of records coming from different fields and observed the formation of communities roughly more certain areas, mostly coming from statistical physics. Specifically, today these areas are traffic models, cellular automata, facility networks, socioand econophysics and discrete liquid solvers. With time we have adjusted our editorial board and also our pool of referees to these locations and it is our intention to go additionally in this direction.H J Herrmann (ETH Zuwealthy, Switzerland) and also H Q Lin (Beijing Computational Sci. Research Center, China)
Special IssuesDiscrete Simulation of Fluid SimulationsComplex Networks
Editor"s PicksPeriodic orlittle svehicle in wavepacket propagationMitsuyoshi Tomiya, Shoichi Sakamoto and also Eric J. HellerFlow and warmth transport simulation via a thermal big eddy lattice Boltzmann technique in an annular gap via an inner rotating cylinderMaximilian Gaedtke, Tabitha Hoffmann, Volkmar Reinhardt, Gudrun Thäter, Hermann Nirschl and also Mathias J. KrauseTransition matrix cluster algorithmsDavid Yevickand also Yong Hwan LeeTraffic dynamics on a double layer coupled network considering physical queuingXiao-Yu Luo, Jie Chen, Ming Li and also Mao-Bin HuAn energy-based interactivity version for populace opinion dynamics with topic couplingHossein Noorazar, Matthew J. Sottile and also Kevin R. VixieDiscrete-time quantum walks produced by aroutine fractal sequence of space coin operatorsR. F. S. Andrade and also A. M. C. SouzaSteady-state dynamics of an inhomogeneous two-channel TASEP via Langmuir kineticsIsha Dhimale and Arvind Kumar GuptaDiscrete Boltzmann design of shenable water equations via polynomial equilibriaJianping Meng, Xiao-Jun Gu, David R. Emerboy, Yong Peng and Jianmin Zhang
Particles and also Fields; Gravitation; Cosmology; Nuclear Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Atomic, Molecular and Optical PhysicsModern Physics Letters A
About the JournalThis letters journal, introduced in 1986, is composed of study papers covering current study advancements in Gravitation, Cosmology, Nuclear Physics, and Particles and Fields. A Quick Recheck out section has likewise been initiated via the objective of publishing brief reports on the latest experimental findings and also urgent brand-new theoretical advances.Special IssuesExtending the MadAnalysis 5 Analysis Database with LHC Run 2 Searches for New PhysicsCasimir EffectFundapsychological Constants in Physics and Their Time VariationExtra Dimensions Versus Collider PhysicsNew Trends in Theory of Gravity» Downpack Catalogue (PDF)
Featured ArticlesPandaX: A deep underground dark issue search experiment in China using liquid xenonLi Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and also Jianglai Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong College & Tsung-Dao Lee Institute)Fast radio bursts — A brief review: Some questions, fewer answersJ. I. Katz (Washington University)Geometric models of HeliumM. F. Atiyah (University of Edinburgh)Sterile neutrino dark issue from freeze-inBibhushan Shakya (University of Michigan)