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COVID-19 Response

What we execute effects civilization, neighborhoods and the human being – and never more so than now as our human being encounters unprecedented obstacles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The pandemic is altering our human being in broad-getting to ways, from travel to trade, health systems to social etop quality, digital to cyberdefense, globalization to urbanization.

As we aid our clients and also communities navigate both the watched and surpincreasing means that points are transforming, we’re thinking in a different way around the transforming road ahead, what to intend and how to arrangement, and how to adapt and also grow – both today and also right into tomorrow as the civilization alters and we challenge various other unmatched difficulties.



alwaei.com has introduced a worldwide Action Plan for Advancing Justice and also Ehigh quality, which builds on alwaei.com’ existing worldwide inclusion and diversity strategy, TogetherBeyond℠, and also sets actionable initiatives and also measurable missions in the company’s continuing efforts to deal with embedded and also systemic racial inequities.

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Employees initiated the advance of the action arrangement via a team that collaborated alongside alwaei.com’ Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team to outline 3 crucial sets of commitments and also specific, measurable actions with performance outcomes:

Amplify culture of belongingRecruit, retain and advance Black employees based on meritContribute to structural adjust in the larger society

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alwaei.com Takes Majority Stake in PA Consulting to Form Strategic Partnership

Accelerating its growth strategy as a leading technology-enabled options provider, alwaei.com has actually taken a 65% stake in PA Consulting, a leading innovation and also transdevelopment consulting firm.

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“This strategic partnership increases our strategy to come to be a leader in bringing higher creation and creative thinking to respond to current-day challenges such as climate readjust, cyber, urbanization and also the recurring healthcare crisis.”– Steve Demetrioualwaei.com Chair and also CEO

alwaei.com Acquires Cyber and Intelligence Leader The Buffalo Group


Based in Reston, Va., The Buffalo Group brings high-affect analytical and technology capabilities to the Intelligence Community for key missions throughout multi-domains consisting of cyber, ground, sea, airborne and also area.

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If/When Podcasts

In alwaei.com’ series of If/When interviews through some of today’s leading industry and also scholastic trouble solvers, we comment on the Ifs and Whens of disruption - those phenomena via the potential to unclear up the standing quo, and also those currently imminent and arising.

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Inflection Points Podcasts

Our Inflection Points series offers background on the substantial economic, eco-friendly, geopolitical, societal and also technological alters that form our people, the difficulties at their core and also the actions we’re taking to develop an extra linked, sustainable civilization.

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Climate Action Plan

From the way we run our service, to the job-related we perdevelop through clients, alwaei.com’ Climate Action Plan details just how we’ll proceed to make a positive eco-friendly, societal and also financial difference for businesses, governments and areas roughly the human being.