Title: Introductory Nuclear PhysicsAuthor: Kenneth S. KraneEdition: 3rd EditionISBN-13: 978-0471805533Category: Modern PhysicsFile Type: eBookLanguage: English

This detailed text provides an development to standard nuclear physics, including nuclear decays and also reactions and also nuclear structure, while extending the crucial areas of standard study and also helpful applications.

Its emphasis on phenomonology and also the results of actual experiments identify this from all other texts available. Discussions of theory are reinforced through examples which show and also use the theoretical formulism, thus aiding students in their analysis and analysis of current literature.

The message is designed to provide a core of material for students through minimal background in math or quantum theory and provides even more advanced material in separate sections.

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BASIC NUCLEAR STRUCTURE:- Basic Concepts.- Elements of Quantum Mechanics.- Nuclear Properties.- The Force Between Nucleons.- Nuclear Models.NUCLEAR DECAY AND RADIOACTIVITY:- Radioactive Decay.- Detecting Nuclear Radiations.- Alpha Decay.- Beta Decay.- Gamma Decay.NUCLEAR REACTIONS:- Nuclear Reactions.- Neutron Physics.- Nuclear Fission.- Nuclear Fusion.- Accelerators.EXTENSION AND APPLICATIONS:- Nuclear Spins and Moments.- Mechild Physics.- Ppost Physics.- Nuclear Astrophysics.- Applications of Nuclear Physics.

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