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Instructor Prof. Paul Aincredibly 2029 New alwaei.comics Bldg. 392-9264 Prof. Peter Hirschfeld 2156 New alwaei.comics Bldg. 392-8749
Class lecture Section 1: MWF Period 2 (08:30 - 09:20am) 1101 NPB (Different room!) Section 2: MWF Period 4 (10:40 - 11:30am) 1002 NPB
Organization and also grading PHY3101 is separation right into 2 sections, yet we will certainly usage a solitary Canvas site for all course material and will use the exact same exam dates, homework-related and grading system (HITT is separate because it"s built up separately via various questions). We expect to lecture independently (because the product is fun to teach) however will certainly cover one another for take a trip, disease, etc.Grading details are questioned below.

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Grader Samantha Emerkid (emerson) Office: 1234 NPB Andy Tanjaroon Ly (atanja82) Office: 1135 NPB


Send e-mail only to phy3101 AT so that both instructors have the right to view it and also have actually all indevelopment in one place. Note that homejob-related assist is provided throughout your conversation area and during office hrs, not via e-mail.
Office hours Avery: MW (11:45-12:45pm) T (10:40-11:40am) Hirschfeld: M (1:55-2:45) R (1:55-2:45)
Textbook Modern alwaei.comics, 3rd edition by Kenneth Krane ISBN 978-1118061145

We additionally recommfinish looking at virtual reference books which have actually a wealth of product. Please give us feedearlier on these texts.

It"s constantly useful finding product for modern alwaei.comics. Please let us understand around any kind of cool products you find virtual.

About the course

PHY 3101 is a one-semester course providing an development to the history, basic theoretical concepts and also significant experimental outcomes from the alwaei.comical theories that emerged founding in the early on 20th century. We will explore theoretical ideas and measurable sensations in unique and general relativity, waves and pshort articles, quantum mechanics, atoms and also molecules, phenomena associated to the statistical distributions of photons and electrons, and nuclear and ppost phyiscs.

As component of the course you will learn why “clinical theories” are provisional and also evolving, dependent on an interplay between theoretical thinking and experimental measurement, constrained to be regular with other theories and required to properly pass a broad range of speculative tests.

Grading scale: The grading scale is displayed in the table listed below, based on 100 points.

Grade Points
A 88
A- 83
B+ 78
B 73
B- 68
C+ 63
C 58
C- 53
D+ 48
D 43
D- 38
E handcomposed formulasheet (front and back). You need to lug a calculator and also extra scrap paper however job-related need to be presented on the exam paper that we provide. We will carry out a sheet with alwaei.comical constants.

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Homework: A number of assignments will certainly be offered, through each assignment typically being due 1 week from the moment it was issued, though some will certainly be shorter. Homeoccupational is due by 4:00PM on the due day in our mailboxes (note that you must not wait until the last minute because the mailroom does not always cshed specifically at 4PM). Deductions for late homeoccupational are as follows: 25% (1 day), 50% (2 days), 75% (3 days), 100% (4 days). Some bonus questions will also be assigned, allowing you to get additional points. Because we have extremely restricted grading resources, we will grade only a subset of problems that will certainly not be disclosed in advancement. You must revolve in work-related for all difficulties.

Quizzes: In-class quizzes utilizing HITT clickers will certainly be offered in course throughout the semester, commonly one per lecture. In computing your grade, we account for clicker problems and also inevitable missed classes by separating your raw HITT quiz points by 0.80. The proportion of your score to the maximum possible points determines your HITT grade. Hence achieving 80% of the maximum possible points offers the maximum HITT quiz score.

Programming tools: Computing and also simulation have come to be embraced as the "3rd leg of science", augmenting concept and also experiment as indispensible devices for conducting contemporary clinical research study and also engineering applications. It is frankly difficult to succeed in these areas without utilizing computational/software program devices. In this course we will introduce you to a number of programming tools used extensively by alwaei.comicists and engineers. They are cost-free and also run on all well-known operating units (Windows, Mac, Linux). Please view the programming page for details.

Schedule: Dates for lecture topics, exams and homework are on the schedule web page.

Academic Honesty: The UF Honor Code applies to all aspects of this course. It is mandatory that you report any feasible infractions to your instructor automatically. The Honor Code reads as follows:

We, the members of the College of Florida area, pledge to organize ourselves and our peers to the highest standards of honesty and also integrity. On all occupational submitted for credit by students at the College of Florida, the complying with pledge is either required or implied: "On my honor, I have actually neither offered nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment."

Students through disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation for disabilities need to initially register via the Disability Resource Center. The Dean of Students Office will certainly carry out documentation to the student that have to then administer this documentation to the instructor as soon as requesting accommodation before an exam. Please print and fill out the Accommodated Test Research (ATR) Form, and also rerevolve it to the Discapability Resource Center (DCR) at leastern one week prior to the initially exam. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DCR will carry out all exams.

Required work

This internet website serves as the syllabus for the course. Each page on the internet website has actually a link on the menu at left. You are required to read each of these peras. The internet site is thorough and also any policy questions you may have actually must be answered right here. You are responsible for continuous course job-related, which is described on the internet site: reading the text for the assigned material, attending lecture, doing the weekly homeoccupational, attending conversation area and taking the quizzes, and also taking the exams


Firm understanding of the complying with ideas from alwaei.comics 1 and 2 and proficiency in managing them is crucial for your success in this course.

Kinematics, pressure, torque, problems for equilibrium Newton"s three legislations of dynamics, circular movement Work, kinetic power, potential energy, relation of pressure to potential energy Energy and momentum conservation Basic electromagnetic theory, wave movement, E&M waves

In addition the product from the complying with mathematics topics will certainly be supplied frequently.

Algebra, trigonomeattempt, analytic geomeattempt Calculus 1, 2 and 3 (consisting of partial derivatives and multiple derivatives) Basic differential equations (corequiwebsite, used greatly in QM)

Effective methods for finding out alwaei.comics

From interviewing students we have discovered that the A to B+ students have much better actions and spfinish more time on science courses than B and C students. In specific, they hardly ever miss course, execute all the recommended homeoccupational difficulties and also even more, check out ahead and also study the product for several hours a week (not just prior to exams). Developing great habits at the start of the semester, before things get busy and you loss behind, will certainly assist you succeed.

A huge fractivity of your study time have to be devoted to difficulty resolving, which is vital to learning and cannot be reinserted by mere listening and reading (think exactly how we learn to bicycle, swim and also drive). This is the reason we carry out you a significant number of end-of-chapter concerns and problems, web-based troubles and also quizzes.

The adhering to techniques will help you to carry out well in the course:

Use office hours. If you do not understand also something, ask us after class and also in our offices. You can likewise talk to the grader. Keep up with the course. The ideal strategy for success is to continue to be up to date through the readings and homework-related. In particular, fixing troubles will enhance your performance on exams and also quizzes far better than memorizing formulas or cramming. A great ascendancy of thumb is that you must be spending about 6-9 hours on the product exterior of course. Attfinish lectures regularly. We cannot stress sufficient the prominence of coming to course. Although you can not understand also every little thing presented in lecture, you are unconsciously processing indevelopment that will certainly serve you well later. Frequent course skipping contributes strongly to poor student performance. Read ahead prior to lecture. Even though you might not understand also the chapter product, a cursory advance reading "primes" your brain to be receptive to the material once it is questioned in lecture or conversation. Ask questions. Your question is not stupid and is probably extensively common. We simply hope that our answer isn"t stupid. :-)