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Hey, How perform i automate a coke oven? My difficulty is that the coal i want to pump into it, drops down when the inventory is full. I"ve tried to use gates onto my wooden pipe, however it doesnt seem to work-related. Any help? A video tutorial would certainly be the greatest! Thanks in advance

I strongly imply informing your neighbors you are making sugar. Just store the noise down and don"t sell out of your residence...hmmm...oh that coke.
I include Plugins for Foresattempt to my fill, and among the additions is sugar coke: It"s renewable via sufficient setup and also a decent sized reed farm. Back on topic: While I realize it isn"t constantly the many effective plan, I like to use each mod"s techniques for gathering/collecting items from their makers. I use minecart trains and also item loaders/unloaders for my coke ovens. The minecarts pick up sugar charcoal from a central reresource hub and provide creosote oil and also sugar coke to the hub.
Using gateways you deserve to pump out one side and also pump in with condition of low fuel. Never over tons. Use a chest as a buffer. Cheap and also fairly lag cost-free versus loopbacks.
I commonly use 2 Redpower retrievers to manage loads and tons of coke ovens through a straightforward loop to send excess earlier to storage. I typed this up over and over and also deleted the message, no issue just how a lot detail I put it sounds massively complicated when it isn"t. I could throw up a video on this tomorrow and show you all the different methods you can automate coke ovens and also blast heating systems via all the Ultimate mods.

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Wow, so many kind of replies - epic! Thanks to all of you.Because tbelow are so many replies, i wont answer all of them, yet i very appreciate every write-up. Im looking forward to a possible tutorial video which would really help me out, yet i will try out all other advices.Im quite new to ftb and also play on a duo civilization with a frifinish, where we are not that proficient and also affluent in sources.
Applied Energistics can perform this quite elegantly. An export bus in redstone-on mode and a level emitter also job-related amazingly well. You can store processing coal coke till you have actually a minimum level of coal coke. The setup I have actually (well had, tore it dvery own moving my base) actually usage a liquid detector to save the system preserving a minimum level of coal coke or a minimum level of creosote oil utilizing an RP2 or gate, wiremuch less restone and also a xycraft liquid detector alongside the level emitter.
I just have a system that provides coal from my 9 either skele shards (I have 13 skele spawners in the nether ;D). It is put right into an ender chest. I have one of each of these ender chests 1 block under each through an timber pipe to pull from the ender chest once fuel is low with an autarchic gate. I then I have an emerald pipe to pull only coal coke into my mechanism. The liquid instance is simple, simply pump it all to my primary liquid system to be faced later in either my boilers or to be provided to make rails
Tbelow are liquiducts to a tesseract inside for the creosote oil and also import and also export buses to relocate the coal and coke.
Lots of methods to carry out it. Routers are a great method to do it. Use barrels or single chests to "network" your coke ovens together. A cart on a circular track with cart loader/unloaders works as well if you desire something even more interesting to watch.
Tbelow are liquiducts to a tesseract inside for the creosote oil and also import and export buses to move the coal and also coke.
This one interests me, for a number of reasons:1. Can you make coke ovens side by side?2. How execute you supply them all?3. Would routers occupational in place of AE? (Like the mod, however looking to check out routers a little more)4. Is there any overflow, or is that the number if ovens to supply that variety of boilers?
He hasn"t acquired coke ovens side by side there"s a block/gap in between wright here the ME cables go, they are the majority of most likely extended using facades.

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