Immersive engineering ore processing

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What mods have ore handling, and also exactly how a lot of a multiplier do they offer?(If you"re around to respond to this thcheck out via a self-righteous rant about how ore processing is damaging minecraft and also is basically creative, please simply keep it to yourself or article it somewbelow else?)Multipliers I"m conscious of:Applied Energistics 2: x 1.8Tinkers Construct: x 2Immersive Engineering: x 2Thaumcraft: x 2.1Hydraulicraft: x 2.5Thermal Expansion: x 3Factorization: x 3Tinkers Steelworks: x 3Thaumic Tinkerer: x 3Witching Gadgets: x 3Ender IO: x 3Engineers Toolbox: x 3Mekanism: x 5Rotarycraft: x 5.1Technomancy: x 8Ztones: x 9

RotaryCraft has actually 3x multiplication obtainable reasonably early game, and also approx. 5.1x with byassets easily accessible for some points later on. Although RoC"s extractor have the right to go approximately 13x if I remember properly for certain ores, choose nether redstone and also nether lapis.Oh, and also Mek is flat 5x, not counting all the reagents consumed (which have the right to be derived from cobblestone and also water).

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AE"s grindrock is 90% possibility if doubling by default, so maybe 1.8xAnd Ztones has actually 9x ore processing? Wow.*disables it*
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RotaryCraft initially is x3 from the grinder incredibly beforehand game. Then 1.5^4=5.0625 once an extractor is constructed which is approximately what you have. However before, the extractor can and also need to be upgraded with a bedrock drill which makes the chance of doubling the initially phase 100%. This boost the ore yield to 2*1.5^3 = 6.75.EDIT: Oh yeah, Factorization is 3x.
AE"s grindrock is 90% chance if doubling by default, so perhaps 1.8xAnd Ztones has 9x ore processing? Wow.*disables it*
AE"s grindstone isn"t 100% chance?! (Also, song that plays in my head whenever before I use the AE grinder:
Ex Nihilo wrecking is like what? x 1.1 multiplier? I hardly ever seem to gain incredibly a lot more ingots than ores put in.What"s IC2Exp"s max multiplier as soon as making use of the washer and also centrifuge?
I disagree with the concept that the Thermal Expansion ore multiplier is x 3.To get that x3, you require either affluent slag or cinnabar. Lets emphasis on affluent slag to store the argument simple:To get wealthy slag, you need to induction-scented the ores and also you have actually a chance to get the slag. Not just that, but if you induction-scented your ores you sacrifice the added output you get from pulverizing instead. This enables for some choices, for example; I commonly do not need the added lead or silver, so I induction-smelt those ores.You can acquire a higher affluent slag output via pyrotheum, (and you can gain infinite amounts of that through many effort) but it still isn"t a 100% well-off slag output. And even if you obtain a 100% well-off slag output, you"d still must sacrifice some ores to usage in combicountry with the pyrotheum to use the wealthy slag on some various other ores.I guestimate to full multiplier in the finish is closer to x 2.2.