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Ideal Mechanical Inc, 5654 La Costa Canyon Ct, Las Vegas, NV (Employee: Vuckovic Jr, Frank S) holds a C 1 Plumbing And Heating license and 4 other licenses according to the Nevada license board.

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Their score of 109 ranks in the height 5% of 21,879 Nevada licensed contractors.

Their license was proved as energetic when we last checked. If you are thinking of hiring Ideal Mechanical Inc, we recommfinish double-checking their license condition with the license board and utilizing our bidding device to gain competitive quotes.

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Ideal Mechanical Inc has actually a score of 109, which locations them above 95% of 21,879 builders in Nevada.
Our building permit documents show that Ideal Mechanical Inc has actually operated on at least36 projects over the past 3 years.

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Examining permits over the last 4 years reflects that Ideal Mechanical Inc greatly works onmechanical projectand also brand-new constructionprojects.
The typical size of their permits is around $216,853. This graph shows the circulation of these project values.
Pro tip: For more details about their pricing, examine out their recent activity to check out just how much they have charged for different kinds of work.
Minor internal renovation of the gucci room inside the store. renovation has minor demolition and also structure earlier of walls finishes power lighting and hvac no adjust of usage or readjust in occupancy
Remove/relocation ductwork install (1) vav and also shift to existing supply line and also (1) 24 x 24 par per plans through trim frame for rerevolve (not shown on plans). ref. electric under sepaprice future permit
***valuation plans and some fees passist under 158155** installation of a walk in cooler. see apverified plans under 158155 for finish details. ref: combrand-new 158155 hasn"t obtained any reviews for Ideal Mechanical Inc. Click right here to be alerted once reviews are posted about them.
We recommend acquiring multiple quotes for any kind of building job.Our free bidding mechanism will get you quotes from Ideal Mechanical Inc and 2 various other height home builders.
License #0059904
TypeC 21 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
Firm TypeCorporation

License #59904
TypeC21 - Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
Business TypeCorporation