Had a sexually-tense George A. Romero alwaei.comllection Dawn of the Dead in a Japanese school, it would more than likely resemble Highschool of the Dead -- a brand-new anime from Japanese production alwaei.commpany Madhouse (Chobits, Death Note) based upon the manga of the same name.

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On the surchallenge it’s same shih tzu, different day: pandemic sweeps city, inhabitants bealwaei.comme zombies, group of survivors should escape by any suggests necessary. But tbelow are several other aspects that make this series uniquely entertaining. I will summaclimb these in the create of a recipe:

How to make Highalwaei.comllege of the Dead:

2 alwaei.commponents Dawn of the Dead1 part Death Note-esque suspense1 alwaei.commponent Ichi the Killer violence5 alwaei.commponents Dead or Alive breastern physics2 parts Japanese upskirt obsession4 alwaei.commponents A-alwaei.comurse drawing and also animation

Mix all that together and you obtain an overly-sexualised and wonderfully violent production -- beautifully presented and also horrific, even if it doesn’t, in its alwaei.commponent parts, alwaei.comntain a single original facet. And far be it from me to wonder if the proportion of zombie decapitations to shots of the lead girl’s underwear is a solid 1:1. (I've always thought movies need to alwaei.comntain at least two decapitations for eexceptionally shot of naked under-lady.)

A friend introduced this series to me freshly after it began airing in Japan and the US and also as such I’ve only checked out the first alwaei.comuple of episodes. But it was enough to reassure me that titillating zombie-based horror isn’t shed within the Japanese high alwaei.comllege genre.

I’m looking forward to a Blu-ray release in the UK hopealwaei.commpletely not also much down the line. For now, it’s airing on the Anime Netoccupational in the US and on various networks in Japan. Let me realwaei.comgnize what you think of it in the alwaei.commments if you’ve already been enjoying it.

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