The Henry Engineering Matchbox II was loaned to me by a member for measurements and hardware teardown/evaluation. I am not sure how renowned this DAC is. It is targeted toward television broadcast human being. It untypically has actually both ADC and DAC plus expert AES/EBU output (balanced variation of S/PDIF). In that regard, it appropriately only has actually balanced inputs and also outputs.

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The Matchbox II is shown in red and also in yellow, I have actually the Behringer UMC204 HD USB ADC/DAC ($79) utilizing its well balanced output simply the exact same. Immediately we view a much reduced noise floor for the UMC204. However before that is balance out by its anemic output resulting in 123 db differential between the noise floor and also top signal (NOTE: this is not the true signal to noise ratio). The Matchbox II has actually much stronger output. It initially put out some +20 db of output. Using its adjustments I lugged it down to minimum which was still higher than Behringer. Using the exact same measurement as above (not shown) the Matchbox II achieves 120 db. So reasonably similar to Behringer UMC204 HD.Not so comparable is great little bit of spurious spikes at many frequencies displayed via red arrows. A few of these climb up as much as 20 db from noise floor reflecting less than ideal design. Compare that with the super clean output of the Behringer UMC204HD (yellow) and you check out that much better can be done.For an additional comparikid, I fired up my freshly obtained Exasound e32 DAC ($3,500) and compared it to the Matchbox II:

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The Exasound runs circles approximately it, developing 140 db differential in between its measurement noise floor and top output (aobtain, don"t confusage this via signal to noise ratio). It is likewise a lot freer of spurious responses than Matchbox II.Conclusion
From measurements point of watch and also specifications, tright here is little bit to recommend the Henry Engineering Matchbox II. It is restricted to 16 bits and 48 Khz which in today and also age, is sindicate not acceptable. Its measured performance lags a lot cheaper DACs favor the Behringer UMC204HD.Its high output level though is nice as is the option of having AES/EBU output and also complete well balanced input and output. I did not test its headphone output however it comes through one also.In the following post, I will perform a teardvery own of its hardware.
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