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Leading the industry in aircraft furnishings considering that 1991. Global Engineering & Technology, Inc.

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, started operating in 1991. Over the span of 3 decades we have actually designed, fabricated, and also mounted executive aircraft interiors. GETI opeprices out of infrastructure spreview across 3 cities with practically 200,000 square ft. of course A production capacity. Customers that we have sustained interiors for incorporate Bombardier, Learjet, Cessna, Beechcraft, Hawker, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Spirit, Falcon, Raytheon, Gulfstream and various other significant OEM’s, Service Centers, Operators, and also FBO’s.

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To date, GETI has manufactured over 4,081 brand-new complete executive aircraft interiors. With our suffer in New and Aftersector interiors we offer the support to deliver your tasks through Confidence and also Quality.
Our Services GETI deindications, builds and installs internal furnishings for all models of business and also commercial fixed wing and rotocraft. It also builds interiors for specialty aircraft such as medivac and also photo reconnaissance devices.
Work at GETI With an average of 10-15 years in aircraft furniture finishing, manufacturaing, modification and installation, our production crew has actually had actually endure in the style of both little and also huge body aircraft.
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