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This best-selling algebra-based physics book has actually been widely known for its very closely crafted explace, strong organic applications, and also high degree of accuracy and also precision. The Fifth Edition maintains these staminas and brings a theoretical emphasis and real-civilization flavor to the examples, problems, and also art routine. In enhancement, the brand-new edition functions an unmatched suite of media and on-line sources to boost the physics classroom. For readers through an algebra-based physics background.

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Hardcover: 1096 pages

Publisher: Prattract Hall; 5th edition (August 15, 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0136119719

ISBN-13: 978-0136119715

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 1.6 x 10.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (289 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #48,966 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #6 in Books > Science & Math > Physics > Applied #125 in Books > Textbooks > Science & Mathematics > Physics #13847 in Books > Reference


I know physics is hard for all of us, but this book is exceptionally clear in explaining physics. It does not involve in calculus, so generally it is much better for most students who never before took physics. So if you did not take physics course prior to, I very recommfinish this book bereason it does not usage pompous or complex words that the majority of science textbook authors perform. Not only is it an easy analysis, however likewise it has awesome inquiries and difficulties that make you think and also that check whether you know really physics.Many my friends that were in design or math majors had simple physics teachers in high institution. Some of them did not even take physics at all. Surprisingly, they dived into calculus based physics book and also they found the subject to be exceptionally difficult. I understand their pain bereason I think this book have the right to be a bridge that have the right to attach high institution physics(so simple ones) and also calculus based physics.I likewise check out Serway"s College Physics, and in my opinion, I think Giancoli created much better task in explaining physics with even more clear diagrams. The sentences that he provides grabs my attention. Serway puzzled me and I was stuck a lot from his book. Problems in examples are so much much better in Giancoli as well and diagrams were much better also.So prior to you review calculus based physics, read this one thoaround and you will be able to breathe in greater physics course.

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Overall, this is a decent textbook. The authors cover whatever that"s essential to know for any kind of basic Physics course.However, a significant flaw and benefit is the amount of information compressed within 1000 pperiods. Providing dozens of explacountries and examples in each chapter does aid students to much better relate to the meaning behind the formulas. But by doing this constantly, the book need to be progressively check out with a strong attention expectancy.The problem via this book is focus. Tbelow is as well a lot style, text, and also colors going on at any type of given page.I recommfinish analysis "Cracking the AP Physics" or "Basic Physics" before diving right into this book. Mainly bereason those two books offer basic and clear architecture, message and also color; reducing the anxiety that comes from finding out Physics.So, what is Torque?"The angular acceleration, then, is proportional to the product of the force times the lever arm. This product is called the minute of the force about the axis, or even more frequently, it is referred to as the torque, and also is stood for by (Greek tau)..."- Torque (page 204 - Physics sixth - Giancoli ):"Intuitively, torque explains the performance of a force in producing rotational acceleration."- Torque (web page 97 - Cracking the AP Physics B & C Exams 06-07 edition):

This book is maddening. Hundreds of physics difficulties, and no hand-operated to show you how their solutions are obtained. You can"t learn physics unless you go over the services to problems -- so you can"t learn physics with this book alone. You require 1.)a professor with the remedies hand-operated 2.) the remedies hands-on (which a lowly student is not allowed to have) -- or 3.) a different book (my recommendation). I"m preparing on my very own for the MCAT, and this book is driving me crazy. I"m able to gain my hands on College Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and also Biology texts, all via comprehensive answers to their difficulties. Trying to answer a trouble, failing, reviewing the answer, coming ago to it later on and also trying aget -- that"s how you learn. Reading 5 peras of message, one or two worked-out examples, and then tackling 30 troubles of varying levels of obstacle via no assistance from the message (or the absolutely useless student hand-operated, what a waste of money) -- is no means to learn physics. If the authors publiburned a student solutions hands-on via worked-out problems, this would certainly be a great text. I wish the authors might review some of the comments on this website and realize WORKED-OUT PROBLEMS FOR STUDENTS OF PHYSICS ARE ESSENTIAL TO LEARNING PHYSICS. Perhaps in a classroom setting, through a great teacher, this is a advantageous message. Trying to use it on your very own as a source for MCAT preparation, or any kind of various other solitary discovering, but, is a complete waste of time. DON"T BUY IT.

I supplied this book in my AP Physics B course in grade 12. The book, if you read JUST the text and also examples, is not difficult at all. The examples are exceptionally straightforward, and also the message is systematic. Tbelow are a couple of errors I have actually found, yet in mathematics/physics books, this is a frequent point. But the weakness in this book is the Problems--WAY WAY WAY too hard for an intro Physics class. Now I have a solid algebra and also calculus/trig basis, and also for me this book is very diffucult. Too a lot time is invested rambling on around useless topics, and also more time need to be devoted to crafting a stronger exposition--explain the remedies to more of the difficulties. The just point that conserved us is the truth that we had the INSTRUCTOR"S SOLUTIONS MANUAL, by Irvin A Miller to guide us through these gruesome inquiries. Mr Giancoli, if you are reading this--you composed an extremely excellent textbook. But in order to do troubles, one must SEE visually just how it is done out and also have the ability to plainly follow the explace. We are grateful to Mr Miller, the writer of the options hand-operated, for permitting us to get via the book. With the answer book to overview us, we all gained 4"s and also a few 5"s on the AP exam. The kids the year prior to that offered simply the Giancoli text acquired all 3"s or much less (a lot of obtained 2"s). A word of advise--gain the answer book if you are researching this text. Without it the book is usemuch less in expertise just how to execute the troubles. ...