Five Star Mechanical Wichita

Certified, Factory Trained, Licensed HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Steel and also Sheet Metal Fabricators, and Controls Technicians specializing in commercial, plant, and also facility maintenance, process production devices, mechanical units, plumbing building services, and also building automation.

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Every customer should be able to have faith in their service provider. At Five Star, your confidence in our capabilities and also field of expertise is of the highest possible prominence. We think that customer relationships are developed one effective project at a time.

We acknowledge the value of a positive safety and security society, through year round safety training for every one of our employees. Our focus is to carry out a very professional level of company in a safety and security aware environment.

HVAC Services

Five Star employs certified, factory trained, and licensed technicians specializing in business, repair, and replacement of HVAC and manufacturing tools for commercial and commercial framework. Our estimating and also management team has actually prrange suffer in making certain that your next project is arranged, thorough, and on time.

Plumbing/Piping & Metal Fabrication

Five Star provides plumbing, piping, and also sheet metal fabrication and installation. From small repair projects to significant renovations and also even new building, our craftsmales take pride in the performance and also appearance of eincredibly task. Our estimating and administration team is expert and also skilled in making sure that your following job is arranged, in-depth, and on time.

Control Services

As an Authorized Dealer for Reliable Controls, our technicians take part in a rigorous certification program ensuring their expertise and skills through all Reliable Control assets. Our technicians are trained and also competent in the installation and business of structure automation systems, consisting of HVAC, lighting, door accessibility, and also VFD controls. As a specialty organization, we are likewise competent at controlling Critical Environments, including manufacturing clean rooms, hazardous gas monitoring, and also more.

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Boiler Sales

As a Miura Boiler representative, Five Star have the right to provide steam remedies for your facility. With a small, compact footprint and complete operations heavy steam in much less than five minutes via the press of a switch from a cold start, our boilers bring rate and also effectiveness to the operation of your facility and/or manufacturing line. They are excellent for wellness care, breweries, distilleries, schools, and laundry suppliers, simply to name a couple of, and additionally ideal for production facilities, procedure plants or anywhere heavy steam is used.

In partnering via Five Star for their building and construction and company needs, these companies have become a component of the our Five Star household.

Vornaperform Air LLC

Five Star Mechanical has actually been an exceptional company provider since day one. We deserve to always rely on them to assess the instance and provide us the ideal company whether it’s an emergency or a routine organization speak to. They are constantly prompt, courteous and also experienced in all that they carry out which is much appreciated in a commercial establishing prefer ours.

Cowley County Administration

The Five Star team was timely, polite, and also eager to assistance in whatever procedures required to complete the job through success. A team through true talent!

Safety Matters

Our commitment to giving a safe and also healthful worklocation for our customers, sub-home builders, and employees is a optimal priority. Five Star employs a full-time security coordinator, that manages an internal safety and security committee of industry certain area technicians, insurance depiction, and owner/management employees. Five Star additionally participates in several compliance programs with many independent safety institutions. Currently, Five Star has actually security certifications through Avetta, ISNetcivilization, and also Veriforce to fulfill our customers’ industry specific safety needs.

As an authorized dealer of Reliable Controls, Five Star has actually the possibility to aid you envision and meet your structure automation needs. Reliable Controls carry out easy, functional, and sustainable controls which balance the comfort, performance, and also greenresidence gas reductions of commercial buildings all about the civilization. Find Out even more around the installation of Reliable Controls.

In partnering through Miura, Five Star brings affordable, modular heavy steam boiler services to our customers. Whether it is a brand new install or a replacement of an existing boiler, Five Star has you covered via manufacturing facility and also industry particular field of expertise to gain the project done best. Discover even more around the installation of Miura Boilers.