Fallout 4 Clothing Physics

This guide mirrors the cloth-physics strategy to obtain breastern physics on a CBBE outfit making use of Outfit Studio for Fallout 4. Why does an outfit require breast physics? So womales dressed in cotton blooffers aren’t mistaken for robots, or worse, synths!


a CBBE outfit of your choice

I’m utilizing “TheKite’s Handmaiden” by Niero and also TheKite for an instance outfit. I made a decision this as an example, bereason the outfit comes through multiple components.

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The strategy supplied right here will be copying physics from the CBBE recommendation body to the outfit. Physics which optionally comes with CBBE supplies towel physics (used to the body) to simulate breastern motion and also jiggle. Copying physics from the body to an outfit is straightforward, yet comes through restrictions.


only one sort of fabric physics may be worn at a time

What this indicates is that if an outfit provides fabric physics for breasts, the character may not also equip towel physics on a scarf or the coat-tail of an overcoat. Avoid equipping both else hazard wild physics weirdness. The exact same holds for naked body making use of fabric physics (default if CBBE body built through physics making use of BodySlide) and putting on a coat or scarf with physics. A character may equip 2 unique items both through exactly the very same physics for breasts, however think about combining the 2 items right into a single outfit for finest outcomes. I’ll go over the unique instance of multiple outfit pieces at the end.

BodySlide Preset tips

the “(Outfit)” such as in “CBBE Slim (Outfit)” shows supported breasts provided by the outfit as soon as structure an outfit generally ideal to usage an outfit preset unless the breasts are not sustained at all

Step 0: Build Body (and outfit)

If you haven’t already done so, build the female naked body via physics making use of BodySlide. Start BodySlide (typically situated in your game’s DataTools folder). For Outfit/Body pick “CBBE Body Physics” then pick your Precollection (I decided “CBBE Curvy”) then push the “Build” button. The outfit should use a comparable precollection or sliders.


Load the game and verify physics works on a naked female character.

If your outfit comes with BodySlide papers then build your outfit. For ideal results your outfit need to have the very same or comparable sliders. For my outfit, I chose preset “CBBE Curvy (Outfit)” to complement my naked body which offers curvy preset. After outfit builds, a pop-up reveals the folder BodySlide saved the file to. Remember or document the folder area which you’ll require in Step 2.

Step 1: Locate Outfit and Backup

Keep a backup of the non-physics variation of your outfit in instance you have to start over or wish to make various other changes. In case of mistake, might have to begin over. Also, it’s less complicated to make transforms, such as smoopoint tool or combining pieces, on outfit without physics. Consider BodySlide files as a backup.

If your outfit does not come through BodySlide sustaining records then find the mesh file (extension .NIF). Normally these are located somewhere within the Datameshes folder which may be under author’s or mod’s name, or within armor or clothes folder. The mod may install a loosened file, or the file might be discovered within the BA2-file. If no loose file uncovered, extract from BA2 as outlined below.

Help! Can’t uncover the file! FO4Edit to the rescue.

begin FO4Edit and pick only the mod - wait to complete loading in left pane, expand also “Armor Addon” choose the outfit item in best pane, find “Female civilization model” - “MOD3 - Model Filename” and check out the worth after it the NIF-file will certainly be uncovered in Datameshes + over worth sub-folder

If the NIF is not uncovered within as loose file in that folder then it’s most likely in the archive, BA2-file within matching folder hierarchy.

Extract outfit NIF from BA2-file

The BA2 file is called the exact same as the plugin and also might incorporate “ - Main” at the end.

in left pane, navigate to Meshes then find outfit in best pane note the pecking order of the file - this will certainly be the folder place needed for Step 3 right-click on the NIF and also select “Extract Folders” choose your game’s Documents folder verify the loose file stored in folder equivalent the pecking order displayed in BA2 Browser

Tip 2: Load Reference Body

Remember to pack the recommendation body initially (for simplicity). Start Outfit Studio (utilizing button in BodySlide or from DataTools folder).

food selection bar select Data -> Load Reference… in the pop-up, click the “Browse” button and navigate to and also pick FemaleBody.nif discovered in **Datameshesactorscharactercharacterassets

Note: if using a unique-player (or follower) mod which has a modified shape or precollection, and the outfit intended for that body form, then pack that body rather.

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Tip 3: Load Outfit and Identify Parts

food selection bar select Data -> Load Outfit… click “Browse” and also situate file listed in Tip 1

You have to currently watch the outfit (okay of reference body pokes with or if outfit floating above). In the “Meshes” tab under “New Outfit” tbelow must be a reference body, CBBE, colored green followed by one or even more outfit pieces. One of the pieces may be a copy of the body (named CBBE_outfit in my example) which mirrors in game as the body once wearing this oufit.

If outfit comes via multiple parts recognize which components will certainly need physics - components spanning torso. Click on the eye-symbol next to the part to hide in view to help identify it. Click twice even more to display screen it aget.

Tip 4: Select Bones

Select the “Bones” tab and scroll down. Tbelow should be two bones, CLOTH_Bone_Googles_00 and CLOTH_Bone_Googles_01. If absent then either the recommendation body was not loaded (no green CBBE), or the bady lacks physics. Start over at Tip 0.

CTRL-click to pick both CLOTH-bones and ensure only those two are highlighted.


Tip 5: Copy Schosen Weights

Rerotate to the “Meshes” tab (those bones will certainly stay selected). If you didn’t determine the components needing physics in Step 3 then do so currently. Find all the parts covering torso making use of the eye-icon to hide/expose parts. In my example, the shirt and the straps cover the breasts. Main outfit with a copy of the body (usually) also requirements to be consisted of, and also also if breasts are completely covered it’s safe to select the body copy anyway. Do NOT choose the green CBBE referral body.

CTRL-click select all the components that need physics on food selection bar, pick Shape -> Copy Schosen Weights

Do NOT pick “Copy Bone Weights” - usage “Selected” weights to copy just the two schosen bones from Tip 4.


Tip 6: Export

In menu bar, select Documents -> Export -> To Nif… and also replace the outfit file.

If a pop-up message appears: a warning pointing out cloth physics (generally with a checkbox list) suggests a difficulty which might be led to by widespread errors: the reference CBBE was incorrectly consisted of, made alters to the mesh after copying selected bone weights, or the outfit had existing fabric physics. Start over via the non-physics backup.

Step 7: Test

Load the game, don the outfit, examine activity and also jiggle. If the the outfit stretches or explodes then somepoint went wrong - wrong bone weights, blended physics, or the character has various other physics-allowed clothing on. Remember: a character equipped through fabric physics for breasts (or naked body having cloth-style physics) cannot equip a coat via tail physics or a scarf via physics.

Special Case: multiple clothing items

Like having actually a vest worn over a shirt, or for a details example see: “<5>” by Deserter X. The major outfit in “Atom Girl” is a fishnet body stocking and also the remainder of the outfit provides other slots so may be worn or not. How carry out we take care of this? The 2 choices: (1) integrate the optimal and body stocking right into the main outfit, or (2) apply physics to both garments items. The first alternative assures great physics and also might be vital in some cases. The second option requirements some extra treatment to avoid clipping or out-of-sync motion and also for some outfits might not job-related. Choice 2 functions for “Atom Girl” peak and body stocking.

Doesn’t Choice 2 break the ascendancy about all equipped gear limited to having a solitary cloth physics?

This is why at the beginning I phrased it as the “very same kind” or applied to the same area equally. For best results take into consideration these conditions:

using BodySlide both pieces need to be constructed complying with same precollection / sliders both outfits have to reasonably cover the physics area without gaps snug fit is much better - prevent expanding outer garment larger to mitigate clipping

A large unzipped jacket (a gap exposing garments beneath) over a tight outfit may not work-related. In that instance much better to leave jacket static and also expand locations in Outfit Studio making use of brushes to alleviate clipping through activity from breasts. Conversely, attempt alternative 1 - integrate jacket and also shirt together. In the situation of “Atom Girl” peak and also body stocking choice 2 functions well. The 3rd condition around snug fit is for the goal of having actually both pieces relocate together so clipping will certainly not take place. If pieces relocate out of sync then look at the first condition aacquire - exact same preset / sliders suggests both have to behave equally from the replicated bones application.

How to Choice 1 - integrate pieces for cloth physics

start via both armor pieces without cloth physics Do Tip 2 and also Tip 3 to pack main outfit For second clothing item, repeat Step 3 however this time examine package for “Keep various other shapes” do Step 4 and also in Step 5 remember to pick both main outfit and also the second piece before copying in Step 6, export overwriting the primary outfit

When equipping the major outfit the second piece must be incorporate, both pieces via physics movement as one, because they are one.

How to Choice 2 - independent garments items via physics

Start through both items without fabric physics. Do Tip 1 - Step 6 for the major outfit then repeat Tip 1 - Tip 6 for second item. Test in game equipping both items to ensure no clipping, no deformations, no stretching, no wild exploding clothes. If clipping, testimonial that both items developed via very same precollection and fit well. If crazy physics happens or all else fails then think about Choice 1.