Exploring heat from the basics of physics series vocabulary


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Grade Level: 6 (6 – 8) Lessons in thisUnit: 1 2 Time Required: 45 minutes Subject Areas:
Physical Science
Science and also Technology

NGSS Performance Expectations:


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Exploring Solar Power Using Heat from the Sun From Sunlight to Electric Current
Unit Lesson Activity


A solar home provides warm from the sun unified via photovoltaic solar panels for electrical power to carry out the comforts of residence.


Students comment on where power comes from, including sources such as fossil fuels, nuclear and also renewable innovations such as solar energy. After this initial expedition, students investigate the 3 main types of warmth transfer: convection, conduction and also radiation. Students learn how properties describe the methods different products behave, for circumstances whether they are insulators or conductors. Students finish a crossword puzzle to reinpressure their vocabulary in this content area. This prepares the course focuses on the acquisition and also storage of energy through the architecture, building and also experimentation of a completely useful solar stove (the linked activity). This design curriculum aligns to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Engineering Connection

The style, construction, and experimentation of a solar oven is an engineering project combining products science in the selection of products through mechanical design in the usage of warmth transport.

Learning Objectives

After this lesboy, students have to be able to:

Exordinary the 3 forms of warm transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.Identify materials that are good insulators and also conductors of warm.

Educational Standards

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NGSS: Next off Generation Science Standards - Science
NGSS Performance Expectation Science & Engineering Practices Disciplinary Core Ideas Crosscutting Concepts

MS-PS3-5. Construct, usage, and also existing arguments to assistance the case that as soon as the kinetic power of an object alters, energy is moved to or from the object. (Grades 6 - 8)

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This lesson focuses on the adhering to Three Dimensional Learning facets of NGSS:
Construct, usage, and also present oral and also written arguments supported by empirical evidence and also clinical thinking to assistance or refute an explanation or a model for a phenomenon.

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Science expertise is based upon logical and also conceptual connections in between proof and also explanations.

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When the motion power of an object changes, there is inevitably some other change in power at the very same time.

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Energy might take different forms (e.g. power in areas, thermal power, energy of motion).

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