Engineers Workbench Immersive Engineering

~•> Immersive Engineering is a tech mod via a certain cdamage, based upon the concepts and also ideas, and through a lot of assets produced by Damien Hazard.

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~•> Overall, it"s around realism-motivated technology: Instead of glowing red tubes, it supplies actual, hanging powerlines. Instead of one block that magically spits out dust as soon as the ore is put in, it provides a crusher, a large multiblock (5x3x3) that features rotating wheels and also spits out pshort articles as it breaks the ore. Instead of a Laser that transforms power into magical light and ores, it supplies an Excavator, one more massive, resource-extensive, multiblock (3x7x8) which digs ores out of the ground with a large rotating bucketwheel. IE is around making technology mods more well balanced and even more pretty, and adding its twist by going for retro-futurism (think BioShock, Order 1886, SkyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow) quite than clinical white+grey future cubes.

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~•>Video Game Versions7.10~













~1.16.5~ :arrow_left:

~•>Release DateDownloadsDependenciesAdvised Addons1.14.4+)

-Baubles (1.12.2 and also Lower)

-Engineer’s Doors (1.12.2 Only)

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~•>Categories1.13 doing so, transforming mechanics, including functions, mobs, enchantments, artillery, and also brand-new thoughts of motivation. Villagers, what an remarkable adjust, a horrible one for some tho.

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-Each Villager had a change since 1.14, adding jobs/professions, “schedules” of as soon as locked from trading with players, or just simply changing the framework of their “society” through bits of more uniforms according to their work. Does Modded Minecraft likewise adapt you know? I have displayed how in the “Buzzier Bees” blog, how a brand-new Villager was added: the “Beekeeper”, a new profession, the new station, trade out of the simple, new looks, and also well, a new house.

•Buzzier Bees Blog Link

-Immersive Engineering (IE for short), given that its at an early stage eras, added brand-new villagers. Doing so well, the team knew alters need to be done; alters are not only, making somepoint look different yet likewise implementing brand-new points. Here have a look at the brand-new Villagers, trading, outfits, professions, and also well likewise households.


-What? You assumed all Biome’s Villeras were gonna have actually the same structure? Reader, creators perform bring life and dedication to the new Minecraft Styles of play-throughout. Each biome has its distinct “Engineer’s House”, inspect for their second floor and/or its surroundings, a 2nd “Crate” might be around. Crates are similar to a Shulker Box, they were created initially and also are cheaper to manufacture, more to this block later and in various other blogs. Inside of these blocks (which are storage units, meaning they have actually an inventory); there’s loot! Check it out;


~>Full list Loot:

•Treated Stick

•Iron Rod

•Steel Rod

•Aluminium Rod

•Engineer’s Blueprint:

>Banner Patterns

>Usual Projectiles

>Crafting Components

>Arc Furnace Electrodes

>Metal Press Molds

>Specialized Projectiles

•Tough Fabric

•Iron Mechanical Component

•Steel Mechanical Component

•Iron Ingot

•Aluminium Ingot

•Copper Ingot

•Lead Nugget

•Nickel Nugget

•Silver Nugget

•Coal Coke

-Looms! The mechanic of utilizing a Crafting Table to make Banner Patterns moved to a brand-new block included on 1.14+, the impend. Special trends are just derived by crafting recipes, loot, and trading via villagers. IE brings brand-new Banner Patterns, to craft them you should had first discovered or traded an Engineer’s Blueprint of Banner Patterns. Here are the Patterns: