Engineering in the ancient world

These are some of the good designers from antiquity whose names have, thankcompletely, survived the raveras of time.

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Source: Emad Victor SHENOUDA /Wikimedia CommonsSostradus was a indigenous of Cnidus, thus the name, which was located in Caria in Asia Minor (Modern Day Anatolia, Turkey). He was the kid of the Dexiphanes the architect of the Tetra Stadium in Alexandria.

Sostradus was responsible for some extremely exciting an outstanding ancient engineering projects. These contained the Pharos of Alexandria (The Great Lighthouse) that was built in roughly 280 BC and was one of the salso ancient wonders of the people.


He likewise constructed the Suspended Pleasure Gardens in Cnidus that were ostensibly similar to one more wonder of the prehistoric human being The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Sostratus also constructed the ClubHousage of the Cnidians in Delphi and diversionary canals on the Nile at Memphis.

3. Polyidus of Thessaly functioned for Alexander the Great"s dad

Source: Knight"s Amerihave the right to Mechanical Dictionary/Wikimedia CommonsHero of Alexandria is among the the majority of well known engineers from antiquity. He was well known throughout his time and also is still renowned to this day.

Hero made significant developments in math, physics, and design and lived at some point in the 1st Century BC. He put up the Higher Technical School of Alexandria and he created generally on many kind of subjects consisting of geometry, surveying, mechanics, and also optics.

Amongst his many kind of technical accomplishments he devised the initially heavy steam engine, referred to as the Aeolipile, the world"s first taped odometer and also naval log and also famed mechanical "Fountain".

He likewise occurred the world"s first robotic automaton and vfinishing machine (yes you read that right).


5. Philo of Byzantium can have been the first to create the water mill

Philo of Byzantium, additionally known as Phile Mechanicus, is a famed Greek engineer from antiquity. He was additionally a prolific physicist and created broadly on mechanical principles.

He resided in the second fifty percent of the third Century BC, was born in Byzantium but invested the majority of of his life in Alexandria in Egypt. His writings focus on miscellaneous topics from math, artillery, mechanical toys and also diversions, and harbor building.

Recent studies have additionally uncovered thorough descriptions of water mills, repeating crossbows and the first summary of a gimbal recognized.

6. Vitruvius would inspire Leonarexecute da Vinci

Source: Marsyas/Wikimedia CommonsMeton of Athens was a native of Athens and also boy of Pausanias. He stupassed away design and geometry and also would certainly be later cited by various other excellent engineers choose Vitruvius.

He is best well-known for his 19-year "Metonic Cycle" that ended up being central to primitive Athenian lunisolar calendars.

From his occupational in astronomy, he would later on construct a solar clock in about 433 BC. He additionally designed and built a variety of waterworks including the Colonos aqueduct.

The world"s earliest well-known huge calculator, the Antikythera Mechanism, performs calculations based on Meton"s cycle.

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8. Imhotep isn’t simply a bloodthirsty mummy yet was likewise a great engineer

Imhotep (yes of "The Mummy" fame) was actually a very essential prehistoric Egyptian engineer. He was among the chief officials of the Pharaoh Djoser and also a critical polymath, judge, engineer, astronomer, and also medical professional.

Egyptologists believe he was the man responsible for the style of the Pyramid of Djoser which is a very early stepped pyramid in Saqqara constructed around 1630-2611 BC.

He is also thought to be among the initially designers to introduce stone columns for structure structural assistance.

After his fatality, Imhotep was risen to the status of an excellent of medicine and healing and additionally corresponded via Thoth (a god of architecture, mathematics, and medicine).

9. Dinocprices built Alexandria

Source: Zach Marshall/Wikimedia CommonsEupalinos of Megara was an old Greek engineer credited through building the outstanding Tunnel of Eupalinos on the island also of Samos in around the sixth Century BC.

This tunnel is one of only 2 such tunnel complexes that were excavated from both ends in a methodical way in primitive history. Its length would make it, as much as we recognize, the longest one of its time.

The tunnel was commissioned by Polycrates of Samos and is over a kilometer in length. Given the crude tools compared to this particular day, it is an impressive feat of engineering.

He is likewise the first hydraulic engineer to ever be pointed out in history but any kind of various other information on the guy has actually been lost to history.

11. Harpalus built the first bridge throughout the Bosphorus

Source: MM/Wikimedia CommonsSextus was a very crucial Romale civil engineer, writer and Roguy statesmale during the first Century ADVERTISEMENT. He was also a really successful general under Domitian and also commanded forces in Roman Britain, the Rhine and Danube.

Sextus, but, is ideal well-known for his technical writings, mainly De Aqueductu that encountered the woremperors of aqueducts. This complied with his appointment as the curator aquarum or supervisor of aqueducts by Emperor Nerva.

This office required someamong very high standing and also competence.

This position was previously hosted by Agrippa who helped organize a campaign of public repairs and enhancements under Augustus consisting of the aqueduct Aqua Marcia in Rome.

13. Hemiunu developed The Great Pyramid

Source: Sean Ellis/FlickrHermiunu was an old Egyptian engineer born right into the royal household in approximately 2570 BC. He is one among a handful of called designers and also mathematicians of the duration that designed an managed the building of The Great Pyramid at Giza.

The pyramid was designed as a enormous tomb for Pharaoh Khufu and also it stays one of the most outstanding accomplishments of design in the primitive civilization.