Engineering electromagnetics 8th edition


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First published just over 50 years ago and now in its Eighth Edition, Bill Hayt and John Buck"sEngineering Electromagneticsis a classical message that has actually been updated for electromagnetics education and learning this particular day. This widely-respected book stresses standard concepts and trouble resolving, and discusses the material in an understandable and readable means. Many illustrations and also analogies are offered to aid the reader in grasping the tough principles. In enhancement, independent learning is assisted in by the presence of many kind of examples and problems.Important updates and also revisions have been included in this edition. One of the most considerable is a new chapter onelectromagnetic radiation and also antennas. This chapter covers the standard values of radiation, wire antennas, straightforward arrays, and transmit-obtain systems.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Vector Analysis Chapter 2: Coulomb"s Law and also Electric Field Intensity Chapter 3: Electric Flux Density, Gauss" Law, and also Divergence Chapter 4: Energy and Potential Chapter 5: Conductors and Dielectrics Chapter 6: Capacitance Chapter 7: The Steady Magnetic Field Chapter 8: Magnetic Forces, Materials and also Inductance Chapter 9: Time-Varying Fields and also Maxwell"s Equations Chapter 10: Transmission Lines Chapter 11: The Uniform Plane Wave Chapter 12: Plane Wave Reflection and also Dispersion Chapter 13: Guided Waves Chapter 14: Electromagnetic Radiation and also Antennas Appendix A Vector Analysis Appendix B Units Appendix C Material Constants Appendix D The Uniqueness Theorem Appendix E Origins of the Complex Primitivity Appendix F Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems
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