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Mounting Location: * Standard Mounting for 2019+ Trucks Mount off the Master Cylinder Bolt? (2014-2018 Year Model Only) Mount in the Spare Battery compartment? (2014-2018 Year Model Only)
Add Spare Set of O-rings?: None Spare collection of O-rings for Standard and also E2 Catch Can and also Separator (+$20.00)

** Brand NEW DESIGN for 2020 -

The E2000 Record Can designed especially to take care of the demands of the full-dimension GM Trucks!

We are so excited to offer this upgraded version of our E2 Catch Can, finish via quick-attach fittings for a simple plug-n-play installation.

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Key features of the E2000

1. Designed specifically for the 2014-2018, and also 2019+ GM Full Size Trucks

2. Rapid Connection OEM fittings

3. Upgraded Babsence Braided hoses, cut to forced length

4. 30% even more volume than our extensively popular E2 Capture Can

Modeled after our extremely well-known and also functional 3-stage, “original” Record Can via a few even more added benefits:

Do it as soon as, and execute it right! Elite Engineering Catch Can: Often Imitated, however never Duplicated!

Standard Kit Includes:

E2000 Catch Can assembly beauticompletely anodized in BLACK Custom machined mounting bracket to fit the brand-new GM full dimension trucks All Stainless steel mounting hardware. 3/8" ID babsence braided fuel and oil vapor compatible hose.

Also has all the essential features that made our E2 Catch Can so famous and the #1 Choice for Auto Builders and also Tuners:

Elite"s 3-Chamber Design WITH Larger 3rd StageAvailable with: 1 or 2 Exit Ports30% more volume than our E2 Record CanCan be Fully Disassembled for easy Cleaning or InspectionAvailable in BLACK Anodize Color

Same 3-Chamber Design that made the Elite Capture Can so popular and also useful, however through a bigger volume


Purpose of your Stock PCV System: The PCV (Confident Crankinstance Ventilation) device is designed to manage and rerelocate fumes from the engine crankcase, and to minimize crankcase press which can cause oil leaks or seal damages. The PCV system routes crankcase fumes right into the intake manifold where they have the right to be burned to get rid of harmful eobjectives right into the atmosphere. The PCV valve controls the amount of crankinstance circulation volume depending upon the engine"s pack. With large throttle openings (high engine loads), the even more blow-by gases are developed, and the more the PCV mechanism flows oil vapor in to the intake manifold. A small amount of that ignited mixture leaks past the piston rings and ends up in the crakinstance. This leakage is regularly reffered to a "blow-by" or leakage past the pislots. Some of the oil mist and other commodities work out alengthy the engine intake and also over time form a "gunk". Our oil capture have the right to collects the oil mist and also condensed the fuel vapors while allowing "cleaner" gasses to pass back into the intake manifold.

Negative Effects of your Stock PCV System:

Many kind of Corvette, Camaro, Firebird and GTO owners can testify to the amount of oil residue that have the right to accumulate inside the intake manifold, throttle body, intake track and also even the air filter during aggressive driving problems. Tbelow are miscellaneous negative impacts when excess oil vapor contaminates the intake device from the stock PCV system - such as:

Throttle body and/or MAFS (Mass Air Flow Sensor) malattribute or faiattract. Air filter, intercooler (if equipped) and intake ducting contamicountry if oil pools and run earlier out the intake mechanism after engine shutdvery own Reduced octane of the air/fuel mixture, which can reason detonation and the ECM (Engine Control Module) to retard timing, thereby reducing engine power.Excessive carbon accumulation on valves, piston crowns, combustion chambers and spark plugs. This additionally rises the possibility of detonation and also power loss.Increased egoals & possible contamicountry of catalytic converters and also oxygen sensors.

Bottom line: Excessive quantities of oil vapor in the intake manifold is detripsychological to your engine!

Solution: Install theElite Engineering PCV Oil Record Can!

Ultimate Function:

Elite Engineering"s PCV Oil Capture Can has a unique 3-chamber design to effectively separate oil from the crankinstance vapors, thereby eliminating all negative results of excessive intake mechanism oil contamination. Oil vapor from the crankinstance enters the 1st - Inlet/Filtration chamber where it is slowed dvery own and recorded in the stainless steel mesh, it then moves onto the 2nd - Transition/Diffusion chamber. The Diffusion chamber has a very certain collection of holes to remove the oil and also only let clean air vapor pass. Lastly, the vapor passes right into the 3rd - Exit Chamber prior to it exits the Record Can.

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You additionally have actually the choice of choosing the number of Exit Ports your Record Can will have. Many applications will only require (1) one 1/4" Female NPT Exit Port, yet you can choose to have (2) 2 1/4" Female NPT Exit Ports for Forced Induction set-ups.

Not all Catch Cans are developed equally! Often imitated, never before copied. Many Record Cans on the sector are simply comprised of an empty container through 2 ports. While that basic architecture may trap a few oil droplets, our Catch Can is designed to condense the oil vapor and also trap the oil inside the container. Our test prstove architecture incorporates a stainless steel mesh and also screening device that acts like a maze to collect and conthick the oil vapor. Once the oil vapors condense right into liquid dropallows, it falls to the bottom of the can. In enhancement, the peak assembly is specially designed to keep any kind of liquid from climbing out the exit hole during aggressive driving conditions. Stored oil volume is about 14 ounces. You will certainly be amazed by exactly how a lot oil our Record Can will catch! Don"t resolve for an inferior competitor"s product. Insist on Elite Engineering"s Capture Can!

Premium Construction:

The E2000 PCV Oil Record Can is built of the finest materials inside and out. High performance vehicle owners insist on the ideal assets that sell unsurpassed feature as well as outstanding visual enhancement. Our Record Can does both! Our exclusive design incorporates optimum feature and the best materials, construction and finish for maximum dependcapability. Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and then anodized in a variety of colors for a striking look. The inner condensing/filteration display is stainmuch less steel encased inside an aluminum alloy housing designed for low flow restriction. The real estate deserve to be disassembled for display inspection, cleaning or replacement if needed. The inlet and outlet hose fittings are brass, and threaded right into the body and also sealed with Teflon tape. Supplied hoses are fuel and oil vapor compatible (SAE 30R7 rated). The bottom capture have the right to reservoir screws onto the peak of the unit, and also is sealed via a developed in O-ring. Inspection and cleaning is basic by sindicate rerelocating the bottom of the unit without disturbing the mounting device or hoses. In keeping through our high top quality requirements, all gave mounting hardware and screws are stainless steel. The provided tradition machined mounting bracket is black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, and is attached to your particular car through the hardware supplied.

Each Capture Can kit includes every little thing you should install the system. Basic mechanical abilities and also prevalent hand also devices are the just things required.