Electrical engineering phd salary

I'm in a PhD regimen in Electrical Engineering concentrating on fabrication and photonics. I had some questions for you men.

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What are the market employment prospects for me as soon as I graduate? I really love research and also would love to go right into academia, but it is insanely competitive and also there's a really low possibility I'll end up as a professor.

What are the salaries for a PhD EE grad working at some of the optimal companies? (Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft and so on.)

How does one frequently advancement in their functions at these companies, like say to senior engineer or to management?


Photonics is a pretty little industry that doesn't have actually a background of paying that well. That can readjust if there's a "killer app" though. Optics is a little better presently because of smartphones/AR. Pay is going to differ pretty extensively by agency, yet PhDs will begin out as some flavor of senior engineer if you want to search that on Glassdoor. Of the companies you listed, pay would most likely go Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Qcomm, in descending order.

Development happens the very same means as it would at the lower levels, by being in a thriving team and also excelling. Many kind of (most?) teams through PhDs are all-PhD, as in you aren't coming in at a higher level in the exact same team as a PhD compared to BS, you're joining a different form of group.

PhD's make a ton of money. Starting salary is normally roughly $120,000. Plus, if you gain appointed as a researcher/scientist, you get to carry out most things at your own pace, unfavor various other engineers working in R&D.

Phds have a near-limitless earning potential. Also they're starting salary is rather high.

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However, for a run-of-the-mill Phd, you're getting 5 ish years of low pay (while gaining your degree) whereas you can have been earning that on a project. After 5 years on a task, if you execute well, its possible to be at the very same salary level as a fresh phd.

PHD will certainly open doors for you that otherwise you wouldn't have access to.

However before, for pure salary, I think you'd be much better off with a Masters and then working. PhD indicates you'll have a much lower salary for the 5+ years of PhD work-related that otherwise you can be making in sector.

However before, if study lab is your goal, PhD is what you want. Most of the moment though, you won't get to choose where you live (through PhD). You'll be restricted to the tech locations unless you want to go dvery own the academic path (and still don't really have true option as you're still a pawn to the sector when you go project hunting.)

I carry out recognize the different service providers and also study labs within my scholastic technique and their hiring steps. I wanted to know if anybody else kbrand-new anypoint else around it, or had actually the exact same suffer or decided a various path. The even more you understand, you know?

I got my PhD about 10 years back and also my career trajectory has been more or much less exactly the exact same as my MSEE colleagues, via the exemption of a slightly later on start for me. I'm not certain what you're arguing PhD grads have to be doing differently.

There's no need to be so condescfinishing. You have it all wrong. I finished my BSEE this year and also have actually just started my PhD. I recognize my market and also self-control incredibly well. I wanted to see if tbelow was any kind of indevelopment around design prospects for a PhD that I didn't know of.

God forbid OP select a research topic that ssuggest interested him/her without focusing on particular career prospects.