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Private Individual

Reconstruction of an ODNR Class III dam via storage capacity of 56ac at a exclusive lake. Project featured style of principal spillmethod and inlet, emergency spillway manage area, completion of construction and also last grading.

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City of St. Clairsville

Diversified Engineering provided conceptual layout and planning services for this job, consisting of tunnel restoration, slope restoration and also taken on grant applications too.

Bob Huggins Basketround Camp

Diversified Engineering provided design and layout services for a trail and bridge within a flood simple. The bridge was engineered to withstand ponding and also flowing water during flood seakid. In enhancement, basketball courts were designed and also laid out.

American Landfill

This wetland restoration task spanned a 10.36-acre wetland. Diversified Engineering tackled design plans, permitting NOI and mitigation. Other elements of the project contained storm water manage, site topography and an inline water manage structure.

Guernsey County CDC

Diversified Engineering gave conceptual layout for this Rails to Trails task. The project contained breakthrough of 5 miles of trails, parking lot via trail head parking, and also design and also layout for remote airplane parking, steed riding arena, and restroom framework.

Harriboy Landfill

Design of a 28-acre wetland, consisting of architecture pans, storm water control, website topography, inline water manage framework, mitigation and also permitting NOI.

Village of Malvern

Over 6,000 direct feet of waterline was area, via 22 valves and also 6 hydrants mounted. Project culminated via pavement and also lawn restoration.

Village of West Lafayette

Modification of waste water therapy plant consisting of waste water piping, 14 valves and also pavement of access road. Construction was monitored weekly.

Village of Sugarcreek

This job contained waterline placement, waterline relink, storm sewage system replacement and installation of 2 capture containers. To finish the job pavement and cement sidewalks additionally had to be reput. Construction surveillance was conducted weekly.

City of New Philadelphia

This job featured 770 straight feet of roadway surconfront drainage renovations, incorporating warm taps and shut-off valves into existing waterline, one fire hydrant, sidewalk, wheelchair inserts in sidewalk, centerline re-profiling and 431 linear feet of 8" iron waterline. Staff also handled everyday building and construction monitoring.

City of New Philadelphia

Project contained 2,131 linear feet of 60" storm sewer and also 807 straight feet of 8" sanitary drain, via 4,000 square yards of complete width pavement overlay. Daily construction security was perdeveloped.

Noble County, Ohio

Well pad building and construction on a 30-acre site, through 60,000-yard earthwork-related. 25 test pits and 9 boreholes. Project constructed in 18 days.

Anderkid Propane

Initiated soil and also plant sampling, tested for hydric soils, filed out ORAM report and also EPA-PTI paperjob-related and developed a mitigation design. This task included plant and macroinvertebrate identification, soil classification and also determicountry of scoring limits.

Guernsey County, Ohio

Well pad building and construction on 15-acre website, via 29 test pits and 7 boreholes. Project was completed in under one month.

Dino Piergallini & Sons Equipment

Waste water pond water and soil sampling to attain site-particular permits for the EPA. Project was completed in 6 days.

Miller Septic Design

Deauthorize and design of a new onsite therapy facility on a 1.5-acre site. Featured 360 feet of leach field, and also a dosing tank and septic tank were installed Included property survey, soil sampling, 2 probe readings and also 4 test pits.

Waste Management

Installation of 61 drilled wells, via 20,946 feet of piping connecting wells together. 70.5-acre site spanned. Project built in 2 months.

Antero Resources

Nine-month project featuring a 20-million-gallon capacity fresh water impoundment via geocompowebsite under the drain system and also a geosynthetic membrane liner.

Noble County, Ohio

Well pad building and construction on 26-acre website through 65,000 yards" earthwork-related, via 4 boreholes and also 19 test pits. Project constructed in 2 months.

Noble County, Ohio

Well pad construction on 15-acre website with 32,000 yards" surchallenge soil, via 4 boreholes and also 5 test pits. Project created in two months.

Guernsey County, Ohio

Well pad construction on 14-acre site with 140,000 yards" earthoccupational, including 16 test pits and also 4 boreholes. Project constructed in two months.

Diversified Engineering

Two story masonry building via full basement, laboratory, training and storage facility. 54"x100" footprint and also 16,356 sq. ft. DEI personnel served as engineer and basic contractor for job.

This project included engineering of storm sewage system, sanitary sewage system, pump station, water line, site grading plan, street architecture and building staking.

Tuscarawas County Humane Society

Pre-engineered steel structure measuring 134" x 46" and also 6,313 sq. ft. The structure attributes four rooms dedicated to cats through an outdoor play area, and a cat isolation room, and 33 dog kennels through an outside access room. The facility likewise attributes office and also reception area, an adoption room, a procedure room, dog wash location, and laundry.

CNL Income Lakefront Marina

ALTA-ACSM survey and FEMA flood elevation certificates for a 480-slip marina situated on 32 acres of Lake Erie Shoreline. The project was performed using a combination of GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and also typical survey modern technologies.

UAW Ford Family Learning Center & Regency Hospital Corp., LLC

ALTA-ACSM survey of UAW Ford Learning Center, a daytreatment, located on 8,676 acres of land also.

Wood’s Tall Timber Lake Resort Community Center

Surveying, mapping, style and also design of a 17,000-gpd wastewater therapy device to manage raised flows from the building of a proposed neighborhood center at the retype, and to relocation the existing septic device. Valued at about $200,000, the mechanism style consisted of a new aeration treatment system, surchallenge sand also filters and ultraviolet disinfection tools.

Lewis Center Regional Medical Center

Surveying, mapping, website plan and also building style, building plans, specifications and building and construction administration solutions for a 6.5 million dollar medical complex encompassing 35,000 sq. ft. of floor space on a 4-acre site.

Buckeye Career Center

Project featured a 103 Parking stall area through 2 12" bus lanes. It aslo contained sidewalk replacement, new catch basins and ADA Ramps.

Buckeye Career Center

$2.5 15,000 sq. ft. equipment reresource training facility located in New Philadelphia. The project consisted of a masonry and also light gauge steel roof truss, 60 foot framework via vocational classroom spaces and restrooms, as well as two pre-engineered steel building structures to be used for vocational lab spaces.

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Village of Denniboy, Ohio

Surveying, design, building and construction layout and also inspection for a $300,000 road rehabilitation and resurdealing with job.

City of New Philadelphia, Ohio

Deauthorize, design, construction layout and also inspection for a storm sewage system mechanism developed to get rid of a long-standing problem with ponding water along the 2 streets.

City of New Philadelphia, Ohio

Design, design, building layout and inspection for a storm sewage system device emerged to get rid of a long-standing trouble through ponding water close to the intersection of two roadways on the southern side of the city.

City of New Philadelphia, Ohio

Deauthorize, engineering, building layout and also inspection for a storm sewer mechanism arisen to eliminate a long-standing difficulty via ponding water close to the intersection of two highways on the south side of the city.

City of New Philadelphia

New fire station developed on a 1-acre website. Project featured 6 bore holes, dynamic cone penetration trial and error and nuclear gauge testing in the time of project building. The entire job was designed and constructed in four months.

Sugartree Condominiums

Design, preparation of construction plans, and also preparation of final condominium filing files for a 4-unit condominium project situated on a 1.7-acre website.

Lockport Station Condominiums

Design, preparation of building plans, and also preparation of final condo filing files for a 14-unit condo development located on a 3-acre website.

Eastport Landings

Deauthorize, preparation of building and construction plans, and preparation of final condo filing files for a 31-unit advance positioned on a 6.5-acre site.

Stoneridge Land also Co.

Surveying, mapping and also preparation of website breakthrough for a 40-unit uprange residential development on 200 acres of land.

Georgeview Eclaims Subdivision

Surveying, planning, design and also building and construction document preparation for the sewers, water and also paving compelled to service the 100-lot development.

Dayton Healthcare Investors, Dayton Senior Care

ALTA-ACSM land title survey of Friendship Village. DEI utilized a mix of digital orthophotography, GPS and also conventional surveying technologies to map the 29-acre retirement village, consisting of a 3.6-acre, multi-story aided treatment facility and also 38 duplex living devices.

Bankfirst, Dayton Healthcare Investors, Dayton Senior Care, Covington

ALTA-ACSM survey of Friendship Village, an office/residential facility and also planned unit development project.

NAPA Auto Parts

As component of a 3.5-acre expansion to a commercial shopping plaza, Diversified Engineering gave the surveying, mapping and style solutions for the building of a 9,500 sq. ft. NAPA Auto Parts Store valued at about $500,000. Professional services contained structure architecture and site planning, lighting and also electric style, building and construction plans and also specifications, and building monitoring services.

Wallresidence Coffee

As part of a 3.5 acre expansion to a commercial shopping plaza, Diversified Engineering gave the surveying, mapping and architecture solutions for the construction of a 2,558 sq. ft. coffeehome. Professional solutions had structure design, website planning, lighting and electrical design, construction plans and also specifications, and also building management services.

Sugarcreek Shopping Center

As component of a 2.5 acre commercial shopping plaza, Diversified Engineering provided the surveying, mapping and style services for the building and construction of an 11,000 sq. ft. shopping facility. Professional solutions had structure style, website planning, lighting and also electrical design, construction plans and also specifications.

Foltz-Martin LLC

ALTA-ACSM survey of a former Tarobtain store situated on a 15-acre parcel, positioned in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio.Subsequent to the completion of the survey, DEI has functioned with the owner to subdivide the website to create 3 additional sites for a bank and two restaurants.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

ALTA-ACSM survey of a previous Wal-Mart situated on a 9.2366-acre parcel, situated in Warren County.

Oak Shadows Subdivision

Surveying, planning, design and building and construction record preparation for the sewers, water and paving renovations forced to company the 81 lots in a 67.7-acre single-family advance.

KMC Properties Company, LLC

Preparation of boundary and also topographic maps, ALTA-ACSM title surveys, grading and website utility plans, storm water retention administration arrangement and also building layout staking for a 127,000 sq. ft. production facility situated on an extremely level 50-acre website that boundaries safeguarded wetlands.

Republic Services of Ohio

ALTA-ACSM survey of a previous commercial plant currently being used as a solid waste transport station. The survey involved the retracement of a portion of 3 unenhanced subdepartments located in the commercial area of Canton. Huge sections of the location had actually been razed, obliterating homes as well as original survey monumentation.


ALTA-ACSM land title survey of the 50-plus-acre Prologis Park Industrial Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Due to the proximity of structures and mature trees which precluded the usage of GENERAL PRACTITIONERS approaches, the task was completed making use of typical ground surveying modern technology.

Caito Foods Service, Inc.

Surveying, mapping and preparation of site development plans for a 10 million dollar 101,000 sq. ft. cold-storage produce facility.

North Star Metals

Electrical system architecture for a 27,000 square foot commercial building on a 9.8-acre website, as well as mapping and style solutions for the proposed onsite wastewater treatment and disposal facility.

Skyline Corporation

Deauthorize, design, EPA submittals and approvals for 3 lift stations and a new sanitary pressure main to get rid of a tiny package wastewater therapy mechanism and also move the sewer to the municipality’s sanitary sewer device.

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