Difference Between Chemistry And Physics

Regardless of whether my students are from the IP track, IB track, or regular Express track, I will constantly ask the exact same question in the time of my initially lesson via them.

“What is the distinction between Physics, Chemistry and also Biology?”

Blank deals with, every time.

If you don’t recognize the difference in between Physics, Chemistry and also Biology, you are not alone. It’s not commonly correctly described, because once you’re in Secondary 1 & 2, it’s not necessary. You need to examine every one of it, anyway. It’s just in Secondary 3 & 4 when it matters, bereason you’ll need to choose whether you’d like to carry out pure sciences or not, and which scientific researches you’d choose to carry out. The expectation is that when you need to make an option, you have to currently have figured out what each of the scientific researches is about.

And probably, you’ll have some vague concept already.

I’d favor to readjust that. I’d like you to recognize what you’re examining, and exactly how it is pertinent to the people about you. I’d prefer you to figure out what you could like to seek, in relation to what you could prefer to perform later on. Even if it has actually nothing to perform with your future, you can’t run amethod from studying scientific research just yet, so why not spend your time on something you’d have actually even more interest in?

So, let’s obtain dvery own to it, shall we?

What Is Physics?

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Physics originates from the Greek word φυσική (pronounced physikḗ), which means ‘understanding of nature’. It is the study of 2 things: issue and energy, and also whatever tbelow is to do through them.

With matter, we research the activity (movement) of matter via area and time.With power, we study what happens once power is applied to an object.

This is, of course, a simplified definition. Physics encompasses so much even more, including astronomy, atomic and also nuclear physics, the theory of relativity, gravity, and so on. Whatever before you check out happening around you, that has anypoint to execute through issue, and also energy, that’s physics. The way you walk, as soon as you flip a switch and also the lights come on, as soon as you aim a basketball, when you warmth up a bowl of seaweed chicken in a microwave oven, also when you ride a bicycle – all these things happen in the means they carry out because Physics.

What is Chemistry?


Chemistry is the examine of matter and also power (wait – does this sound familiar?), the properties of matter, exactly how issue can combine or sepaprice to develop different substances (via different properties), and also exactly how matter interacts via the application of power.

Chemistry have the right to be separation further right into 5 different branches:

Analytical Chemistry, in which you usage qualitatively and also quantitatively measure and recognize the physical and also chemical properties of all substances via observation.

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Physical Chemistry, in which you incorporate the study of Physics and also Chemistry together to study how issue and energy communicate through each various other. Examples of Physical Chemistry is the research of thermodynamics, and also quantum mechanics.Organic Chemisattempt, in which you specifically only research about compounds that contain the element Carbon. Organic chemistry is likewise well-known as the “Chemistry of Life” bereason all molecules that consist of living tconcern have Carbon as part of their consist of. Inorganic Chemistry, in which you study steels and also gases that carry out not have actually carbon as part of their make up (in other words, whatever else). Biochemistry, in which you integrate the examine of Biology and also Chemistry together, to study the chemical processes that occur within living things.

(Source: LiveScience)

What is Biology?

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Biology is the research of living things. As lengthy as life is involved, it comes under biology. Biology requires explaining facets of living things, readjust in living points, also death. It investigations the evolution of living things, and also exactly how living things communicate through their setting. This is because no living point exists in isolation from their setting.

The examine of Biology includes: pet behaviour, biochemistry, bioinnovation, ecological ecology, genes, marine biology, and also even food and also drink safety and security.


So, tright here you have actually it. The three branches of scientific research.

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You might have actually noticed, by this suggest, that tright here are so many overlaps in between the scientific researches, and also that’s simply how life works. Nopoint is so cleanly split. After all, via each of the branches, we examine an additional element of life, and what happens roughly us.

Some things are apparent – we take one look, and we have the right to view it. If I push a sphere, it moves. The harder I press it, the better it moves. If the ball is as well hefty, I could not be able to relocate it at all.

Some things deserve to be theorized, however we have actually not yet uncovered a way to prove it – there’s still so a lot to learn around quantum physics.

Some points we never believed possible are being prstove feasible in incredibly tangible method. For instance, supercooled helium, and also how it defies gravity.

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I hope this helps you to much better understand what you are, have been, or will be studying in your Science course from Secondary 1 to Secondary 2, and I hope it helps you to make an extra informed choice.

If you have any further concerns around this topic, or if you’d like to talk about what choice you’d choose to make, based upon your interests, feel free to contact me or attach with me by means of Facebook.