Delta mechanical water heater

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Home Depot Water heater Installation Contractor...Unfortunitially...because I've had actually excellent experiences via Home Depot contractors before. This contractor has a "Bait & Switch" sales process. After picking a product via a ptimber at Home Depot that would certainly rearea my existing WH, the salesguy tried to up-offer me a different WH and once I sassist no, they were going to charge me a "$75 "Piping Fee" for...

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d If you need a water heater from Home Depot, then you're going to have to go via Delta Mechanical. That's most power for one contractor. With power comes arrogance and also this customer obtained a watercraft pack of it now. Please be conscious that the quotes that you are provided from Home Depot/ Delta Mechanical in the morning can not be the same if you contact in the afternoon. I proficient exemption...Read more

Description of Work Delta Mechanical is the plumbing contractor for Home Depot to install warm water heater. I was interested in installing a tankless/on-demand also warm water heater in area of my traditional electric warm water heater. My conventional water heater is situated in a panattempt in the kitchen around 20 ft. from the fusage box. The electrician told me to string a sufficiently high wattage line to the existing area would be prohibitive making any kind of savings of the heater negligible or non-existent. I wanted to know if the hot water heater might be relocated. Without knowing my conperform layout, Delta Mechanical flatly told me it was not possible. Upon asking them to come look at my situation, I was told I would be charged $35 non-refundable non-applicable to an installation. Home Depot told me Delta was mandated by their contract to provide a totally free estimate. After several phone calls and also obtaining Home Depot's manager connected, Delta condescfinished to come take a look. The business male who can had a unique "chip on his shoulder" once he rang my door bell. Even if his response would have been affirmative, I doubt I would certainly have gone through that agency. The mindset of this company is they are doing the customer a favor quite than a organization. Seems to me that in this economic climate, resulting in customer or potential customer to be rebuffed is an affront.