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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

Accredited by ABET.

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering (BSMFE) regime is Acattributed by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET,

Equip yourself to equip industry

The research of manufacturing design at takes you to the forefront of sector and the manufacturing of goods that advantage society. You learn to use design ethics in the design of commodities and also processes, equipping yourself for a lucrative career in almost any kind of manufacturing enterpincrease you pick.

Manufacturing engineering requires advanced math abilities in calculus and also differential equations. Oral and also written interaction skills are important, as well. See all course needs for"s baccalaureate level in manufacturing engineering.

For an engineering-connected study of production that is less math-extensive, think about advanced production or industrial supervision. Both emphasize hands-on abilities in the practical application of devices and also units.

The initially and also just baccalaureate level routine for manufacturing engineering in Indiana—and one of just 25 in the U.S.

Put your hands to job-related external the classroom.

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Your participation in student chapters of experienced design cultures prepares you to make the leap from classroom to career.

SAE Baja difficulties you to style and assemble a commercially feasible prototype for an all-terrain vehicle—and also put it to the test against rivals.In the Solar Splash, you and fellow students develop a solar-powered electric watercraft and complete in a regatta through groups from across North America.

Engineering faculty encourage your finest - and support you in and also exterior the classroom.

You are taught by design professors (not by assistants) in the classroom and also laboratory. Many come from effective careers in industry—an included benefit for you to learn from their handy know-exactly how.

Smaller classes (generally 24 students or fewer) and an open-door plan make it easy for you to communicate through instructors. Meet our engineering faculty.

Do you plan to study manufacturing engineering?

Find out if provides an excellent fit for your future. Ask our faculty a question or schedule a visit to campus.