"Engaging via the other REU students let me affix through new friends and budding scientists that would have otherwise been unmost likely." ~ Previous REU Student


As component of the CU Boulder REU Physics regimen, students gain to live through various other REU participants in one of CU"s many dorms located appropriate on campus!

Estimated Houtilizing Costs*

Double Room - $2,001Single Room - $2,415

The REU regimen gives $2000 of room and board costs in addition to travel reimbursement and also a stipend. Costs over this amount should be covered by the participants.

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*Estimated 2017 summer dorm prices for entire duration of regime.

Meal Plan

All students will certainly be offered a 120 block meal setup which have the right to be provided at the complying with Dining Centers, when open: C4C, Alferd Packer Grill and the SEEC Building.

Costs*: 120 Meals Total - Cost per meal: $6.19 - total: $743

*Estimated 2017 summer meal plan expenses for whole duration of program

Experiencing Boulder

Boulder, CO is a vibrant tvery own located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Its climate is modeprice through all four seasons and also warm summer; temperatures averaging 80 degrees in June and also July with occasional thunderstorms. Boulder is an energetic and also lively area and also tright here is no shortage of things to execute. Students participating in the CU REU Program are encouraged to take advantage of the many kind of methods to explore the social and eco-friendly tasks in the Boulder area.

In Boulder

Flat Irons & Chautauqua ParkWithin a bus ride or a walk from CU"s campus is an outdoor recreational location with plenty of hiking trails and also rock climbing.

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Pearl St. & DowntownPearl St is the major street of Boulder, there are many type of great dining and shopping choices and also it is recognized for its various street performers.



Alengthy through all the other good things Boulder and also the bordering location have to sell, in previous years, the CU REU cohort has actually generally taken a guided rafting pilgrimage throughout the summer.

Front Range

Boulder has actually the appropriate place and also easy accessibility to many type of of"s good cities and also the Rocky Mountains via the consumption of the RTD bus mechanism. You will certainly have accessibility to:

Downtvery own Denver


Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

Getting to CU


Boulder and also the front variety have a trusted and straightforward to use bus device known as the RTD for intercity take a trip. Within Boulder itself, there is the Boulder bus system that makes obtaining roughly tvery own quick and basic.


Getting to the CU campus from the Denver International Airport is simple on the RTD and also only prices $13 for a one-method trip.


Discover More

Flatirons and also Chautauqua ParkRocky Mountain National ParkPearl Street and also Downtown BoulderRTD and Boulder Bus System