Conceptual Physics Paul Hewitt Pdf

Book Preface

Conceptual Physics is an extremely individual book, reflected in its many kind of photographs of family members and friends, who overlap through colleagues and friends global. Many type of of these world are figured out in chapter-opening photos, and via some exceptions I’ll not repeat their names here. Family and friends whose photos are Part Openers, yet, are noted below. We begin on web page 1, where great-nephew Evan Suchocki (pronounced “su-hock-ee” with a silent c) holds a pet chickie on my lap.

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Part One opens up on web page 19 through Charlotte Ackerguy, the daughter of friends Duane Ackerman and also Ellen Hum. Part Two opens through Andrea Wu (likewise on pages 131 and also 492), daughter of my frifinish in Hawaii, Chiu Man Wu (page 322). Part Three opens up on web page 244 with four-year-old Francesco Ming Giovannuzzi from Florence, Italy, grandchild of friends Keith and also Tsing Bardin (web page 245). Part Four on web page 355 mirrors Abby Dijamco, daughter of my last CCSF teaching assistant, dentist Stella Dijamco. In Part Five, on page 405, is my granddaughter Megan, daughter of Leslie and Bob Abrams. Part Six, web page 485, opens up through Lillian’s nephew, Christopher Lee. Part Salso, web page 452, reflects William Davis, boy of friends Alan and Fe Davis. My granddaughter Grace Hewitt begins Part Eight on web page 657.

City College of San Francisco friends and also colleagues open several chapters and are called tright here. Photos that are figures incorporate Will Maynez, the designer and builder of the air track shown on web page 100, and again burning a peanut on web page 298. Diana Lininger Markham is shown on pperiods 29 and 159. Fred Cauthen drops balls on web page 127. Physics instructor friends from various other colleges and also universities incorporate Evan Jones playing via Bernoulli on page 264 and showing LED lighting on web page 573. Egypt’s Mona El Tawil-Nassar adjusts capacitor plates on web page 423. Sanjay Rebello from Kansas State University, Manhattan, is displayed on web page 138. Hawaii’s Walter Steiger is on web page 627. Chuck Stamong Colorado School of Mines, Golden, mirrors an energy ramp on page 185.

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Physics high institution teacher friends incorporate reworn down Marshall Ellenstein, that swings the water-filled bucket on page 146, walks barefoot on broken glass on page 263, and also poses with Rictough Feynmale on web page 544. Other physics teachers from Illinois are Ann Brandon, riding on a cushion of air on web page 268, and Tom Senior, making music on page 403.

Family photos start through wife Lillian and me, showing that you cannot touch without being touched on page 81. Another updated photo that web links touching to Newton’s third legislation mirrors my brvarious other Stephen via his daughter Gretchen on page 87. Stephen’s boy Travis is on page 154, and also his earliest daughter Stephanie on pages 230, 543, and 686. My child Paul is presented on pperiods 305 and also 340. Daughter-in-law Ludmila Hewitt holds crossed Polaroids on web page 556. The endearing girl on page 215 is my daughter Leslie Abrams, earth-science coauthor of the Conceptual Physical Science textpublications. This colorized photo of Leslie has been a tradenote of Conceptual Physics since the Third Edition. An even more recent photo with her husband Bob is on page 486. Their kids, Megan and also Emily (web page 554), together with boy Paul’s kids, Alex (page 90) and Grace (page 391), consist of the vivid set of photos on page 510. Photos of my late son James are on peras 150, 394, and also 536. He left me my initially grandchild, Manuel, checked out on pages 234 and also 383. Manuel’s grandmommy, my wife Millie, that passed away in 2004, bravely holds her hand also above the energetic press cooker on web page 306. Brvarious other David and his wife Barbara demonstrate atmospheric pressure on page 269. Their kid, additionally David, an electrician, is on page 445, and grandkid John Perry Hewitt is on page 276. Sister Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki, author and emeritus theologian at Claremont School of Theology, illustprices reflection on web page 522. Marjorie’s child, John Suchocki, author of Conceptual Chemistry, 5th Edition, and chemistry coauthor of the Conceptual Physical Science textpublications, is additionally a singer-songwriter, recognized as John Andrew; he strums his guitar on web page 472. The team listening to music on page 399 is component of John’s and Tracy’s wedding party: from left to ideal, late Butch Orr, niece Cathy Candler (web page 136 and her son Garth Orr on page 226), bride and also groom, niece Joan Lucas (page 39), sister Marjorie, Tracy’s parents Sharon and also David Hoplumber, teachers Kellie Dippel and also Mark Werkmeister, and also me.

Photos of Lillian’s household include her dad (my father-in-law), Wai Tsan Lee, reflecting magnetic induction on page 457, and also her mother (my mother-in-law), Siu Bik Lee, making excellent use of solar power on web page 315. My nephew and niece, Erik and Alliboy Wong, drastically show thermodynamics on page 346. Personal friends who were my former students begin with Tenny Lim, a rocket engineer at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, illustration her bow on page 115. This photo has actually appeared in every book given that the Sixth Edition. She is viewed with her husband also Mark Clark on Segmeans on page 144. Anvarious other of my protégés is rocketscientist Helen Yan, who is connected in satellite imaging sensoring for Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, in addition to teaching physics part-time at CCSF (page 121), and also aget posing through Richard Feynman and Marshall Ellenstein on web page 544. On page 150 Cliff Braun is at the much left of my child James in Figure 8.50, with nephew Robert Baruffaldi at the much right. Alexei Cogan demonstrates the facility of gravity on web page 143, and also the kaprice gal on web page 95 is Cassy Cosme.