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For non-science majors physics courses.

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A compelling concept-based method to physics, for non-scientific research majorsSince defining this course 30 years earlier, Paul Hewitt"s best-offering message proceeds as the benchnote through which all others are judged. In Conceptual Physics, Paul Hewitt integrates a compelling message to make physics exciting, understandable, and also relevant for non-science majors. Hewitt"s text is guided by the principle of "principles before calculations" and also is well known for engaging students through analogies and also imagery from the actual world that build a strong conceptual expertise of physical principles, varying from classical mechanics to contemporary physics.

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Make physics delightfulNEW - Updated applications are available for digital modern technology, atmosphere, and energy. These topics are at the forefront of everyone's consciousness these days, and an intelligent awareness of their scientific foundations will give rise to better decision making in the political arena.NEW - A new interior design provides an attractive, fresh, and accessible new look, updating a classic text to be even more student friendly.An extensive full-color figure and photo program includes the author's hallmark cartoons, which are both approachable and informative.Fun and easy-to-perform projects involve students in the scientific process of exploration and observation.Insight boxes provide short snippets of information about how topics in the text relate to real-life situations, experiments, and other parts of the book.Enhanced coverage of topics in energy and environment are included and help to keep students aware of current occasions.Build a strong conceptual understanding of physicsNEW - Revised End-of-Chapter sections fit Bloom's Taxonomy. All end-of-chapter material has been rearranged and revised as needed to fit into Bloom's taxonomy categories.All sections are now numbered to allow for more instructor flexibility in assigning class material.Check Yourself and Check Your Answer boxes embedded within the text help students gauge their level of understanding of the material just covered.Practicing Physics boxes allow students to work through a problem or experiment based on the material covered in each chapter.A wide variety of problems are provided at the end of each chapter.Conceptual Ranking end-of-chapter exercises help students master important concepts.Multiple-choice Practice Exams at the end of each part enable the student to assess their grasp of the material they just learned.Benefits of creating a eText courseShare highlights and notes with students. Add your personal teaching style to important topics, call out need-to-know information, or clarify difficult concepts directly in the eText.Access reading analytics. Use the dashboard to gain insight into how students are working in their eText to plan more effective instruction in and out of class.Schedule readings. Add due dates so that students know exactly what to read to come to class prepared.UPDATED - Read online or offline. Download the mobile app to read wherever life takes you, even offline. The app is available on the App Store® and Google Play Store.Integrate with your LMS. Get up and running quickly on the first day of class. LMS integration provides institutions, instructors, and students with single sign-on access to eText via Blackboard Discover, Canvas, Brightspace® by D2L®, and Moodle. Note: If you integrate eText with your LMS, students must redeem or purchase access through the LMS.NEW - Listen and learn. Play the full eText audiobook on the go or at house. (Available with select titles.)Engage learners with compelling media. Videos and animations bring key concepts to life, helping students place what they are reading into context. (Available with select titles.)UPDATED - Let students check their understanding. Flashcards help students review key terms and principles. Students can use pre-built flashcards or create their own to study how they choose. (Available with select titles.)">