Computer Engineering Internships For College Freshmen

Whenever before our career advisors meet via first and second Years, students often desire to recognize if employers hire 1st and 2nd Years as interns (and also if not, just how perform other Engineers spend their summers). Let"s evaluation numerous summer programs designed particularly for you, together with added ideas for just how to spfinish your summers.

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Do employers hire 1st and 2nd Year Engineers?


Some employers hire first Years as interns, but a lot of favor to hire 3rd Year students (and also many type of hire second Years as well) as they’ve completed even more coursework, which is regularly appropriate to the job.

If you’d choose to explore internship opportunities for Summer 2021:

For upcoming career fairs, watch the list of employers and also select your School Year to check out a list of employers that expressed an interest in connecting via first Years or 2nd Years.Talk to household, friends, professors, and also mentors you currently recognize (i.e., your network) about your interests and objectives. Upday them as your interests and also purposes evolve. They might be able to refer you to people in their netfunctions whose carriers hire interns. Learn even more about netfunctioning, which is a common method underclassmen have actually reported finding an internship.

Internships & Opportunities for 1st and 2nd Year Engineers


Tech internships and also opportunities

Explore Microsoft Opened Aug. 17thExplore Microsoft is a 12-week summer internship routine specifically designed for first and 2nd Year students and gives the opportunity to endure the major phases of the product breakthrough cycle: Design, Build and also Quality.

Twitter AcademyDue Oct. 13 (recruiting at Grace Hopper, SHEP and NSBE conferences)Twitter Academy is a passist 12-week summer internship program designed for second-year students interested in obtaining manual and real-life endure in the technology industry. This regimen is for historically underrepresented (black, Latinx and/or Native American) students in Tech.

Google STEP InternDue Oct. 28STEP is an internship for 1st and also 2nd Year undergraduate students through a passion for Computer Science.

Facebook UniversityDue Oct. 7Facebook University (FBU) for Engineers is a passist eight-week training regime designed to administer mobile development endure to present first and also second Year students who are historically under-represented in computer system scientific research.

Amazon Future EngineersApplication opens in NovemberOur software program development internship regimen gives hands-on finding out and structure experiences for college freshmales and also sophomores who are making an early commitment to computer science.

Palantir PathPalantir Path is an internship for sophomores and juniors who are early in their journeys as technologists. Path intends to aid students bridge the gap in between what you learn in college and what’s necessary to resolve the genuine world’s ambiguous, facility difficulties.

Civic Digital Fellowship Civic Digital Fellows are mission-driven software designers, information researchers, product supervisors, and also designers who spend their summers innovating at the intersection of innovation and public business.As a Other, you’ll get a $4,000+ stipfinish, real estate, and take a trip to and from Washington, D.C. The nation’s funding will certainly be your residence for 10 weeks—from the initially week of June till mid-August.Fellows have to be UNITED STATE citizens (as a result of federal hiring regulations), enrolled full time in an accredited college of better education and should be returning to institution after the internship.

Google Summer of Code (Open Source Projects)Application opens up March 29, 2021 for Summer ‘21Students contact institutions they want to work-related via and compose up a task proposal for the summer. If embraced, students spend a month integrating with their organizations before the start of coding. Students then have actually 3 months to code, meeting the deadlines agreed upon through their mentors.

Code2040 Fellow ProgramDeadline Summer the year priorThe Fellows Program is an extensive career accelerator for Babsence and also Latinx college and also graduate-level computer science students. For 9 weeks between June and August, you’ll intern at a optimal tech agency and engage in racial equity advocacy job-related. You’ll get involved in a series of learning experiences designed to provide you the tools and also resources you should navigate the tech market, build a lasting career, and advocate for yourself and also your area.

OutReachyDeadlines: Summer internship (late Feb), Winter internship (late Sept)Outreachy is a phelp, remote internship program. Outreachy"s goal is to support world from groups understood for in technology. We aid newcomers to free software and open resource make their initially contributions. Interns are phelp a stipend of $5,500 USD for the 3 month internship. Interns have actually a $500 USD travel stipend to attend conferences or occasions.

Further programs for first and 2nd Years

Deloitte Programs and ConferencesDeloitte uses multiple avenues to acquire endure and learn even more around the organization.

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Accenture Student Empowerment ProgramThis multi-year, career advancement regimen brings together first and also 2nd Year female students and those students from ethnically varied backgrounds.

Capital One SummitsMore details available in FebruaryCapital One hosts miscellaneous summits for 1st and/or second Year students, including ones for Developing Leaders, Software, Women in Company, Finance, and Human being Reresources. Contact our team and we"ll attach you through a recruiter from Capital One to learn more around the timelines for summits.

Pathmeans Internship Program Deadlines varyFind Out around federal internships and opportunities for students of all years.

Republic STEM Indusattempt Internship ProgramApplications open up and also ongoingCSIIP connects STEM students to paid summer opportunities through suppliers in The regimen calls for that students have completed at leastern 30 credits before the internship starts.

UVA IGem Deadline: Oct. 13 2020We are a student-run study team and also fabricated biology interemainder group. Eincredibly year, we choose a brand-new team from our pool of applicants; those applicants will participate in the International Genetic Machine competition via Spring semester, Summer and Fall. Team members work together to find troubles that deserve to be solved making use of artificial biology, architecture and remedies to those troubles, and also implement useful prototypes of those options that will be presented in October throughout the iGEM Conference in Boston.

P&G Consumer and Market Knowledge: Analytics & Insights Emerging Leaders CampThe Standout Program is designed to give students immersive experiences in a society where diverse backgrounds, experiences, and methods of thinking are valued and contained to make a systematic affect from Day 1. Our desire is to have a diverse team of peak candidays for this program. Underrepresented students consisting of, however not restricted to, female and/or Black or African-Amerihave the right to, Hispanic/Latino, Eastern, Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, or two or even more races are strongly motivated to use.

Raytheon Electrical Summer Internship for Freshmen/SophomoreRaytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) has actually an Electrical Electrical Technology Internship easily accessible within our Hardware and Infraframework (HWI) Production team located in Indianapolis, IN. This place is for a student who will occupational together electrical engineers and also various other design self-controls on a selection of work related to the manufacturing and also repair of army tools. The ideal candidate should have actually wonderful academic credentials and also suffer in working in a team atmosphere, and terrific interpersonal skills

Opportunities for second Years

Citifinancial institution Sophomore Leadership ProgramDeadline: Friday, Oct. 9Citi"s Sophoeven more Leadership Program was developed to administer outstanding sophoeven more students with a ten-week summer internship in New York City. The regimen will certainly market interns training; mentorship and expocertain to various Institutional Clients Group (ICG) businesses throughout the internship.

Crmodify Suisse Sophoeven more Internship Join us as an intern and also you’ll learn, prosper and add to among the world"s leading financial carriers. We sell programs worldwide and also in practically every business location. All of our programs integrate outstanding training via real-civilization work suffer.

Bank of America Sophomore Summer Analyst ProgramDeadline: Oct. 1 2020As a sophoeven more summer analyst, you will certainly be supported via substantial training and also exposure to our a lot of experienced leaders throughout this regime. Your function throughout the internship will certainly carry out you via a valuable analytical based job-related endure concentrated on the financial markets that will give you true understanding into life as an investment banker or sectors skilled. You will likewise have the assistance of a mentor and buddy that can help you navigate the workplace and also encertain you are ideal positioned for success.

Abercombie & Fitch Sophoeven more Summit (Spring 2021)Rolling applicationsThe Sophoeven more Summit gives a distinctive chance to discover a variety of internships and full-time career paths in corporate retail at A&F Co.; it invites students from throughout the country to learn around our organization, hear from former interns, connect via agency leaders and also team up to complete a hands-on instance examine that brings our functions to life.

P&G Sales Sophoeven more Standout Emerging Leaders InternshipAt our Standout Emerging Leader occasion, you"ll learn around exactly how P&G consults via its partners to construct joint business plans for our retail customers. From Day 1, our strategic offering specialists lead in-market tactics across multiple categories and brands. You"ll experience firsthand also just how our marketing groups form this strategy by illustration on creative and analytical insights. Our objective is to position our Company, our Customers, and also our Shoppers to win.

Federal Reserve Bank of NY Sophomore Career Exploration InternshipDeadline: beforehand FallOver the course of the 8-week Sophoeven more Career Exploration Program, interns will certainly develop individual and professional skills to assistance their success in the workpressure. In enhancement to their daily obligations, interns will certainly suffer a cohort-design of learning, while receiving a mentor pairing through an extra knowledgeable professional at the New York Fed. They will certainly additionally have actually the chance to learn more about and be considered for the junior-level intern regimen for climbing seniors which serves as a recruitment pipeline for the New York Fed’s entry-level hiring.

AllianceBernstein Sophoeven more Summer Leadership ProgramThis regimen is for undergraduate students that have properly completed their sophoeven more year of college. It"s designed to carry out firsthand also exposure to careers in finance to a pick team of students from underrepresented populations (womales, civilization of shade, LGBTQ). The nine-week, paid internship regime contains one week of training, and rotations with two various departments. Each project-based assignment lasts 4 weeks. This regime runs from June through August.

Additional methods to acquire experience

If these programs aren"t the right fit for you, or you"d like to learn around summer research study and various other smart methods to spfinish your summer, check out our tips on other means to gain endure.

When you"re all set, make an appointment via among our career advisors to chat around your summer plans!