Combustion Engineering’s facility in Chattanooga was enormous. It occupied many type of acres close to the foot of Lookout Mountain, mainly running along in between the Tennescheck out River and also Riverside Drive.

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River access was important to the CE facility in Chattanooga bereason it produced wind turbines, reactor vessels, and also other big pieces of power-generating tools. When completed, these pieces of equipment had to be transported to their ultimate destination by barge. General Electric (GE), Westingresidence, the Tennessee Valley Authority and also the U.S. Navy were some of the customers for CE’s Chattanooga facility.

At its optimal in 1976, Combustion Engineering employed over 5,700 employees in Chattanooga. Many kind of of those workers were members of either the Boilerequipments union or the Machinists union. CE additionally provided the services of outside builders on many type of occasions, which lugged many type of various other tradesmen or craftsmen, including insulators, onto the website.

Many kind of creates of asbestos and asbestos-containing assets were supplied in, on or roughly these pieces of power-generating devices as soon as they were being made at CE’s facility in Chattanooga. As a result, CE employees of exterior building contractors who worked at CE and also, unfortunately, also the family members of those individuals are at an raised threat of emerging mesothelioma, lung cancer and also other asbestos-related illness.


If you or a loved one worked at Combustion Engineering and also developed an asbestos-related condition, an attorney can help you bring a insurance claim. These clintends are facility, but an experienced asbestos lawyer can assist you with the procedure of bringing a case and seeking justice for the harmful poisonous exposure.

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At the regulation firm of Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, our attorneys have been helping clients via asbestos-connected legal claims given that the 1970s. We have the right to help you through eincredibly element of your claim and administer you via the assistance you need.

Asbestos At The Chattanooga CE Facility

Besides the large power-generating equipment made in Chattanooga, the Combustion Engineering agency as a whole additionally made products for numerous various other sectors, consisting of the building sector. The company manufactured over 30 assets that contained asbestos, including:

CementAdhesiveRopeProtective coatingInsulationJoint material

Asbestos pshort articles are tiny, and they deserve to puncture the mesothelial cells in the lungs and also other internal organs. With time, this have the right to bring about irritation that creates into mesothelioma, lung cancer and various other asbestos-related diseases.

It deserve to take 15, 20 or also 40 years for symptoms to show up after exposure. However before, also after all this time, you still have a appropriate to compensation from the injuries you have actually experienced. Our attorneys will aid clients who have emerged major injuries bereason of asbestos exposure. We likewise represent households that have actually shed loved ones because of asbestos expocertain while working at Combustion Engineering and other infrastructure across Tenneswatch.

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