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We offer 24-Hour Pipes Services for all your Plumbing and Drain Repairs, Replacements and also Preventative Maintenance Needs. Contact our company line at 800-677-0833.

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We have actually offered CAD solutions for the last 25 years, through 3D CAD being readily available the last 15 years. We stay on the leading edge of BIM technology and also have actually completely integrated Coastal Mechanical solutions to follow the design industry criteria and also innovations.


We specialize in HVAC, piping, plumbing for commercial, industrial and also institutional industries. We have actually extensive endure in Healthtreatment, Life Sciences, Education, Hospitality, and also Government.




Careers via Coastal

Coastal Mechanical Services, LLC supports, and also is committed to the principle of Equal Employment Opportunity.
What provides you stay? “A feeling of belonging and also loyalty. I’m proud of the company and I favor watching it flourish. And watching/helping construct up and coming tradesguys.”
What provides you stay? “Stable company, excellent pay and also benefits. Not many microregulating. Flexibility and also the possibility to succeed.”
What provides you stay? “Opportunity for advance, I’ve been relocating up because I obtained below. Competitive pay and also I like the guys I work with.”
What provides you stay? “Basically, because they have constantly awarded efforts and offered opportunities. You get to create your very own destiny at Coastal. And the people.”
What provides you stay? “I’m being treated fairly. I couldn’t imagine a far better fit President for Coastal. I reap the world I occupational with and also love what I execute.”
Employee Spotlight – Miles Shipp

Miles Shipp started with Coastal Mechanical in November 2019 as field superintendent. Miles has actually not only prstove himself as a really good superintendent and asset to the firm, however likewise as a perboy you deserve to count on any type of time. He will perform whatever it takes to get the project completed, even cancelling weekfinish plans doing what he loves a lot of, spending time on his watercraft fishing and cigarette smoking a cigar through friends. He leads by instance and sets a high standard for his crew. He is a team player and expects his team to carry out the very same. Thanks Miles for all the initiative you put in your job, it does not go unnoticed.

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-Steve Welty, General Superintendent South Florida


Jeff Geiger has dedicated over 35 years to Coastal Mechanical Services. He is a graduate of our 4-year Apprentice program. He has actually hosted assorted positions of duty including Journeyguy, Foreguy, Superintendent, Project Manager, Branch Manager and also VP of Operations. Furthermore, over his Coastal career, he has completed Rollins College Mini-MBA regimen, Purdue"s ABC Project Manager routine, MCAA"s Institute for Project Managers and also holds a State Certified Plumbing Contractor"s License. In his totally free time, he is a timeless auto buff, he enjoys spfinishing time through family members, boating, fishing, and also anything outdoors. Throughout his tenure at Coastal he has been rigorous and important in prospering the company from what was when $1M a year in revenue to over $90M each year.


Brian is a 3rd Generation Plumber/ Pipe Fitter and also joined the Coastal Team in 2010. Brian started as an Apprentice and by his 3rd year, was promoted to Superintendent. He has actually worked as an Estimator, Project Manager, Operation Manager-Special Projects, Chief Estimator and onto his current duty of VP Estimating/Company Advancement. With his passion and also commitment to think exterior standard means and also methods, this has actually enabled the Coastal Team to constantly be one step ahead of the competition and provide owner"s the ideal top quality at the lowest price. Brian enjoys spfinishing time with his family members and also sharing outdoor adventures like boating, fishing, and traveling.


Chandler ("Chan") Gingras joined Coastal Mechanical in 2013. Chandler is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Business Administration and has over twenty-5 years of suffer through building and construction accounting. He has actually worked as a controller/CFO for a basic contractor, engineering firm, and for subbuilding contractors. Chandler"s suffer consists of time through both public and also private service providers in the building and construction sector. In his cost-free time, he enjoys golf, and is a gun and guitar enthusiast. Being a Florida Gator fan goes without saying, yet of course we will certainly say it anymeans.Go Gators!

Coastal Wins Excellence in Construction Award

Congratulations to the West Coast team, and those who operated on the Mulrennan Center School Project! They were awarded an ABC Gulf Coast Excellence in Construction Eagle award. The criteria consists of safety, complexity, and development.

Coastal Awarded Platinum Status for Safety

Coastal has actually been welcomed into ABC’s STEP regimen and also has received PLATINUM Status!The condition ranmonarchs are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and also Diamond. Starting in 1989 as a security benchnoting and also advancement tool, STEP has now developed right into a world-class safety administration device that dramati...

ibuildcentralflorida, a wonderful organization whose mission is to promote building trades and also readjust the stigma regarded technological colleges and functioning in the building and construction industry. This previous weekend we were fortunate enough to participate in the iBuild...