Civil Engineering Resume Example

Picture your new office. It"s got a drafting table monitor, a Herman Miller chair, and also a 9-foot poster of Alan Voorhees. In that office, you fix fun, enormous puzzles that help millions.

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300 other applicants applied for the task. You acquired it. How?

Your civil engineering resume made you look like Elon Musk through an ASCE pin.

Civil engineers are trusted with life and limb. Your engineering resume should prove your worth without a solitary microcrack.

This guide will display you:

A civil design resume example better than 9 out of 10 various other resumes.How to compose a civil engineer resume that lands more interviews.Tips and also examples of just how to put skills and achievements on a civil site engineer resume.How to describe your experience on a resume for a civil engineer to get any kind of project you want.

Here"s a civil design resume layout made via our virtual resume builder tool.

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One of our users, Nikos, had this to say:

a nice layout I uncovered on My resume is currently one page long, not three. With the exact same stuff.

Not a civil engineer? Don’t problem, we’ve obtained plenty of sample resumes for civilization in architecture and engineering occupations:

Here"s exactly how to compose a civil engineer resume:


Format Your Civil Engineering Resume Correctly

What"s the difference in between a beautiful design job and disaster?

Attention to detail.

Is it any kind of wonder you need to show that in a civil engineering resume?

Start via the finest resume format as a great foundation.

The chronological layout is the ideal civil engineer resume format. Why?

It breaks ground via your many recent suffer.

Deauthorize it right via the finest resume fonts, clear headings, and a backdrop of white area.

Finally, must you send an MS Word Doc Resume or PDF resume?

In the days prior to prestressed concrete, PDF resumes weren"t as much as code.

Today"s PDFs are machine readable. Civil engineer resume PDFs are your best bet unmuch less the job market forbids them.

Do you doubt your ability to revolve out perfect written copy?

Find a lawyer in your social netoccupational, then have her proofread your civil website engineer resume. Lawyers make excellent proofreaders bereason they live by the created word.

Pro Tip: How long must a resume be for civil engineering? If you"ve acquired even more than 5 years of endure, think about a two page resume. Otherwise, go through one.

Not all set to set the chronological format in rock yet for your civil site engineer resume? See our guide: Resume Formatting: How to Choose the Best Style

Imagine you"ve acquired 30 seconds via the hiring manager for your dream task.

Do you tell her eexceptionally information of your last position? Start analysis out an extensive abilities list?

Or execute you say, "I managed 20 project employees and also consistently handled multi-million dollar projects?"

That"s the essence of a civil design resume objective or summary.

A resume summary is for applicants via skyscrapers of experience. It teases your solid work history.

A resume objective mirrors passion when you lack experience. Use it if you haven"t even built a birdhome yet.

The genuine trick? Construct either with measurable achievements.

See these skilled civil engg resume examples as a blueprint:

Engaged civil engineer, looking for brand-new position via an excellent firm and also plenty of room for advancement. Highly expert and also encouraged in the areas of project management, with top-notch CAD skills and great master of structural design.

That"s under-reincompelled. Stacked up versus 300 various other civil resumes, it"s yawn-inducing.

But what about this competent civil engineer resume sample:

Civil Engineer Resume Outline Example

Detail-oriented Civil Engineer and also PE through 5 years of experience and also a zest for resolving complex problems. Seeking to use proven job administration and also style abilities to enhance high quality, expense and time metrics for NEP Engineering. At Barthold Smith, completed 8 $3 million+ projects 10% under budobtain and also within specs.

That"s positively earthquake-proof.

"But I don"t have that sort of civil engineer experience."

That won"t speak you. See the entry-level civil design resume examples listed below.

Junior civil design applicant, seeking entry-level job. I"m fresh out of college, so I haven"t taken on any real-civilization projects yet, but I"m exceptionally smart and also capable.

You deserve to practically check out the anxiety cracks. What hiring manager will certainly trust you with vital work?

So, include measurable details. That"s what this entry-level engineer resume example does:

Civil Engineer Resume Objective Example

Detail-oriented Civil Engineer with solid math and also physics background. Seeking to provide style and project administration excellence for Asher Wolff Group. Completed internship with Jones Allen Consulting, regularly making use of AutoCAD and working on multi-million dollar projects. Also consulted on a bridge that helped 140+ Guatemalan inhabitants safely accessibility standard services.

Zap. That"s an excellent career objective for civil engineers for freshers.

The hiring manager is interested. The finest part? You didn"t require 10 years of endure.

You currently had the summer internship. You did the other job digital in a couple of days.

Pro Tip:,, ziprecruiter, and also careerbuilder all acquire excellent reviews from civil engineers. Article your EIT or civil engineer resume on each to obtain noticed by recruiters rapid.

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.


When you’re done,’s resume builder will certainly score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it much better.

Should you add a heading to your great civil design resume summary? See our guides: How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Instances You Will See and also 20+ Best Resume Career Objectives - Use Them on Your Resume


Describe Your Civil Engineering Experience

Picture a hiring manager. Her name"s Molly. She"s gained a coffee mug that says, "What"s so civil about engineering?" and a stack of resumes 300 deep.

How deserve to your civil engineer resume stand also out favor a cable-stayed bridge?


By picking just the bullet points Molly cares about. To carry out that, read the task ad closely. Highlight the duties and also responsibilities you see.

Then, make sure eextremely bullet suggest proves you have the right to deliver them.

The next 2 skilled civil engg resume examples present the plan:

Civil Engineer Job Description for a Resume


Barthold Smith Engineering

Civil Engineer


Managed 8 projects via average budgets of $3 million.Completed all work on time and also at leastern 10% under budget.Found three design flaws in ongoing projects, staying clear of catastrophic faientice.Used AutoCADVERTISEMENT and creative products sourcing to cut job expenses by 10%.

Who"s that, Gustave Eiffel? A resume for a civil engineer choose that will certainly knock Molly"s M.C. Escher-patterned socks off.

It"s packed through measurable achievements that fit the project. The following of our samples isn"t:

Civil Engineering Resume Samples for Experienced


Bartorganize Smith Engineering

Civil Engineer


Managed design and also construction of all major projects.Worked via cross-practical groups to supply job-related on time and also within budobtain.Tasked through identifying style fregulations in ongoing projects.Worked via STADD Pro on client jobs.

That"s like a new AutoCADVERTISEMENT document. It shows potential, yet it doesn"t actually deliver.

Writing an entry-level civil engineering resume through no experience?

No trouble. Consider the following two civil engineer resume examples:

How to Write a Resume for Civil Engineering with No Experience

Here"s the good news:

Most civil engineering project descriptions overstate required suffer.

1-2 years of endure regularly implies an internship.5 years can expect simply one year.

You deserve to likewise list volunteer work-related, scholastic accomplishments, and transferable accomplishments. They"ll all beef up an anemic civil engineer intern resume.

Look at these 2 entry-level civil engineering resume examples.

Civil Engineering Resume Samples through No Experience


Civil Engineering Experience:None yet. Still looking for my initially significant task.

Other Experience:

Bike shop repairBartending

That"s about as effective as the St. Francis Dam.

But add details, and you"re cooking prefer this junior civil engineering resume sample:


Civil Engineering Experience


Consulted on a bridge for a volunteer job to affix a small tvery own in Guatemala to a hospital and also other fundamental solutions, helping 143 occupants.Headed regional playground architecture and also job administration for $60,000 project.

Civil Engineering Internship


Used AutoCAD to create 17 structural deindications.Assisted in area work for building task via $2 million budobtain.

That"s Bechtel-level. Yet you deserve to more than likely create a civil engineering student resume prefer that best currently.

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Pro Tip: Still worried you do not have actually enough endure for a great resume for civil engineering? A bit underqualified is much better than a tiny overqualified. Managers favor to hire world who have the right to flourish into a duty.

Don"t overload the hiring manager through boring language. Build your QA or QC civil engineering resume through activity words rather.

Don’t miss out on any type of additional indevelopment that can boost your possibilities of landing a project via help from this guide: Things to Put on a Resume to Make it Perfect

Of course an excellent civil engineer resume demands education. But did you recognize it matters how you show it?

Everyone should list:

College Name and also Location.Years in School.Degree.

But the ideal applicants add accomplishments that secure the job choose a Pratt Truss.

The graduate civil design resume examples listed below display what I expect.

Picture a task that worths structural performance, AutoCADVERTISEMENT skills, and also a detail-oriented mindset. Which of these two sample civil website engineer resume education and learning sections does it best?

Civil Engineer Resume Examples


Civil B.S. in Civil Engineering

University of Idaho, 2009–2013

Scored top of the class inStructural Performance.Independent study project inAutoCADwas featured in The Constructor blog.Commended by professors 3x for detail-oriented perspective.

Wow, that"s in the Pillars of the Planet zone. It"s developed from details the hiring manager respects.

Now look at the next of our mid-level civil engineering resume examples:

That"s choose the dog-leg in the channel tunnel. It"ll slow-moving everybody down. You"ve gained to display a room of interemainder in civil design, also earlier in school.

Pro Tip: Don"t put your civil design internship in your education area. Add it to your work-related experience—it counts.

Should you show GPA on a resume for civil engineering? See our guide: How to Add Your Education on a Resume

Let"s look in aget on our hiring manager, Molly. What"s the #1 thing that"ll make her hire you?

It"s discovering you"ve got the abilities she requirements. But you can"t just list them all in your civil engineer resume and hope she believes you.

You should emphasis on the few presented in the job ad. Then prove them in your bullet points.

Check out two civil site engineer resume examples. In both instances, the job ad wants forensic engineering abilities, collaboration, and also a detail-oriented mindset.

This first sample civil design resume clip is sinking like the Kansai Airport:

Civil Engineering Skills: Problem fixing, detail-oriented, interindividual skills, leadership, cooperation, STADD Pro, physics, math, AutoCAD, structural design, job monitoring, basically every little thing...

Conducted 10forensicinvestigations right into damaged commercial structures.Worked withindependent adjusters to resolve insurance payments 15% over average.Identified 8 major hidden style defectsvia failed constructions.

That"s as solid as the Great Wevery one of China.

Need essential abilities for a civil engineer resume? Use the list listed below.

List of Skills to Placed on a Civil Engineering Resume

Here"s a list of civil engg resume keywords to begin.

Add to it from civil design task descriptions digital.

Civil Engineering Resume Skills

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Problem Solving

Project Management



Critical Thinking Skills


Creative Thinking Skills


Detail Oriented



Autodesk Revit

Interindividual Skills



Structural Design


Geotechnical Engineering

Time Management

Water Resources Engineering

Follow the actions above, and you"ll create a mid-level or civil engineering intern resume worthy of Isambard Brunel.

Pro Tip: Been shopping your best civil design resume roughly too long? Consider taking a project you don"t love for a couple of months, simply to get suffer. Entry-level civil engineer salaries are the doormethod to your dream job.

Need even more ideas for skills to list on a good civil designers resume? See our guide: +30 Best Instances of Skills to List on a Resume

If you"re not certified, your career is as sturdy as the Titanic.But also if you"ve got your PE, you have to display it ideal on your civil design resume.

Here"s a sample resume headline for civil engineers:

Next off, put it in your resume summary. See the civil engineer resume design template up height for placement.

Finally, add it to a unique area, choose this:

Experience Certificate in Civil Engineering

Notice we separated the PE license from the certifications. We don"t desire to confuse a 2 week cert through an eight year license.

Pro Tip: Don"t offer up. Some brand-new grads submit 300+ civil design resumes before they obtain a job. Sound daunting? Recruiting sites prefer ZipRecruiter sell one-click application.

What certifications should you leave off a resume for a civil engineer? See our dedicated guide: How to Include Certifications on a Resume?

Remember our hiring manager, Molly? She will not hire based upon civil design suffer and education alone. Molly wants to hire a excellent employee.

How have the right to you convince her through your civil engineer resume?

By making use of dedicated "other" sections. The goal? To display you"re Doc Brown with much better business abilities.

The next two mid-level civil engineering resume examples display just how.

Civil Engineers Resume Examples

Well, we all require ways to pass the moment, yet those do not show a switched-on civil engineer.

But what around this outstanding civil engineer resume example?





2017 ASCE Week, Spoke on panel around green design2016 ASCE Forum


2017 Article on AutoCAD showed up in ASCE Magazine2015 Post on project management connected to by Business Insider

More Activities

Active member, ASCELeader of local cycling club. Increased membership 50%

That applicant could design the following Palm Islands or Carlsbad Desalination Plant.

But through a little elbow grease, you deserve to compose your own civil engineer resume choose that.

Pro Tip: Definitely sign up with a pro association like the ASCE, NSPE, or both. They look especially excellent on entry-level civil design resumes. Plus, the networking alone have the right to obtain you interviews and work.

Want to improve the durcapacity of your currently excellent civil designers resume? Find out what "other" sections occupational best. See our guide: Resume Sections to Include on Your Resume: 20+ Examples

Hey, nobody reads cover letters, right? So you don"t require a cover letter for your civil engineering resume.

Think again.

Nobody reads generic cover letters. Ones that review choose blueprints for a post barn.

So, make your engineer cover letter personal.Use the hiring manager"s name if you have the right to discover it. Show you understand also the task. Then, sell proof you"ll execute it ideal.

This shortened sample civil engineering cover letter does it perfectly:

NEP Engineering has a reputation for fixing enormous difficulties through performance and imagination. In my 5 years as a civil engineer, I"ve demonstrated those features, controlling 8 $3 million+ jobs for Barthost Smith, on time and also under budget...

End your cover letter via an market. Try somepoint choose, "I"d welcome the opportunity to define just how I uncovered three style fregulations before they caused catastrophic framework failures."

Pro Tip: PS— including a "PS" to your cover letter is an excellent means to acquire it read. Placed an eye-opening success or various other fact in it. A "PS" holds the eye choose a hanger reinforcement bar.

Plus, a good cover letter that matches your resume will offer you an advantage over other candidays. You deserve to compose it in our cover letter builder right here.Here"s what it might look like:

See more cover letter templates and begin writing.

Need a template for your civil design cover letter? See our guide: How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter in 8 Steps


Add Contact Info to Your Engineering Resume

Catastrophic faientice.

You nailed your civil engineering resume, however botched the call information.

Now your dream project is galloping ameans prefer the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Don"t let it. Start with:

Full NameUpdated Phone NumberProfessional Email Address

Like this:

Kate Chausboy, katechausson, 435-299-4608

But also, think about adding 2 various other pieces of necessary resume call info.

A profile website have the right to lure even more interviews. Stuff it through tasks, CAD designs, dissertations, and also other accomplishments.

Plus, our HR statistics report shows 87% of recruiters usage LinkedIn during job searches. A LinkedIn profile will certainly definitely increase your hirecapability.

Pro Tip: An reliable LinkedIn profile demands strategic photos. It also demands the ideal civil engineer resume keywords. Learn the actions in our guide to LinkedIn mastery.

Need the full specs to make a civil engineering resume that does that job? See our guide: How to Make a Great Resume for Any Job: A Guide via 30+ Examples

Now you recognize how to compose a experienced civil engineering resume. Remember:

Start through the job sell. Highlight what it"s asking for. You"ll need that as a blueprint for your excellent civil engineer resume.Pick your bullet points closely. Almost every item in a resume for civil design must present a preferred skill in use. Add metrics to present mastery.Placed "other" sections in a civil website engineer resume to prove you"re more than just a piece of paper. Add an ASCE membership, volunteer job-related, and publications.

Do you have actually concerns on exactly how to write a great resume for a civil engineering? Not certain just how to define your abilities or achievements? Give us a shout in the comments! We"d be happy to reply!