City tech computer engineering curriculum

The School of Technology and Deauthorize covers a wide area, from the design innovations to computer system devices, from design to heralding style and also graphic arts, from construction-related areas to the study of brand-new media. What every one of these locations share is the signature City Tech blfinishing of theory and practice, and also the emphasis on tomorrow"s technology. A faculty with broad professional suffer outside of the classroom deserve to anticipate arising needs of the economic sectors its programs serve, preparing students for skilled certifications and licensures, and also for a career to last a life time.

Architectural Technology/BArch

The New York City College of Technology Department of Architectural Technology offers a 160-crmodify, professional, 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree (B.Arch). The B.Arch curriculum is designed to satisfy the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accreditation requirements.

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Architectural Technology/BTech

The Department of Architectural Technology provides a distinct four-year BTech that prepares the student to be skilled in the 21st century technologies required to regulate all phases of experienced exercise in design and related areas.


Communication Design/BFA

The BFA level, structure on the solid structure in visual expression of the first two years, develops students’ abilities to frame, research study and settle increasingly complicated visual interaction troubles.


Computer Engineering Technology/BTech

There are many means a student can enter the bachelor of technology program in Computer Engineering Technology. Students might enter the program as freshmen if they meet the general College criteria.


Computer Systems/BTech

This is the only comprehensive curriculum in that addresses the certain requirements of the information technology (IT) industry by integrating concept, hand-operated suffer and also market exposure to applied skillswith a required internship degree program component.

Construction Technology/BTech

Graduates of this regime will have the important technical skills for careers in construction management; engineering, construction operations and/ or maintenance of the constructed environment; and facilities.

File Science/BS

One of the first Bachelor of Science (BS) in File Science in New York and nationwide. Eight new courses were designed by the CST department particularly to capture the modern patterns and also serve the requirements the Documents Science regime.

Electrical Technology/BTech

With its cost-free design, graduates will be equipped to end up being energetic members in the sector and also store pace with the ever-altering area.

Emerging Media Technology/BTech (MTEC)

The BTech in Emerging Media Technologies is a four-year undergraduate routine within the department of Entertainment Technology concentrated on developing the next generation of creative engineers for the broadening arising media markets of New York City and also beyond.

Entertainment Technology/BTech (STB)

The regimen seeks to carry out very proficient graduates for careers as scenery, lighting, sound, video and also show regulate engineers, technical and production managers, devices marketing representatives and personnel for distributors and also rental houses in the entertainment industry.

Facilities Management/BTech

The Facilities Management baccalaureate level prepares graduates for careers as facility managers in big commercial structures, hospitals, residential complexes, universities and also other organizations.

Mechanical Engineering Technology/BTech

This multidisciplinary curriculum addresses both theory and also hand-operated experience via industry-traditional devices in production units, industrial design and robotics, giving the broad-based design modern technology education compelled to deal with applied engineering troubles via design and analysis.

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Telecommunications Engineering Technology/BTech

The curriculum in the baccalaureate regime in Teleinteractions Engineering Technology builds upon the abilities learned in the initially 2 years and also adds even more advanced examine in data interactions, coding, computer system units, probcapability and also statistics.

Civil Engineering Technology/AAS

The regime prepares students for positions as engineering technicians in a vast selection of public functions projects including structures, transport framework, water supply, waste water treatment, geotechnical and also building and construction inspection, products experimentation and also surveying.

Communication Design/AAS

The AAS degree regimen in Communication Design provides students through a solid structure in the theory and current practices of the Communication Deauthorize profession and also a grounding in basic education and learning.

Construction Management Technology/AAS

The associate level in applied scientific research in Construction Management Technology regime is the only among its sort in the system. It prepares students for careers as supervisors and technicians in the field of building.

Computer Indevelopment Systems/AAS

The associate in used science (AAS) in Computer Information System (CIS) prepares students for enattempt level careers in: computer programming, database programming and also administration, web programming, and also systems/netjob-related administration and also assistance.

Electrical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Electrical Engineering Technology regimen is designed to prepare graduates for careers as electronic technicians.

Electromechanical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Electromechanical Engineering Technology program, the just one of its kind within the system, was emerged in response to the have to prepare skilled technicians who had actually the special skills required by the computer industry

Environpsychological Control Technology/AAS

Environmental regulate innovation is the examine of the science, tools and devices that are necessary to developing and maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Industrial Deauthorize Technology/AAS

The Industrial Deauthorize Technology (IND) regimen is designed to provide students through a large array of handy abilities allowing them to use a variety of 2D, 3D and also animation/simulation software application packages in several diverse fields.

Mechanical Engineering Technology/AAS

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program, acattributed by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC/ABET), offers the basic expertise and abilities essential for success in a large array of technical careers

Telecommunications Engineering Technology/AAS

This routine prepares students to enter the promptly broadening field of teleinteractions and also offers them through a wide variety of abilities required for employment and proceeding education and learning in this high-tech industry as telecommunications technicians.

Construction Management Certificate

The certificate has actually been designed to improve the methods for those currently employed in the building industry without any formal scholastic or technological background in building management, and also to appeal to those seeking entry-level avenues in the area.

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