City of memphis engineering

Public Works Division

The Public Works Division is responsible for the procedure and also maintenance of the City’s framework which consists of streets, sanitary sewers, storm drains, bridges and flood manage.Our 1,300 employees pick up your garbage, fill the potholes, organization your sewers and save tabs on code violators — among other tasks.In enhancement, the Division is responsible for the arsenal and also disposal of the City’s Solid Waste and the transfer and therapy of both domestic and also commercial wastewater for the metropolitan area.Here isa quick list of some of the prevalent factors citizens pertained to Public Works.Discover more about what each department, together with web links you deserve to usage for even more indevelopment.

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Protects the public health, security, andwelfare in existing buildings used for dwelling objectives. The department administers and also enpressures sections of the City of Memphis Code of Ordinances.

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Responsible for the procedure and maintenance of two big wastewater therapy infrastructure that treat over 60 billion gallons of wastewater annually and dispose of more than 215 million pounds of bio-solids every year in accordance through stringent state and also federal water top quality regulations. They are also responsible for precautionary maintenance and also emergency repair of more than 3,000 miles of sewers and also operation of 102 sewer lift stations and also 7 significant flood control pumping stations.



Responsible for repair and also maintenance, including asphalt overlay and also pothole repairs, on more than 3,400 miles of roadway within the City, routine maintenanceandemergency repair service to existing drainage devices within the City’s right-of-way to minimize flooding and also home damage, street lighting to rise the visibility and safety of roadmethod individuals at night, and heavy tools solutions to assistance City maintenance and emergency activities.


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