See what it’s favor to work via world that are truly passionate about what they do, at an organization that motivates your development and offers you all the resources you require. Listen as students and graduates talk around their experiences at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and also how we’re helping them become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Tright here is nopoint choose working for brands you believe in and are passionate about. I have actually memories of family road trips in the Jeep Grand also Cherokee and currently I drive a 2017 – simply favor my dad. I operated on the validation of that exact same version and it taught me what our vehicles are truly qualified of.

I’ve likewise the opportunity to work on the next generation of Jeep Wrangler commodities, which are still optimal trick. Being affiliated is truly amazing. Opportunities at FCA are endmuch less and the international reach is astonishing. You can attain anything you want here. You have the right to uncover your niche, make an influence, and also work on assets that everyone loves and talks around.


I kbrand-new FCA was an amazing agency to occupational for. There was a emphasis on creation and also trying new things, being different from the rest. That was something I wanted to be a part of. I was able sign up with the Chrysler Institute of Engineer (CIE) routine, see exactly how different components of the company occupational, and also even acquire my masters in Mechanical Engineering.

I additionally had the chance to work-related in the FCA Innovation Lab. It’s a totality room dedicated to pushing world external their comfort zone. It was a really fun endure and also made me think in a various way. When you sign up with FCA, you will have actually the chance to work-related passionate and talented people as well.

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My father and also many type of household friends have operated for FCA for their whole So as soon as I wanted to advance and learn around a new sector, I had actually positive feelings around what FCA could sell.

I really gain the atmosphere and also the way we strive for continuous improvement. Plus, I choose exactly how varied the company is in terms of brands, departments and positions. Tbelow are so many avenues to discover. You are able to proceed to prosper and have all kinds of methods under one roof.

Megan Szydlowski, Company type of Car Program CoordinatorWestern Michigan College, Business Administration

I have constantly had a passion for Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and also Ram vehicles. Because working for the firm, my feeling about our brands have just been strengthened. In my opinion, we construct the best vehicles and parts in the market.

I had actually a very positive check out of FCA before joining the firm for a summer internship and also ultimately took a place at the Denver Business Center. One of the highlights of my career so much has been representing FCA at the MOPAR Mile High Nationals drag races. It’s an exceptional company through great benefits and also many avenues to prosper and also construct.

Braden Johnkid, MOPAR Service & Parts Area ManagerUniversity of Colorado Denver Business School, Company Administration

I didn’t recognize much about FCA an employer prior to joining the company. Everypoint I kbrand-new was around Jeep’s off road performance, the muscle of the Charger and Challenger, and also the Viper as a track automobile. Once I started functioning right here, I realized that the factor that these vehicles are so iconic is the passion of our developers, engineers and builders.

One of the most important points that I’ve learned about functioning right here is that you have substantial manage over your career destiny. I was originally attracted to aerodynamics and the wind tunnel, just to discover that I reap the complex challenges of the powertrain team. I’ve been able to check out where my interests finest align and am currently creating a brand-new protokind transmission component.

The world below love cars and also love to drive. If you have actually a passion for cars, and also want a project you can’t wait to go to eincredibly day, take into consideration the different methods at FCA. It’s an exciting time … and your drive, capacity and also enthusiasm can go a long means.

Matthew Ortmale, Advanced Powertrain EngineeringPurdue College, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering

I decided to job-related through FCA because of the methods gave by the Chrysler Institute of Engineering (CIE) routine. None of the rivals that I interregarded via might sell such a broad selection of auto market expocertain. Plus, with FCA being a smaller sized agency (than other automotive companies), each engineer has more obligation and the possibility to thrive and also learn through hands-on job-related.

The many exciting project that I’ve functioned on so far was on powertrain calibration for the Hellcat and also other SRT assets. My team saw Colorado so we might test the vehicles in high-altitude conditions, observe performance and make changes. Working at FCA is a great experience, through a multitude of methods to grow and also discover satisfaction in work-related that you are passionate about!


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