Chemical Engineering Vs Computer Engineering

If you are deciding in between majoring in computer system design or chemical engineering, you could want to know even more around what each significant has to offer. This post will certainly show you the key facts around each major and also help you to decide which would be a much better level for you.

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At a glance:

Chemical EngineeringComputer Engineering
Payrange reportedaverage pay$81,140$87,240
Job opportunitiesAverageGood
Types of jobsyou can qualify forChemical engineerProject engineerProcess engineerManufacturing engineerProduction engineerEnvironmental engineerSoftware engineerEmbedded software engineerElectrical engineerFirmware engineerComputer hardware engineerSolution engineer
Difficulty of themajorHardHard
Key things to noteThere are just roughly 32,600chemical engineering work inthe US. This can make itchallenging to uncover a task and also youwill likely must relocate.Typical predicted project growth.Good reported job satisfaction.Good pay.A very employablebachelor’s level.High average pay.High job satisfactivity.Can qualify you for manysoftware application engineeringfunctions and also engineeringfunctions.Lots of potential tasks easily accessible.Lower predicted job growthfor computer hardwareengineering as soon as comparedthrough software program design functions.
Source for chemical engineering significant salary and also jobsSource for computer system design average pay and also jobs

Tright here are many kind of things to consider as soon as picking between the two degrees and tright here are also some crucial points to be conscious of as soon as choosing either of them.

Details about a chemical engineering degree

Below are some details around a level in chemical design.


According to Payrange, the average pay of someone with a degree in chemical design is $81,140. This is equivalent to the average pay you will discover through the majority of various other engineering majors. However, it is reduced than the average pay for computer design. This might be because computer system design qualifies you for software engineering roles which are renowned and can pay well. Also, according to the BLS, the median pay of a chemical engineer is $108,770.

Job prospects

The predicted development price for chemical design jobs is 4%, in complete, over the following decade and also the number of chemical design tasks is sassist to be 32,600 (source). This implies that chemical design only has average predicted project development. Also, compared to other engineering majors, 32,600 is not a lot of tasks. This indicates that it is more most likely that you will certainly have actually a hard time searching for a project in chemical design and that you will be more most likely to need to resituate.

However, as stated over, the median pay of a chemical engineer is high, so when you execute get a task it deserve to pay well. Also, they tend to be reasonably secure jobs so you must have the ability to keep your job for a decent amount of time when you get one. Also, most civilization uncover them to be amazing work via good job satisfaction.

According to Payscale, widespread work for chemical engineering majors includes:

Chemical engineerProject engineerProcess engineerManufacturing engineerProduction engineerEnvironmental engineerDifficulty

Chemical engineering is a daunting significant. It will incorporate many math and physics and the chemical engineering classes themselves deserve to be difficult. Overall, you deserve to mean chemical engineering to be similarly challenging to computer system design which is also a tough major.


Some classes you deserve to expect to take in chemical design have the right to include:

CalculusLiclose to algebraDifferential equationsPhysicsThermodynamicsKineticsChemistryBiology

You have the right to look here to see an instance level sequence of chemical engineering.

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Things to think about

One point to think about is that chemical engineering is not the exact same as chemisattempt. In chemical design, you will be concentrating more on creating units to create chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and also various other products (source). Whereas, a chemist will certainly be even more focused on things such as examining substances at the atomic and molecular level in a lab (source).

While other design levels will pay a similar amount and also frequently have a broader task pool accessible to you, you might choose chemical design because of the forms of jobs you have the right to job-related in. It would assist to carry out the majority of research study the types of points you can be working on and to view if it is somepoint you would certainly gain.

Details about the computer design major

Below are some of the key details about the computer system design major.


According to Payscale, the average pay of someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer design is $87,240. This renders computer system design among the best paying majors accessible and also slightly greater than the average reported pay for someone via a degree in chemical engineering. This might be because computer engineering can qualify you for computer scientific research form functions which are very well-known right currently.

However, computer system design tasks carry out tfinish to be concentrated in high cost of living areas.


According to the BLS, it is predicted that computer system hardware engineering will only flourish in demand by 2% by 2029.

However, a computer engineering degree involves most computer system scientific research. This indicates that you can qualify for software program design functions and various other computer science-related functions. The predicted expansion for software engineering is 22%. This is most likely because it is much cheaper to start up a software program company as opposed to a hardware agency. With that being the situation, it would certainly likely assist you a lot to make sure to take a variety of additional computer science classes in your electives.

Instances of work that you can qualify for via a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering includes:

Software engineerEmbedded software engineerElectrical engineerFirmware engineerComputer hardware engineerSystems engineer

Somepoint to consider is that the even more research-based functions will certainly normally need at leastern a master’s level.


Computer design includes a number of math classes including direct algebra, calculus, discrete math, and also differential equations. Also, many kind of of the electric design classes have the right to be challenging. This indicates that computer system design is not an easy level.


Instances of the types of classes that you have the right to mean to take have the right to include:

ProgrammingCalc 1,2, and also 3Discrete mathDifferential equationsLiclose to algebraProbabilityCircuit analysisOverview to electronicsDigital electronicsSignal processingEmbedded systemsAlgorithms and also data structures

However, the classes have the right to differ a lot relying on the university. Some will certainly call for you to take more electrical engineering classes while various other universities will require even more computer science classes.

Generally, data frameworks and algorithms are required classes in computer system design however not constantly. These are necessary classes for software program design interviews. If the routine you enter does not require these classes, it would certainly assist to take them anyway.

Things to consider

On average the required classes will certainly be 50% electrical design and also 50% CS. However, some universities will be much heavier on electrical engineering while others will certainly be a lot heavier on computer system science. It would assist to think about what you are more interested in and also to take that right into consideration when using to colleges if you are not already in university. If you are already in university, you can still take electives from the side that you are even more interested in. Alternatively, you could significant in CS and minor in electrical design or major in electric engineering and also minor in CS.

While computer system engineering is a degree that have the right to qualify you for many type of work at simply the bachelor’s level, a master’s level have the right to additionally aid you a lot once getting even more research-based engineering roles. If you are interested in the even more research-based functions, it would certainly help to consider whether or not a master’s level would be worth it for you.


Overall, both are respectable levels with good job prospects. Computer design does have actually much better project prospects greatly due to its computer science component and because tbelow are a lot even more total tasks available. However, chemical design tasks can be exceptionally secure as soon as you obtain one and also can have actually high job satisfactivity.

It would certainly help a lot to consider what sort of project you think you would certainly reap the a lot of and also to select the major appropriately. It would certainly additionally assist to think about alternate majors such as computer system science and also electrical design.


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