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Chemical Engineering

Although chemical design has actually existed for just 100 years, its name is no longer totally descriptive of this dynamic profession. The work of the chemical engineer is not limited to the chemical industry, chemical transforms or chemisattempt. Instead, modern chemical designers are involved via all the physical, chemical and biological changes of matter that deserve to produce an financial product or outcome that is useful to mansort.

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About This Major

College: EngineeringDegree: Bachelor of Science in Chemical EngineeringHours for the Degree: 134Minor: NoCombined-Degree Program: Yes


The education of the chemical engineer is based on the standard sciences of physics, chemistry and also biology, on mathematical and computer approaches, and on standard engineering values. This background renders the chemical engineer exceptionally functional and also qualified of functioning in a selection of industries: chemical, biochemical, petroleum, products, microelectronic devices, environmental, food processing, consulting and also task management. It is additionally good preparation for law and clinical colleges.

Department Requirements

Successful applicants must have actually earned a 2.5 grade allude average or greater in the eight preexperienced courses and have actually earned a grade suggest average of 2.5 or greater in the preexperienced calculus course sequence. Transfer students and applicants from various other universities need to have earned an all at once 3.0 GPA in addition to meeting formerly declared needs.

For the purposes of determining admission to or retention in the department, grade suggest averperiods will be based upon the last of no more than two attempts for each course. Students must keep satisfactory development (GPA of 2.0 or higher) in chemical engineering courses and also in their in its entirety document.

To proceed to being successful courses, C grades or much better are compelled in ECH 3023, 3101, 3203, 3223, 3264 and COT 3502 within 2 enrollments (including withdrawals) for each course.

Any course taken to meet a level need (basic education and learning, compelled course or technical elective) through the exemption of ECH 4948 and 4949, cannot be taken with the S-U grade alternative.

Educational Objectives

Within a couple of years of obtaining a bachelor"s degree in chemical engineering from the College of Florida, the recent graduate:

Demonstprices professional design competence using proactivities and/or positions of enhancing duty, or efficiently transitions from the typical chemical design career path right into service, federal government, education and learning, and so on.;Achieves and leads on-the-project safety and security and also ecological protection;Contributes to accomplishment of organizational objectives through considerable societal benefits;Publishes papers and/or inner reports, applies for patents, delivers conference presentations and/or contributes to innovative, state-of-the-industry articles; andParticipates in life-long finding out through development towards or effective completion of an advanced degree, continuing education courses, professional engineering certification, professional advancement courses and/or market training courses.

The chemical sector alone gives an opportunity for the chemical engineer to participate in the research, breakthrough, architecture or procedure of plants for the production of brand-new synthetic fibers, plastics, chemical fertilizers, vitamins, antibiotics, rocket fuels, nuclear fuels, paper pulp, photographic products, paints, fuel cells, semiconductors and the thousands of chemicals that are supplied as intermediates in the manufacture of these commodities.

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To prepare students for life-long careers in chemical engineering.

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To market high-quality undergraduate and also graduate degree programs in chemical engineering and to conduct research that helps educate graduate students and also serves the demands of Florida and the country.

To continue to succeeding courses, C qualities or much better are forced in ECH 3023, 3101, 3203, 3223, 3264 and also COT 3502 within 2 enrollments (including withdrawals) for each course.

Any course taken to fulfill a level necessity (basic education, required course or technical elective) via the exemption of ECH 4948 and also 4949, cannot be taken via the S-U grade option.

Critical Tracking

To graduate through this significant, students should complete all university, college and also major needs.

Equivalent critical tracking courses as established by the State of Florida Typical Course Prerequisites may be provided for transfer students.

Semester 1

2.0 UF GPA compelled for semesters 1-52.5 GPA on all critical tracking coursework-related for semesters 1-5Complete 1 of 8 important tracking courses with a minimum grade of C within 2 attempts: CHM 2045 or CHM 2095, CHM 2046 or CHM 2096, MAC 2311, MAC 2312, MAC 2313, MAP 2302, PHY 2048, PHY 2049

Semester 2

Complete 1 additional crucial tracking course through a minimum grade of C within two attempts

Semester 3

Complete 2 extra critical tracking courses through minimum grades of C within 2 attempts

Semester 4

Complete 2 additional critical tracking courses through minimum qualities of C within 2 attempts

Semester 5

Complete all 8 crucial tracking courses with minimum qualities of C in each course within 2 attemptsBack to Top

Recommfinished Semester Plan

To remain on track, students have to finish the proper important tracking courses, which appear in bold.

Semester 1CreditsIf you do not place out of ENC 1101, take it in the loss. ABE 2062 Biology for Engineers or BSC 2011 Incorporated Principles of Biology 23 CHM 2045 General Chemistry 1 (GE-P) or CHM 2095 Chemistry for Engineers 1 (GE-P)3 CHM 2045L General Chemisattempt 1 Laboratory (GE-P)1 MAC 2311 Analytic Geomeattempt and Calculus 1 (GE-M)4 Humanities (GE-H)3 Total 14 Semester 2CreditsCHM 2046 General Chemistry 2 (GE-P) or CHM 2096 Chemisattempt for Engineers 2 (GE-P)3 CHM 2046L General Chemisattempt 2 Laboratory (GE-P)1 MAC 2312 Analytic Geometry and also Calculus 2 (GE-M)4PHY 2048 Physics via Calculus 1 (GE-P)3PHY 2048L Physics through Calculus 1 Laboratory (GE-P)1Social and also Behavidental Sciences (GE-S)3 Total 15 Semester 3CreditsECH 3023 Material and Energy Balances *4 MAC 2313 Analytic Geometry and also Calculus 3 (GE-M)4 MAP 2302 Elementary Differential Equations (GE-M)3 PHY 2049 Physics with Calculus 2 (GE-P)​3PHY 2049L Physics with Calculus 2 Laboratory (GE-P)1 Total 15 Semester 4CreditsCHM 4411 Physical Chemistry4 COT 3502 Computer Model Formulation *4 ECH 3264 Elementary Transport Phenomena *3 ECH 4934 Professional Seminar1 STA 3032 Engineering Statistics3 Total 15 Semester 5CreditsCHM 2210 Organic Chemistry 13 ENC 3254 Professional Communication for Engineers (GE-C)3 Humanities (GE-H)3 Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S)3 Total 12 Semester 6CreditsCHM 2211 Organic Chemisattempt 2 3 CHM 2211L Organic Chemisattempt 2 Laboratory​2ECH 3101 Process Thermodynamics *3 ECH 3203 Fluid and also Solids Operations *3 ECH 3223 Energy Transfer Operations *3 Total 14 Semester 7CreditsCGN 3710 Experimentation and Instrumentation in Civil Engineering or EEL 3003 Elements of Electrical Engineering3 ECH 4123 Phase and Chemical Equilibria3 ECH 4224L Fluid and Energy Transfer Operations Laboratory 12 ECH 4403 Separation and Mass Transfer Operations3 ECH 4714L Safety and Experimental Evaluation2 Technical elective3 Total 16 Semester 8CreditsECH 4404L Separation and also Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory2 ECH 4504 Chemical Kinetics and also Reactor Design4 ECH 4604 Process Economics and also Optimization3 ECH 4824 Materials of Chemical Engineering2 Humanities (GE-H) or Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S)3 Technical elective3 Total17 Semester 9CreditsCHM 3120 Review to Analytical Chemistry3 ECH 4323 Process Control Theory3 ECH 4323L Chemical Engineering Laboratory1 ECH 4644 Process Deauthorize 23 Chemical engineering technological elective3 Technical elective3 Total16

Technical Electives

Technical electives are characterized as department-apshowed, upper-division courses through substantial scientific research and/or math content. Provision is made to get as much as 3 credits of approved co-op, internship and/or study experience. Military courses cannot be provided for technological electives.

* Must be completed with a grade of C or much better. 1 Students are strongly urged to register for ECH 4224L Fluid and Energy Transfer Operations Laboratory automatically adhering to completion of ECH 3101, ECH 3203 and ECH 3223.2 The Incorporated Product and Process Deauthorize program (ECH 4912 and also ECH 4913) requires 6 hours of coursework and is available as a sequence of two three-credit courses in the time of loss and also spring of the senior year. These 2 courses are pre-apconfirmed substitutes for three credits of technical electives and for ECH 4644 Process Design.