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x two this is prior to the collision, this momentum has changed prior to the collision. So that's a clue that momentum is not conserved. The other clue is that tbelow is a net exterior force acting on the system. Then after the collision it's the very same worry wbelow these 2 objects are being acted upon by the friction force. But in the time of the collision, given that they're not sliding during the collision and also this is just the brief instant of call in between the 2 objects, in the time of that moment there is no friction acting on it because it's not sliding; it's just type of deforming and also colliding. So throughout that instance, momentum is conserved. So we're going to offer a solution A below.">

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This is College Physics Answers with Shaun Dychko. Momentum is conoffered whenever tright here is no net outside force acting on a system. But in this question tright here is a force acting on the device which is outside to the device and that is the friction due to this unstable table height. It"s exerting a force like this and so this mass, mass A, is experiencing a net pressure on it. It"s slowing dvery own before it collides via this point below. You deserve to take into consideration its momentum at this allude below, it"ll be something -- it"ll be mass A times whatever before velocity it has at that suggest, we"ll contact it x equates to zero. Then just prior to it collides via his block right here, its momentum has actually changed also prior to any collisions have developed. So given that that"s the situation, that implies that momentum is not conserved because its momentum is altering. At these 2 positions, x equates to zero and also x amounts to whatever x two this is prior to the collision, this momentum has readjusted before the collision. So that"s a clue that momentum is not conoffered. The other clue is that there is a net external pressure acting on the device. Then after the collision it"s the same problem wright here these 2 objects are being acted upon by the friction pressure. But throughout the collision, because they"re not sliding during the collision and also this is simply the brief immediate of call in between the 2 objects, throughout that minute tright here is no friction acting on it bereason it"s not sliding; it"s simply type of dedeveloping and also colliding. So throughout that circumstances, momentum is conoffered. So we"re going to give an answer A right here.

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