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Ceramics, in enhancement to being a fine art, additionally requires a thorough functioning understanding of specific products. Whether you’re helping to style a brand-new office building, or a vase for your bedroom, you’ll need to know what you’re going to usage to construct your next job, and also that’s where the engineering comes in.

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After you’ve nailed dvery own the imaginative design part, someone hregarding figure out exactly how to revolve it right into a reality. In walks the engineer. By joining together ceramics and also design, this major will certainly provide you with more than simply a working understanding of the material provided by ceramicists. You’ll be able to help produce brand-new and also even more exciting works via new materials of which only somebody with your understanding might have actually ever dreamed.



Electrical Engineering

Engineering Graphics

Engineering Mechanics

Summary to Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science



Technical electives

The ideal preparation for a Ceramic Engineering major is an extremely solid background in math and also science, especially physics, chemisattempt, trigonometry and also calculus. You’ll additionally need to exercise as an artist, so break out the clay and get to work.

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