I downloaded the mod, I have XP32 and also I ran FNIS. I additionally constructed the physics outfits in Bodyslide for all my outfits and the body. Nopoint happens when I open the game. Anyone have actually an explanation?

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What precisely carry out you expect to happen? CBP is quite subtle.  But one simplest point to test is by crouching and standing consistently, you deserve to feel the bosoms bouncing, quite obviously.  One possibility is that you did not correctly set up CBP, however just the CBP config file.  It might be confusing, however tright here are 3-4 CBP downlots on Nexus.  Only 1 of them is the actual SKSE64 file that permits CBP.  The other ones are ... just configuration records that some civilization wanted to share their very own adjustments they feel immersive, natural, or somehow amazing, for everyone to downpack.  Those files execute nothing on their very own.

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Also, jump while naked.

If you view some bouncing once naked, however not as soon as dressed, it,s becoausage your oufit absence any physic.

In this situation, search for outfit with physic.

If you haven"t resolved it; here"s some tips for getting CBP operational:


1. have actually xp32 skeleton set up and also have actually greatest priority. Nothing must override the skeleton.

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2. encertain you have actually realistic ragdolls set up.

3. ensure your cbbe or u(u)np body have physics support

4. encertain your outfit support physics

5. connumber your CBPConfig.txt properly; the parameters are case sensitive.

6. ensure your SKSE, Skyrim, and CBP all correspond with the exact same version.


If you adhered to this tips then your CBP should be functioning, if not, reexamine aobtain. Cheers,

Sorry for necro-ing this topic however considering that this was the initially thing I discovered on a Google search- it"s vital to recognize that some graphics chauffeurs (a lot of infamously Nvidia) will break the physics of video games once they"re outdated. As to why, I have actually no clue, however I have actually noticed this a good deal in Second Life and freshly within Skyrim SE as soon as my HDT SMP began acting wacky out of nowright here.

SSE was updated  recently. SKSE had to be upgraded. I had actually the exact same problem. Update SKSE and also CBP physics (Updated Sept this year), run FNIS and it is working aobtain. Fyi.

Soooo my Skyrim Se just update(also though I didn"t desire it to) and I can not seem to obtain my physics functioning anyeven more. I"ve uninstalled and also reinstalled and still nothing. Does anyone have actually any type of kind of understanding on this problem?