Calculus Of A Single Variable Seventh Edition

Deborah Hughes-Hallett, William G. McCallum, Andrew M. Gleakid, Eric Connally, Daniel E. Flath, Selin Kalaycioglu, Brigitte Lahme, Patti Frazer Lock, David O. Lomales, David Lovelock, Guadalupe I. Lozano, Jerry Morris, Brad G. Osgood, Cody L. Patterboy, Douglas Quinney, Karen R. Rhea, Ayse Arzu Sahin, Adam H. Spiegler, Jeff Tecosky-Feldmale, Thomas W. Tucker, Aaron D. Wootton, Elliot J. Marks

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With’s Enhanced E-Text, you gain all the benefits of a downloadable, reflowable ePublication with included resources to make your examine time even more efficient, including: • Embedded Example Videos• Built-In Assessments• Interenergetic Exploration applets• Searchable Appendices & chapter summary reviewsCalculus: Single Variable,7e continues the initiative to promote courses in which expertise and computation reinpressure each various other. The 7th Edition mirrors the many kind of voices of customers at research universities, four-year colleges, area colleges, and also second schools. This new edition has been streamlined to develop a flexible method to both concept and modeling. The regimen consists of a selection of difficulties and examples from the physical, wellness, and organic scientific researches, engineering and economics; emphasizing the connection in between calculus and other areas. Calculus: Single Variable, 7e will include"s seamlessly incorporated adaptive alwaei.comPLUS ORION regime, covering content from refresher Algebra and Trigonometry via Multi-Variable Calculus. Calculus: Single Variable, 7e is the first adaptive calculus program in the industry.
1. Foundations for Calculus: Functions and Limits 1 1.1 Functions and also Change 21.2 Expotential Functions 131.3 New Functions from Old 231.4 Logarithmic Functions 321.5 Trigonometric Funtions 391.6 Powers, Polynomials, and Rational Functions 491.7 Summary to Limits and also Continuity 581.8 Extfinishing the Idea of a Limit 671.9 More Limit Calculations Using Algebra 751.10 Optional Preview of the Formal Definition of a Limit Online Resee Problems Online Projects Online2. Key Concept: The Derivative 832.1 How Do We Meacertain Speed? 842.2 The Derivative at a Point 912.3 The Derivative Function 992.4 Interpretations of the Derivative 1082.5 The Second Derivative 1152.6 Differentiability 123 Recheck out Problems Online Projects Online3. Short-Cuts to Differentiation 1293.1 Powers and Polynomials 1303.2 The Exponential Function 1403.3 The Product and also Quotient Rules 1443.4 The Chain Rule 1513.5 The Trigonometric Functions 1583.6 The Chain Rule and also Inverse Functions 1643.7 Implicit Functions 1713.8 Hyperbolic Functions 1743.9 Liclose to Approximation and also the Derivative 1783.10 Theorems About Differentiable Functions 186 Recheck out Problems Online Projects Online4. Using the Derivative 1914.1 Using First and Second Derivatives 1924.2 Optimization 2034.3 Optimization and also Modeling 2124.4 Families of Functions and Modeling 2244.5 Applications to Marginality 2334.6 Rates and also Related Rates 2434.7 L"Hopital"s Rule, Growth, and also Dominance 2524.8 Parametric Equations 259 Rewatch Problems Online Projects Online 5. Key Concept: The Definite Integral 2715.1 How Do We Measure Distance Traveled? 2725.2 The Definite Integral 2835.3 The Fundapsychological Theorem and Interpretations 2925.4 Theorems About Definite Integrals 302 Resee Problems Online Projects Online6. Constructing Antiderivatives 3156.1 Antiderivatives Graphically and also Numerically6.2 Constructing Antiderivatives Analytically 3226.3 Differential Equations and Motion 3296.4 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 335 Resee Problems Online Projects Online7. Integration 3417.1 Integration by Substitution 3427.2 Integration by Parts 3537.3 Tables of Integrals 3607.4 Algebraic Methods for Definite Integrals 3767.5 Numberical Methods for Definite Integrals 3767.6 Improper Integrals 3857.7 Comparikid of Imappropriate Integrals 397 Review Problems Online Projects Online8. Using the Definitive Integral 4018.1 Areas and also Volumes 4028.2 Applications to Geometry 4108.3 Area and also Arc Length in Polar Coordinates 4208.4 Density and also Center of Mass 4298.5 Applications to Physics 4398.6 Applications to Economics 4508.7 Distribution Functions 4578.8 Probcapability, Mean, and also Mean 464 Recheck out Problems Online Projects Online9. Sequences and Series 4739.1 Sequences 4749.2 Geometric Series 4809.3 Convergence of Series 4889.4 Tests for Convergence 4949.5 Power Series and also Interval of Convergence 504 Resee Problems Online Projects Online10. Approximating Functions Using Series 51310.1 Taylor Polynomials 51410.2 Taylor Series 52310.3 Finding and also Using Taylor Series 53010.4 The Error in Taylor Palynomial Approximations 53910.5 Fourier Series 546 Review Problems Online Projects Online11. Differential Equations 56111.1 What is a Differential Equation? 56211.2 Slope Fields 56711.3 Euler"s Method 57511.4 Serparation of Variables 58011.5 Growth and also Decay 58611.6 Applications and also Modeling 59711.7 The Logistic Model 60611.8 Solution of Differential Equations 61611.9 Analyzing the Phase Plane 62611.10 Second-Order Differential Equations: Oscillations 63211.11 Linear Second-Order Differential Equations 640 Rewatch Problems Online Projects Online
Calculus: Single Variable,7e
proceeds making use of the "Rule of Four" technique developed by the Consortium wbelow concepts are presented graphically, numerically, symbolically and also verbally, thereby encouraging students through a variety of learning styles to expand their knowledge.