The "games" are the ideal part of the course. They are very interesting however oh so indevelopmental. They truly make the class come alive. That reflects directly on the brilliant teaching of Dr. Richmale.

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Daniel T, student in Howard Richman"s AP Macro-Economics class
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AP Calculus AB

On-Line for the 2020-2021 School Year

mac.comTexts Required:

2. AP Exam Prep Textbook:

Tbelow are three versions, 2 of them are acceptable, pick one of the acceptable versions:

1. Apple Books obtainable via iOS application for iPad, iPhone (interactive) (recommended) 2. Kindle accessible through (not interactive) 3. Print copies (unacceptable unmuch less just offered to compose on)

Title: AP Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol. 1 2019-2020 AP Calculus AB PowerPoint Lectures by Rita Korsunsky

First Day of Class: Monday August 31, 2020 Last Day of Class: Day of AP Exam – Tuesday May 4, 2021

Technical Requirements:

Computer, high-speed internet accessibility, e-mail capabilitySmartphone or Scanner to save multiple handcomposed pperiods as a single PDF file in a teacher assigned DropBox folderGraphing calculator – TI-89, TI-Nspire, or TI-83/84 Plus (discounted on some sites)

Who Should Apply?: All students have to have actually completed the tantamount of four years of high-college level math designed for college-bound students. These would certainly generally be referred to as Algebra I, Geomeattempt, Algebra II/Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus extending progressed topics in algebra, trigonomeattempt, analytic geometry and also elementary features consisting of straight, polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, inverse trigonometric and piecewise-characterized. In certain, students need to be acquainted via the properties, the algebra, and the graphs of functions. Students need to additionally understand the language of attributes (domain and selection, odd and also, regular, symmeattempt, zeroes, intercepts, and also so on). Prospective students must be ready to commit 11-12 hours per week to this course.

Course Fee: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $860 after June 30, 2020: $870 Should I take AP Calculus AB or BC? How carry out I decide? BC covers all the AB product from August via December and then added topics from January via March, including extra integration methods, boundless series, and also polar/parametric features, in turn there is a considerable amount of information to assimilate in a brief duration of time. As a result, the BC students need to be totally concentrated to keep up via the faster pace.

The benefit of taking BC is the possibility to learn even more calculus and also if you excel, to the point of scoring a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP Exam, many kind of universities allow you to bypass two semesters, or the indistinguishable of Calculus I and also II, the first 2 courses in college calculus, while they only allow an AB student via an AP Exam score of 3, 4 or 5 to bypass one semester of college calculus. That"s in the majority of institutions. It"s feasible the school you are going to has a different policy. They may not offer 2 semesters of credit for BC or in some instances they might not offer any kind of crmodify at all for AB or BC. It"s best to check with the university ahead of time.

The price you pay is a a lot much faster paced course which covers around 35-40% more material than the AB course. It is a considerable challenge. Whether your daughter or kid have to take the BC course, as opposed to the AB course, is a issue of toughness, capacity, and also interest in putting forth the additional initiative vital to action approximately the challenge. Because BC goes at a quicker pace, and also covers more product, it implies even more occupational, and the BC product in the second semester is more hard than the first semester.

It boils down to whether that added semester of advanced placement in college calculus is worth it, maintaining in mind that some colleges do not offer the added semester of credit for BC and also most ivy league colleges do not give any kind of advanced placement. Keep in mind, if students start in the BC course, they deserve to switch from BC to AB at any kind of time in the time of the year if they discover the pace or the material is also a lot to take care of. Or, I’ve had actually students switch from AB to BC bereason the pace is as well slow, yet this needs to take place very early in the year.

How have student’s perdeveloped on previous AP Exams? The following table has information from the past thirteen years:



5"s & 4"s

Avg Score


Mrs. G









Mrs. G








A student’s success in this course is directly proportional to both the completion price of the daily assignments on the day they are assigned, and the top quality of the moment invested on those assignments. By top quality I expect being “current in mind” and willing to occupational at the process of discovering which involves initiative to pursue understanding not just to absorb it.

Course Description: This course prepares students for the AP Calculus AB Exam. Tright here are 2 AP Calculus Exams offered annually – Calculus AB and Calculus BC. There are two courses designed to prepare for the exams, each to be taught over a complete high college academic year. The Calculus BC course contains all the product consisted of in the Calculus AB course plus added topics.

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Many colleges and also universities market a sequence of courses in calculus. As such, it counts on the policies of the college and the results of your AP Exam regarding where you are inserted in their sequence of courses. The content of Calculus BC is designed to qualify the student for placement and credit in a course that is one course beyond that given for Calculus AB. Generally, Calculus AB is the initially semester of college calculus and also BC is the first and also second semester. Course Deliincredibly is via 3 Internet Sites:

CLASSROOM SITE: Students in this class access a classroom website day-to-day, at the the majority of convenient time for them in the time of the day, wright here they find a posting of one chapter of assignments, with a brand-new lecture posted every day, Monday via Friday, pointing out such things as that day’s topic, or a difficulty from yesterday’s or today’s assignment, or a current test. I usage concentrated video lectures on particular topics many of which are delivered by very concerned lecturers whose talks are extensively provided by calculus teachers all over the people as supplements to their course materials. Additionally, tbelow will be answer tricks for day-to-day assignments, chapter recaps, study aids, worksheets, AP Exam tips and also tricks, AP Exam Practice Tests, as well as various other advantageous supplements. There will be one or two live zoom sessions per week whose topics will certainly be thrust by students’ needs. DISCUSSION BOARD: Students communicate with their classmates, teaching assistants and me with a lively online Discussion Board gave with Google Groups. They article any kind of concerns they have around the analysis product or the homework-related assignments, answer various other students’ inquiries, and article remedies to troubles. Questions have the right to always be sent out straight to me with email at any time.CENGAGE/WEBASSIGN DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORMEBOOK OPTION: The textbook Calculus for AP by Larson/Battaglia is equivalent to a world class college message tailored specifically for the new AP Calculus curriculum frame, available in both published and electronic formats. It uses a riches of sources to enhance the discovering suffer. The ePublication on WebAssign and also the companion websites with CalcChat (step-by-action remedies to exercises) and CalcView (video tutorials of how to fix textbook exercises) serve as “virtual tutors” for the entire year, complementing my daily lectures which serve as the official tutor. Students are not forced to rent the ePublication on WebAssign to acquire the homeoccupational assignments. They deserve to opt to only purchase the homework-related assignments and go via a published copy of the textbook. My referral is to both rent the ePublication and also purchase or rent the print copy likewise. My previous students have told me they uncover benefits to both kinds of media. This decision is very often tied to a personal preference and will certainly differ from student to student. The decision is totally approximately the student.HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: In conjunction through the ePublication, WebAsauthorize is a web-based interactive homework-related assignment and test platcreate used by over 2600 universities, colleges and also academies -- including California-Berkeley, Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Rutgers, Texas A&M, the United States Air Force and the United States Military and also Naval Academies.I post two weeks of assignments at a time – the existing and also adhering to week, so students have the right to work ahead of schedule if they want, except for tests which are posted on the day they are assigned. WebAssign is wright here the majority of the assignments will come from. They will certainly consist of exercises coded by the publisher for WebAssign extracted from the Larboy textbook. Tbelow are over 5,000 troubles available to me to develop the WebAsauthorize digital assignments. The attributes that WebAssign uses are:1. Immediate feedearlier on whether your answers are correct2. Multiple tries at resolving a problem3. Aid in solving the problem in the create of: ¤ Watch It Videos of an instructor explaining the solution to a similar trouble, ¤ Master It Tutorials via guided fill-in steps via the solution process, and also ¤ Read It butlots take you to the area in the online textbook pointing out the question. ¤ Self-prepared Personal Study Plan you have the right to follow as we development via the message with exercise tests after each section.In general, WebAsauthorize and also the ePublication assist put boredom out of service.

What is the Key to Success in this Course? Each assignment will construct on previous assignments, so success will depfinish on a everyday response to the challenge. I want to stress and anxiety the importance and also significance of that statement. You will certainly have homejob-related every day that will certainly take from one and also a half to two and a fifty percent hrs to finish, depending upon exactly how well you understand the product. So, if you skip a day, simply sooner or later, you will certainly have actually three to five hrs of work-related to carry out on the second day. If you skip three days, you will certainly have actually four and also a half to seven and a half hrs of work-related to execute on the third day. In other words, you cannot miss a day without the job-related coming to be tremendously more difficult to attain. That requires a serious commitment on your part prior to you step as much as the plate and also say, “Let’s play round, Mrs. Gilleran!” I desire you to be sure you are all set to make that commitment prior to completing the application.

While this course is not for the faint-hearted, I’ll promise you it will be one of the the majority of complex avenues of your life as a student. And among the the majority of considerable lessons you’ll learn is, along with the greatest challenges, come the greatest rewards. You are going to love calculus! It is a monupsychological testament to the wonders of the human being of math.

Instructor Qualifications: I earned a BS and also second teaching certificate in Mathematics from Wayne State College and also an MBA from Lawrence Technological College. I taught high institution math before relocating to the organization people for the balance of my career, at Ford Motor Company type of, wbelow I was repetitively amazed by the evolution of the computer as an Information Technology Manager.

This will certainly be my fifteenth year teaching the AP Calculus courses for PA Homeschoolers. I have also completed four five-day College Board summer institutes - one dedicated to teaching AP Calculus AB and the other three addressed AP Calculus BC and three one-day workshops for AP Calculus BC teachers. I’m looking forward to an exciting year that’s sure to be an adventure for everyone involved.

Application: Anyone interested in joining Mrs. Gilleran"s Adendeavors in Math have to fill out this Application for AP Calculus AB:

Click right here to open or downpack an application to this course (Microsoft Word document)Click here to check out course reviews from past participantsReturn to the AP Online Classes Home Page

Susan Richman, PA Homeschoolers AP Online Coordinator 105 Richmale LN Kittanning PA 16201-5737