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For 3- to 4-semester courses extending single-variable and multivariable calculus, taken by students of mathematics, design, herbal scientific researches, or economics.

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This package has MyLab Math.

Available for loss 2020 classes

The DIGITAL UPDATE gives you revised content and resources that keep your course current 

The many successful new calculus message in the last 2 decades

The much-anticipated 3rd Edition of Briggs’ Calculus: Early Transcendentals retains its hallmark functions while introducing crucial developments and refinements. Briggs, Cochran, Gillett, and Schulz construct from a foundation of meticulously crafted exercise sets, then draw students into the narrative via creating that mirrors the voice of the instructor. Examples are stepped out and also thoughtfully annotated, and numbers are designed to teach rather than simply supplement the narrative. The groundbreaking eText includes approximately 700 Interactive Figures that have the right to be manipulated to shed light on vital concepts. For the 3rd Edition, the authors synthesized feedearlier on the text and MyLab™ Math content from over 140 instructors. This thoturbulent and also comprehensive evaluation process, paired via the authors’ very own teaching experiences, assisted create a message that is designed for today’s calculus instructors and students.

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This MyLab Upday of the third Edition introduces a a lot requested change: The Wolfram CDF Player has actually been reput by Wolfram Cloud. Now, the interenergetic eText via its 700 Interactive Figures runs on all browsers, via no plug-in required! Upgrade now to take advantage of this great new feature!

MyLab Math is the teaching and also finding out platdevelop that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital devices and also a functional platform, MyLab Math personalizes the learning experience and also boosts outcomes for each student. Learn more about MyLab Math.

Calculus: Early Transcendentals and also MyLab Math with Pearchild eText -- 24-Month Access Card Package, third Edition

Available for fall 2020 classesThe DIGITAL UPDATE gives you revised content and resources that keep your course current Digital updates:The groundbreaking eText includes approximately 700 figures that can be manipulated by students to provide a deeper geometric understanding of key concepts and examples as they read and learn new product.NEW - The eText is now run on Wolfram Cloud instead of the Wolfram CDF Player.  This cloudbased solution runs in any browser and does not require installation, making it immediately accessible to students.NEW - Video Assignments with corresponding MyLab Math exercises are available for each section of the message. These editable assignments are perfect for any class formatespecially online, hybrid, or flipped classroom.    Digital updates in MyLab Math:UPDATED - All exercises that use Interactive Figures are now run on Wolfram Cloud instead of the Wolfram CDF Player.  REVISED - Improved MyLab Math exercises for Chapters 10 and 11 on sequences and series  The authors have updated answers and learning aids to more deeply assess student understanding and to align with methods in the textbook. NEW - Personal Inventory Assessments are a collection of online exercises designed to promote self-reflection and engagement in students. These 33 assessments include topics such as a Stress Management Assessment, Diagnosing Poor Performance and Enhancing Motivation, and Time Management Assessment. About the BookREVISED! The exercise sets are a major focus of the revision. In response to reviewer and instructor feedearlier, the authors implemented some significant changes to the exercise sets by rearranging and relabeling exercises, modifying some exercises, and adding many new ones. Of the approximately 10,400 exercises appearing in this edition, 18% are new and many of the exercises from second edition were revised for this edition. A simplified exercise set structure went from including five parts to three: Getting Started, Practice Exercises, Explorations and Challenges.Chapter Review exercises received a major revamp to provide more exercises, particularly intermediate-level difficulties, and more opportunities for students to choose a strategy of solution. More than 26% of the Chapter Review exercises are brand-new.Figures Based on their experiences with students who learn better once they are able to visualize concepts, the authors devoted considerable time and deliberation to the figures in this book. Whenever feasible, the authors let the figures communicate essential ideas using annotations reminiscent of an instructors voice at the board. Readers will quickly find that the figures facilitate learning in new means. Annotated Examples Worked-out examples feature annotations (set in blue type) to guide students through the process of a solution and to emphasize that each step in a mathematical argument is rigorously justified. These annotations are designed to echo how instructors talk through examples in lecture. They also provide help for students who may struggle with the algebra and trigonometry steps within the solution process.Quick Checks The narrative is interspersed with Quick Check questions that encourage students to do the calculus as they are reading about it. These questions resemble the kinds of questions instructors pose in class.