Calculus 1 vs calculus 2

So exactly how carry out students generally do as they go from one to the other? Is tbelow a pattern such as grades lowering as the obstacle becomes higher? (if calc 2 is harder than 1 at a institution, and also somebody who's examining their balls off gained a B in 1... is there any kind of possibility of them obtaining an A in calc 2?)

I'm wondering because I think I may be destined for a B (calc 1) after this last test (they told us it was going to be "****ing" difficult, and it was...), however I feel choose I still understand also the material at a great level... the test was simply really facility and lengthy for the time that they provided us.

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I was seriously considering computer science for a major, yet I don't desire a crap gpa bereason of math classes...

contramundum09 November 16, 2011, 12:12pm #2

Many, yet not all, discover calc 2 harder than calc 1. Having shelp that, you should still be able to acquire an A in calc 2 if you put in sufficient time to understand the material (which it sounds favor you're currently doing in calc 1). So you shouldn't have actually a trouble.

scottj19x89 November 16, 2011, 4:33pm #3

Even if I gain a B in calc 1?

I was alwaei.coming around this to my advisor earlier now and also we were reasoning that I might actually be on equal ground once I take calc 2 given that I never took calc 1 and also a lot of of the civilization (more than likely all) have taken calc 1 before

rentacop November 16, 2011, 6:51pm #4

I discovered calc 2 harder than calc 1. Calc 3 is a evaluation of all the topics of Calc 1 and 2, yet in multiple dimensions. So, if you can wrap your mind about the multidimensional muck, calc 3 is the most basic of the three.

Intervenient November 16, 2011, 11:16pm #5

I most likely don't reexisting the majority, but I went from a C+ in Calc 1, B in Calc 2, and looking at a B+/A- in DiffEqs.

It's all around exactly how tough you occupational at it.

scottj19x89 November 17, 2011, 6:51pm #6

Well I'm placing in as much job-related as I can, honestly haha...turns out I did better on my last exam than I assumed (B+), so I might actually be gaining an A- when I variable in hw.

I think I was simply freaking out reason that was the first test I've taken in a whiiiiile that made me leave via thoughts of suicide haha. If anybody else wants to share their qualities from calc 1 and 2 feel complimentary to carry out so please.

jdlace November 19, 2011, 9:34pm #7

if someone gets a 5 on calc ab and also bc in high institution, what math have to he take in college?

tb0mb93 November 23, 2011, 11:42pm #8

^ BC should skip you out of Calc 1 and also 2

Mr.Bojangles November 26, 2011, 3:46am #9

Calc I is tough because you're finding out all this stuff for probably the initially time, or you took it in high institution and it's your first time doing it on a college level.

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Calc II was certainly the hardest for me...out of all three calc II has actually the least amount to carry out with any kind of of them via it's series and bs favor that. But you carry out require the straight algebra component for calc III

Calc III was the easiest for me. Just imagine doing calc I over aget, but through 3 variables. Really not as tough as you'd think, particularly if you paid attention in the first two and have a good base. Just basic problems and also more variables.

aGGieENGiNeeR November 26, 2011, 10:00pm #10

I uncover calc III more tough than calc I, II, and differential equations. I might be in a minority though.

angryelf November 27, 2011, 11:04pm #11

^^I'd doubt it.Vector calculus (Green's theorem, Stokes' and Gauss' theorem) is much even more complex basically than taylor/maclaurin series.Also didn't precisely enjoy switching in between spherical, cylindrical and polar collaborates.

Rockoz November 28, 2011, 8:05pm #12

I had the chance to take calc 1-3 via the exact same professor. Calc 2 was more complex than Calc 1, but I still finished up with a greater A in it than in 1. It was most likely based upon luck greatly because I made fewer mistakes (bit computation/arithmetic mistakes, etc.) on exams. If you have the right to make it through calc 1/2 then you should have no trouble via 3. A lot of things have the right to depend on your professor though.

You need to be proud that you're coming residence from exams that make you desire to kill yourself. It shows you're being tested and also really finding out something difficult that not many kind of other civilization are willing to execute.

Good luck with school.

illegalSmile December 1, 2011, 3:46pm #13

For what it's worth, I obtained a B in calc 1, however I did really well in calc 2 and also ended up with a solid A. However, calc 3 was not kind to me and I got a B in that as well. Also, you didn't ask, yet I got an A in Diff Eq which has actually the majority of calc 2 principles in it.

That being said, I had heavier course lots as soon as I took calc 1 and 3, so just as others have actually declared, it comes down to how a lot time and also effort you deserve to commit to the course. Also, it comes dvery own to the professor/instructor and just how rigorous they make the course. For circumstances, my calc 3 instructor was brutal and had little bit mercy on the course, however it was a great thing as it really tested me and developed character!

Just save working at it and also I'm sure you will execute simply fine in your other calc courses. Good luck!

crucial_bbq July 22, 2012, 2:03pm #14

Whether Calc I or Calc II is harder relies on one or two things: just how well you know algebra and also exactly how well you can understand derivatives and antiderivatives/integration. Calc I is largely algebra, more than likely at least 90%. Depfinishing on the course, you more-than-likely will certainly not execute "calculus" until the second fifty percent or last quarter of the semester. You certainly need to understand the trig identities, and basic rules of algebra (commutative, associative, and so on.). You additionally have to recognize how to variable well. Sounds corny, but you do most factoring.

So, if you have the right to factor well and understand your trig identities than Calc I have to be straightforward. The few math profs that I alwaei.comed to all say that the students who have actually difficulties via Calc I typically stumble over the algebra.

Calc II is mostly around integrals. It is not an overwhelming topic, however many type of struggle with it because they've spent so many years doing algebra and below is somepoint that is various. This is the real calculus. Integration, for me, was easy. But I am a non-direct thinker and also it is simple for me to visualize the feature of f and also go earlier and forth between derivatives/antiderivatives without doing a step-wise procedure.

Calc III is largely just Calc I, but with most variables. Many students find Calc II harder than Calc I and/or III.

I thought Calc I was ridiculous. So a lot time was wasted learning borders, then bam, at some point we were taught exactly how to derive without limits and also wondered why we were even taught limits in the initially place. Learning boundaries has its use; sketching a graph, finding discontinuities, finding asymptotes, and a couple of others, however it is not somepoint that you will really use unmuch less you are in search of the outcome of an infinitesimally little denominator or seeing what would occur if a big input was used. Basically, you will more than likely never see an additional limit aobtain. Same via summation and also integrals. Why learn summation if the prof, and textbook, are just going to conveniently turn approximately and display you a different, much easier way?

In my opinion Calc I should be pre-Calc and also Calc II need to be Calc I.

b. Students who scored a 5 on the AB advanced placement exam or a 4 or 5 on the BCexam:These scores earn you 10 systems of crmodify and location you out of Math 41 and also 42. You must take Math 51, 52, and 53, or the honors variation, Math 51H, 52H, and 53H throughout your Freshmale year. These are incorporated courses in Multivariable Mathematics and also were designed especially for students in your situation. After completing these sequences you will have actually the Mathematics background for most Engineering and also Science majors.