Cal state long beach physics

The Physics and Astronomy Department is dedicated to preparing students for all possible career courses in industry, academia or teaching. We promote the fundamental knowledge of the legislations of nature and also just how they use to existing day and future modern technologies, or ssuggest to daily phenomena. Our programs administer avenues to apply the knowledge and solve real civilization problems by participating in research study via one of our faculty members, either in an speculative physics laboratory or in a theoretical computational physics group.

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Degree Programs

The department uses 3 undergraduate level programs. The department provides both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and also Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs to satisfy the varied career interests of students.

B.S./B.A. Physics


Physics is designed for students interested in immediate employment in market, or those wishing to proceed on to a graduate degree in physics or a associated area.

B.S. Physics, Materials Science option


Materials Science is designed generally for those interested in careers that involve the physics of materials and also the research of materials in relation to their applications. It opens doors to exclusive sector, government company or graduate level in materials scientific research or a associated field.

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We offer numerous avenues for undergraduate students to be affiliated in research with its faculty. Students are strongly urged to get involved in study tasks, rise their knowledge, apply what has been learned in class, and contribute to brand-new expertise in Physics.

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Spotlight: Superconductivity and Very Thin Films

Superconductivity is a residential property that is highly valued by many kind of markets bereason superconductive materials would have the ability to carry electricity a long distance without shedding power. Experiments in Dr. Chuhee Kwon"s lab investigate glass coated through extremely thin films of gold. Under the ideal conditions, the gold self-assembles into a pattern of tiny gold islands that touch each various other. The lab then offers equipment to test the properties of this product.

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Spotlight: Theoretical Astrophysics

Theoretical astrophysicists research the lifecycle of stars, prefer our sun. Dr. Prashanth Jaikumar"s lab investigateways stars that are 10 times bigger than our sun and what happens once one runs out of fuel: a gigantic explosion called a supernova. Remnants of these dramatic deaths encompass neutron stars, which contain forms of matter uncovered nowright here else in the universe.

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National Recognition

Our department has been recognized by the Amerideserve to Physical Society (APS) for awarding the highest possible number of undergraduate physics degrees: 

overall (rank 1)to women (rank 1)to understood for minorities (rank 2)to Hispanics (rank 3)

The Physics and also Astronomy Department at The golden state State College, Long Beach is committed to extending methods in STEM education and learning to underserved students, that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. We make an excellent initiative to display students from these groups potential STEM career routes they might not also be aware are open to them and also holistically assistance their aspirations.

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Student Activities


Physics students reap their field of research and also the moment they spend together. They share experiences in work-related, in fun, and in exploration. They support each other toward success in their researches and also form lifelengthy bonds by creating community and also gathering in like-minded establishments.

You will certainly have actually the opportunity to accomplish other students and form these bonds via those that have a passion for physics while making your time in the department meaningful and also enriching. You can discover more indevelopment below on the Society of Physics Students (SPS), Womales in Physics team (WiP), and Astronomy Club (AstroClub). Join these establishments to make brand-new friends and also acquire to recognize your Physics family members even better!