When an item rests on a surchallenge, tright here is constantly a pressure perpendicular to the surface; we call this the normal pressure,delisted by . The two questions to the ideal will check out the normal force.

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 A guy attempts to pick up his suitinstance of weight by pulling directly up on the take care of. However before, he is unable to lift thesuitcase from the floor. Which statement around the magnitudeof the normal force acting on the suitsituation is true in the time of thetime that the man pulls upward on the suitcase?
First, determine the forces that act on the suitcase and also draw a free-body diagram. Then usage the reality that thesuitcase is in equilibrium, , to examine how the pressures acting on the suitinstance relate to each various other.
Which of the numbers represents the free-body diagram of the suitinstance while the guy is pulling on the manage through aforce of magnitude ?

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