Biomedical engineering or chemical engineering

Hello, lengthy time lurker. I was curious on the perspective of some world below on the task industry. I'm around to begin my sophoeven more year at a semi-prestigious university and also I'm presently majoring in bioclinical design. However before, I'm afraid of continuing down this course because it seems bioclinical engineering doesn't sell great industry prospects unless you get a graduate level. Is tbelow anyone that has actually experience with bio-related tasks with a chemical engineering job that can offer me insight on whether switching majors is the best call here? I am filling out my pre-med demands as I'm thinking around 10-20% opportunity of clinical college, but I'm not banking on that as it's well... 10-20%. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks


Chemical Engineering is even more advantageous than Biomed engineering as soon as in search of a project because it's broader. You deserve to try doing a bio concentration if your college supplies it. That way you are still ChE, however you can additionally take premed bio classes.

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Med institution mostly just needs high GPA and high MCAT score to get in. You don't must be a bio significant, and a ChE via a bio concentration would be able to cover it. I don't advise this path unmuch less you are really great at memorization and standardized test taking, as that is what is necessary to succeed. This is a completely different ability route than engineer. (I went for 2 years and determined it was not for me)

This is why I eventually made a decision versus med college as well. I simply can’t stand also memorization, it constantly feels so useless.

Depending on your abilities and also your present GPA, switching to ChE may bump your med school prospects down substantially. It’s extremely challenging for most students to preserve a high GPA in the significant, which is compelled for med school admission.

I honestly don’t understand sufficient about industry task prospects for either major to say which is better. You must probably decide based on what type of occupational you want to do later on, as I don’t imagine much overlap between the 2 besides functioning in pharma.

I had actually a few classmates that fulfilled their med college demands while completing their degree and also went onto carry out med college. In addition, a number of classmates visited job-related in biotech, so I’d argue it relies on your endure and interests given that chemical engineering is a quite broad level. From my perspective, chemical design provides you the choice to do even more bio-connected jobs, however biomedical engineering would certainly not carry out the same for the chemical design sectors.

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BioChemE below, so not an accurate match. I had plenty of pharma firms pass me over for continual ChemEs because they were a cheaper hire (less specialized) and honestly had actually even more pincluding in their resumes.

A bioclinical firm isn't gonna look as soon as at your resume if you don't have actually a Master's or some significant extracurriculars that are incredibly much geared in the direction of that area (they obtain to pick up kids from MIT, Berkley, and also CalTech afterall)

That shelp, it won't be easy acquiring right into med institution without that bio-component of the degree or, aobtain, some extremely distinguishing extracurriculars.

Did I cite the extracurriculars? Since that will make/break your prospects.

Ditch med school... really competitive currently and also a lot more than scores. You need a shit pack of added stuff now and had actually no principle as soon as younger thought it was favor the old days where gpa and also MCAT were enough. Stick through engineer had to go earlier for engineer degree and nearly done currently.